Dommy Ursua
Global ID12938
birthdate 1936-01-01
death date 2008-05-25 (72)
height4′ 11″   /   150cm
reach63″   /   160cm
aliasToy Bulldog
country Philippines
residenceCordova, Cebu, Philippines
won 27 (KO 21) + lost 29 (KO 3) + drawn 1 = 57
rounds boxed 462 KO% 36.84

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1961-06-11Young Aquino20-8-3
Santiago City, Isabela, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1961-04-09Little Rufe4-1-1
Montana Hall, Cavite National High School, Cavite City, Cavite, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1961-02-25Leo Zulueta14-11-3
Cavite, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1960-11-30Haruo Sakamoto15-4-2
Tokyo, JapanLUD1010
1960-10-26Mitsunori Seki16-2-1
Tokyo, JapanLKO510
time: 1:57
1960-09-19Leo Zulueta13-11-3
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1960-07-20Sadao Yaoita36-7-2
Coliseum, Rizal, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWSD1010
1960-07-01Mario de Leon27-13-1
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWKO710
1960-05-03Mario de Leon26-13-1
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USALPTS1010
1960-03-31Baby Moe Mario25-11-4
Rodeo Grounds, Reno, Nevada, USALUD1010
referee: Don Thelan
1960-01-25Ramon Antonio Calatayud17-6-3
Caracas, VenezuelaWKO10
1960-01-08Abe Villa12-7-2
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWTKO410
time: 0:35 | referee: Pete Morelli 30-27 | 30-28 | 30-28
A cut over Villa's left eye, ended the bout.
1959-12-08Ray Pacheco9-7-2
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USALSD1010
referee: Jack Downey 97-93 | judge: Mario Duccini 94-98 | judge: Fred Bottaro 96-98
1959-11-03Ray Perez11-1-0
Civic Auditorium, Honolulu, Hawaii, USAWRTD610
Perez who was knocked down at the end of the 5th round, was not out for the 6th round.
1959-10-19Jesus Miranda5-6-0
Stockton, California, USAWKO3
1959-08-25Ray Perez11-0-0
Honolulu, Hawaii, USAWKO910
1959-08-03Ward Yee13-4-4
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALSD1010
referee: Jack Silver 98-92 | judge: Eddie James 95-98 | judge: Jack Silva 93-97
1959-07-03Nacho Escalante24-17-1
Stockton, California, USALPTS1010
1959-06-16Nacho Escalante23-17-1
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USALPTS1010
referee: Matt Zidich
1959-05-19Ray Pacheco6-6-1
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWPTS1010
1959-03-21Al Asuncion12-4-2
Rizal Open Arena, Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLUD1212
Philippines Games & Amusement Board (GAB) bantamweight title
1958-12-15Pascual Perez50-0-1
Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLUD1515
referee: Frankie Carter | judge: Frankie Carter 141-149 | judge: Rafael Torres 142-145 | judge: Sylva Sirois 142-146
World Flyweight Title
1958-08-29Al Asuncion9-4-2
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLTD712
1958-08-04Toshiro Tanaka10-7-4
Quezon City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWTKO910
time: 2:01 | referee: Captain Johnny Laconico
1958-06-07Leo Espinosa41-9-1
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLKO1212
OPBF bantamweight title
1958-03-29Masakazu Otsuka31-13-3
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWKO210
time: 0:11
1958-01-11Pone Kingpetch13-3-0
Bangkok, ThailandLTD510
Referee Wong Hilanleka stopped the fight and the referee and two judges gave the decision to Pone after an angry Thai crowd broke up the fight.
1957-11-11Johnny Jarrett17-7-1
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWTKO110
1957-10-22Nacho Escalante17-11-1
Stockton, California, USAWTKO610
referee: Pete Morelli
Escalante was stopped on a cut eye. Ursua was knocked down in the 2nd round.
1957-10-06Ramon Arias6-1-0
Maracaibo, VenezuelaLPTS1010
1957-07-03Danny Kid19-12-6
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1957-06-15Raton Macias34-1-0
Cow Palace, Daly City, California, USALTKO1115
time: 2:02 | referee: Jack Downey
National Boxing Association World bantamweight title
Macias was knocked down in the 1st
1957-03-13Jackie Spurgeon5-8-0
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWKO4
1957-01-29Al Wilcher15-5-0
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWKO410
1956-12-11Memo Diez23-5-3
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Johnny Reno 97-88 | judge: Art Williams 98-89 | judge: Pete Morelli 98-88
Diez was knocked down once in the 3rd and 6th round.
1956-11-19Johnny Ortega21-13-3
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWKO310
time: 2:55 | referee: Pete Morelli 19-20
Ortega was knocked down twice in the 3rd round.
1956-10-01Al Wilcher13-5-0
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USALPTS1010
1956-09-18Nick Lopez2-2-0
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWKO510
1956-09-04Johnny Ortega21-12-3
Civic Auditorium, Stockton, California, USAWTKO510
referee: Johnny Reno
The bout was stopped after the 5th round, due to a broken nose suffered by Ortega.
1956-08-14Augie Angeles2-3-0
Stockton, California, USAWKO2
1956-04-07Ross Padilla4-2-2
Rizal Open Arena, Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1956-01-21Leo Zulueta4-2-1
Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWPTS1010
1955-12-24Ben Dayrit2-2-1
Angeles City, Pampanga, PhilippinesWKO8
1955-10-21Frisco Concepcion3-0-0
Olongapo City, Zambales, PhilippinesWKO510
1955-10-09Cunning Andy7-6-8
Lucena City, Quezon, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1955-08-10Frisco Reyes2-1-0
Quezon City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1955-07-18Leo Zulueta3-1-1
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWPTS1010
1955-06-01Tanny Campo51-11-3
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLPTS1212
Philippines Games & Amusement Board (GAB) flyweight title
1954-08-27Ric Sanchez5-0-0
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWPTS1010
1954-07-03Danny Kid6-2-1
Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1954-06-06Rene Cruz11-4-0
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWKO5
1954-05-29Ben Dayrit1-1-0
Grace Park Stadium, Caloocan City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWKO5
1953-10-31Tanny Campo43-8-3
Victorias City, Negros Occidental, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1953-03-15Danny Kid3-1-1
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLPTS88
1953-02-28Angeles Alberto7-4-1
Caloocan City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLPTS1010
1952-12-24Camilio Silva2-2-2
Grace Park Stadium, Caloocan City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWKO4
1952-12-17Cunning Andy1-3-1
Grace Park Stadium, Caloocan City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesDPTS88
Date Approximate. Source: March 1953 Ring Magazine, page #64.


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