Sang-Hyun Kim
Global ID12989
birthdate 1955-01-18
divisionsuper lightweight
height5′ 9″   /   175cm
country South Korea
residenceBusan, South Korea
birth placeBusan, South Korea
won 41 (KO 24) + lost 4 (KO 2) + drawn 3 = 48
rounds boxed 352 KO% 50

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1983-04-02Aaron Pryor32-0-0
Sands Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALTKO315
time: 0:37 | referee: Carlos Berrocal | judge: Marco Antonio Rodriguez 18-20 | judge: Hector Hernandez Vilchis 17-20 | judge: Nicasio L. Drake 18-20
WBA World super lightweight title
1983-02-26Canes Ibarra0-2-0
Seoul, South KoreaWKO5
1982-10-24Ruben Rabago8-4-0
Busan, South KoreaDPTS1010
1982-08-08Flash Romeo7-6-0
Busan, South KoreaWKO512
OPBF super lightweight title
1982-04-25Sang-Hyun Baek1-2-0
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS1212
OPBF super lightweight title
1981-12-20Thomas Americo2-1-0
Daejeon, South KoreaWPTS1212
OPBF super lightweight title
1981-11-01Petchsayarm Petcharoen7-6-1
Busan, South KoreaWPTS1010
1981-09-25Kongrug Vocharernrat1-0-0
Busan, South KoreaWKO9
1981-08-21Leo Dolotailas2-0-0
Indoor Gymnasium, Daegu, South KoreaWTKO410
1981-06-23Canes Ibarra0-1-0
Chungmu Gymnasium, Daejeon, South KoreaWKO510
1981-04-26Kyung-Hwan Chae1-1-0
Kudok Gymnasium, Busan, South KoreaWPTS1212
vacant OPBF super lightweight title
1981-01-23Kwang-Min Kim18-2-1
Busan, South KoreaWMD1010
1980-09-25Kwang-Min Kim18-1-1
Munhwa Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWUD1010
1980-02-23Saoul Mamby26-12-5
Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaLTKO1415
time: 1:44 | referee: Harry Gibbs 124-125 | judge: Richard Steele 123-125 | judge: Takeo Ugo 126-127
WBC World super lightweight title
1979-10-03Masahiro Yogai19-3-0
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO1115
time: 2:10 | referee: Ray Solis 99-93 | judge: Hiroyuki Tezaki 98-94 | judge: Yong-Soo Chung 99-92
WBC World super lightweight title
1979-07-28Changthon Singthanongsakdi0-4-0
Changchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWKO2
1979-06-03Fitzroy Guisseppi33-13-4
Changchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWUD1515
referee: Abraham Chavarria 146-142 | 148-142 | 146-140
WBC World super lightweight title
Kim down twice. Guisseppi was knocked down in the 2nd round.-
1979-03-17Ricardo Arredondo77-21-1
Seoul, South KoreaWKO10
1979-02-10Eddie Boyles
Seoul, South KoreaWKO3
1978-12-30Saensak Muangsurin13-1-0
Munhwa Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWTKO1315
WBC World super lightweight title
1978-11-18Tongta Kiatvayupakdi7-2-0
Busan, South KoreaWKO4
1978-09-23Moises Cantoja21-4-3
Busan, South KoreaWPTS1212
OPBF super lightweight title
1978-07-15Myung-Kyu Chung
Seoul, South KoreaWKO4
1978-06-15Yong-Soo Chung0-1-0
Seoul, South KoreaWKO6
1978-05-06Rey Vastilos
Busan, South KoreaWKO6
1978-03-25Chong-Nam Park
Seoul, South KoreaWKO2
1978-01-22Armando Boniquit1-7-1
Seoul, South KoreaWKO3
1977-10-24Kap-Soo Kim0-1-0
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS1010
1977-07-13Sperling Pangaribuan0-2-0
Jakarta, IndonesiaLMD1010
43-47 | 44-46 | 45-45
1977-04-23Danny Martarillas3-5-1
Busan, South KoreaWKO3
1977-01-24Wongso Suseno3-1-0
Jakarta, IndonesiaLPTS1212
OPBF super lightweight title
1976-09-11Kap-Soo Kim
Busan, South KoreaWPTS1010
1976-07-17Amie Peregrino0-1-0
Busan, South KoreaWKO5
1976-06-19Baby Art Alcantara0-1-0
Busan, South KoreaWPTS1010
1976-01-18Hwe-Shik Kim
Busan, South KoreaWKO5
1975-12-27Kwang Sun Kim3-4-0
Busan, South KoreaDPTS1010
1975-08-02Kwang Sun Kim3-3-0
Busan, South KoreaWPTS1010
1975-06-22Dong-Ahn Park
Busan, South KoreaWKO6
1975-03-10Man-Sun Choi1-1-0
Busan, South KoreaWDQ4
1975-02-23Kee Yun Yuh
Busan, South KoreaWKO2
1974-12-22Yung-Keun Chung2-1-0
Seoul, South KoreaDPTS1010
1974-10-27Bong Jae Lee0-1-0
Busan, South KoreaWKO5
1974-09-21Chung-Moon Lee0-1-0
Busan, South KoreaWKO8
1974-08-25Chul-Hong Park
Busan, South KoreaWPTS44
1974-06-22Duk-Joon Chang
Busan, South KoreaWKO2
1974-06-09Chung-Moon Lee
Busan, South KoreaWPTS66
1974-06-07Tae-Un Lee
Busan, South KoreaWPTS44
1973-09-25Kyung-Woon Park
Busan, South KoreaWPTS44


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