Cardenio Ulloa
Global ID13012
birthdate 1956-10-30
country Chile
residencePuerto Varas, Chile
birth placePuerto Varas, Chile
birth nameJosé Cardenio Ulloa Barria
won 61 (KO 48) + lost 6 (KO 3) + drawn 2 = 69
rounds boxed 340 KO% 69.57

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1993-03-06Jose Torres Antinao2-4-1
Gimnasio Bernardo O'Higgins, Temuco, ChileLMD1010
96-98 | 96-97 | 97-97
1993-01-22Raul Gonzalez
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS1010
1992-11-06Daniel Figueroa0-8-1
Gimnasio Bernardo O'Higgins, Temuco, ChileWKO310
1991-05-10Jose Torres Antinao2-2-1
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO412
Chilean bantamweight title
1990-11-16Jose Torres Antinao2-2-0
Gimnasio Bernardo O'Higgins, Temuco, ChileDPTS1010
1990-08-06Victor Rabanales24-9-2
Great Western Forum, Inglewood, California, USALTD710
64-69 | 65-68 | 65-68
Rabanales cut on his right eyelid by a butt late in the seventh round. Fight stopped during the interval.
1990-04-12Bernabe Mendez6-3-1
Puerto Montt, ChileWKO410
1990-02-09Jose Moreira4-3-0
Valdivia, ChileWKO512
Chilean bantamweight title
1989-08-26Raul Perez43-1-1
Gimnasio La Tortuga, Talcahuano, ChileLTKO812
referee: Simon J. De Lima | judge: Moises Sister 65-69 | judge: Alfredo Fernandez 64-69 | judge: Rogelio Sisto 65-69
WBC World bantamweight title
1989-05-20Cirilo Coronel Campos1-5-0
Gimnasio Modelo, Cerro Navia, ChileWKO210
1989-04-15Francisco Wilson Goncalves2-13-1
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO110
1988-12-21Juan Pena1-2-0
Santiago de Chile, ChileWTKO210
1988-09-15Jose Rufino Narvaez42-20-7
Chuquicamata, ChileWKO512
WBA Fedelatin bantamweight title
1988-06-28Jose Moreira2-1-0
Valdivia, ChileWPTS1010
1988-05-13Roberto Ledesma4-8-1
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO210
1988-04-02Carlos Solis0-3-2
Gimnasio Municipal, Castro, ChileWKO110
1988-02-05Erwin Ampuero1-2-0
Copiapo, ChileWPTS1010
1987-12-11Jose Chacon19-9-1
Gimnasio Manuel Plaza, Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS1212
Latin American Bantamweight Title
1987-10-31Jose Salazar0-13-0
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO210
1987-07-25Glicerio Velasco0-6-0
Santiago de Chile, ChileWTKO4
1987-06-23Jose Chacon18-8-1
Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS1010
1987-05-19Ezequiel Hernandez1-5-2
Maxim, Santiago de Chile, ChileWTKO412
Latin American Bantamweight Title
1987-03-28Raul Ojeda3-4-0
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS1010
1987-02-06Eloy Alca11-6-5
Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS1010
1987-01-16Freddy Monar0-1-0
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWTKO512
Latin American Bantamweight Title
1986-12-19Roberto Walter Haidar11-18-3
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWTKO310
1986-11-29Ramon Rodriguez24-12-4
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO210
1986-11-07Raul Gutierrez3-5-4
Antofagasta, ChileWKO210
1986-09-13Luis Adolfo Gerez48-28-6
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO110
1986-08-08Jose Rufino Narvaez41-12-6
Gimnasio COCH, Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO310
1986-07-04Javier Brown10-16-3
Gimnasio Sokol, Antofagasta, ChileWKO210
1986-05-30Jose Cabrera
Gimnasio Municipal, Talca, ChileWTKO412
1986-04-30Benito Badilla35-5-0
Antofagasta, ChileWKO512
Chilean bantamweight title
Latin American Bantamweight Title
1986-03-21Esteban Apolinario Bustos12-27-13
Antofagasta, ChileWPTS1010
1986-02-28Juan Garcia6-3-1
San Felipe, ChileWTKO2
1985-11-30Benito Badilla34-3-0
Gimnasio La Tortuga, Talcahuano, ChileLKO512
referee: Luis Comte
Chilean bantamweight title
Latin American Bantamweight Title
1985-08-10Javier Brown8-14-2
Gimnasio Techado, Copiapo, ChileWTKO710
1985-07-03Armando Brigido Romero4-24-7
Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS1010
1985-05-24Jorge Franco0-2-0
Puerto Montt, ChileWTKO410
1985-03-29Diego Avila20-7-3
Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USALSD1010
referee: Bernie Soto
1984-12-15Richie Sandoval24-0-0
Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USALTKO815
time: 2:31 | referee: Ernesto Magana
WBA World bantamweight title
1984-07-31Edgar Muniz3-6-0
Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida, USAWTKO110
time: 2:09 | referee: Bernie Soto
1984-04-03Jose de la Cruz Lopez0-1-0
Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida, USAWKO68
1984-02-24Julio Osorio0-1-1
Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida, USAWKO58
1984-01-20Hector Martinez0-2-1
Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida, USAWTKO58
Martinez failed to answer the bell for the fifth round.
1983-12-10Jose Ortiz1-7-0
Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida, USAWTKO110
1983-09-17Jorge Sepulveda1-4-0
Lebu, ChileWKO8
1983-05-21Cristobal Ramos0-4-0
Loncoche, ChileWKO5
1983-03-25Raul Cuevas1-15-5
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO310
1982-10-15Jorge Fernandez4-5-1
Talcahuano, ChileWKO610
1982-08-14Humberto Torres3-5-3
Puerto Montt, ChileWKO2
1982-05-31Juan Carlos Rios7-30-6
Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS88
1982-03-24Roberto Rogelio Condori4-7-5
Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS88
1982-02-26Alfredo Herrera1-1-0
Teatro Caupolican, Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO212
vacant WBC Continental Americas bantamweight title
1981-12-07Agustin Ceballos0-5-0
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO410
1981-11-20Hector Martinez
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO2
1981-10-14Agustin Ceballos0-4-0
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile, ChileWTKO110
1981-05-22Esteban Apolinario Bustos9-17-6
Santiago de Chile, ChileDPTS88
1981-04-11Guillermo Acevedo
El SalvadorWKO5
1981-04-03Cristobal Ramos
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO2
1981-03-06Jorge Santis0-1-0
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO1
1981-01-31Arturo Neira
El Salvador, ChileWPTS88
1980-11-26Tito Hervest
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO1
1980-10-29Juan Aravena4-9-0
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO3
1980-10-15Jorge Santis
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO2
1980-08-09Ramon Blano0-1-0
N. Braunau, ChileWKO2
1980-07-23Juan Catalan
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO1
1980-07-09Ramon Blano
Santiago de Chile, ChileWKO5
1980-05-23Nelson Bustamante
Santiago de Chile, ChileWPTS66


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