Olle Tandberg
Global ID13622
birthdate 1918-10-12
death date 1996-12-26 (78)
height6′ 3″   /   191cm
country Sweden
residenceStockholm, Sweden
birth placeStockholm, Sweden
won 23 (KO 11) + lost 6 (KO 1) + drawn 1 = 30
rounds boxed 261 KO% 36.67

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1949-08-14Jersey Joe Walcott44-14-2
Råsunda Fotbollsstadion, Stockholm, SwedenLTKO512
time: 2:30 | referee: Andrew Smyth
1949-02-04Stephane Olek22-7-0
Masshallen, Gothenburg, SwedenWPTS1212
referee: Andrew Smyth
1948-12-03Robert Eugene4-8-0
Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, SwedenWTKO310
referee: Arthur Koch
Corner retirement, Eugene suffered two broken ribs
1948-10-10Mentore Mazzali3-11-1
Masshallen, Gothenburg, SwedenWTKO610
referee: Arthur Koch
1948-03-29Duilio Spagnolo16-3-2
Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWUD1010
Tandberg won impressively, as Spagnolo won only two rounds.
1948-02-24Walter Hafer15-10-1
Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida, USAWPTS1010
1948-01-09Joey Maxim52-14-2
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALSD1010
referee: Eddie Joseph 3-7 | judge: George LeCron 3-7 | judge: Charley Shortell 5-4
1947-10-12Aaron Wilson2-2-0
Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, SwedenWTKO410
referee: Arthur Koch
Wilson down twice in 4th, corner retirement
1947-07-06Joe Baksi52-6-3
Råsunda Fotbollsstadion, Stockholm, SwedenWMD1010
referee: Arthur Koch | 196-193 | 197-192 | 193-193
1947-04-25Heinz Lazek46-6-9
Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, SwedenWKO110
time: 2:37 | referee: Arthur Koch
1947-03-24Francis Jacques14-7-2
Masshallen, Gothenburg, SwedenWKO510
referee: Carl Olsson
1947-02-21Luigi Musina37-8-4
Masshallen, Gothenburg, SwedenWTKO810
referee: Carl Olsson
Musina down in 7th and 8th
1946-11-22John Nilsson8-3-1
Masshallen, Gothenburg, SwedenWTKO910
referee: John Theorin
Swedish Heavyweight Title Tandberg down twice in 3rd
1946-11-01Stephane Olek10-1-0
Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, SwedenWPTS1010
referee: Arthur Koch
1946-09-11Nils Andersson4-0-0
Tennis Hall, Stockholm, SwedenWPTS1515
referee: Arthur Koch
Swedish Heavyweight Title
1946-06-02Jack London84-35-5
Råsunda, Solna, SwedenWPTS1010
referee: John Theorin
Tandberg down in 3rd
1946-04-12Ken Shaw12-4-3
Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, SwedenWPTS1010
referee: Tage Bergman
1946-03-01Dorus Elten20-30-4
Masshallen, Gothenburg, SwedenWPTS1010
referee: John Theorin
Elten down twice in 3rd
1946-01-08Jock Porter4-3-1
Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, SwedenWTKO710
referee: Harry Ericsson
Corner retirement. Porter down 21 times!
1945-09-25Eddie Phillips22-6-3
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomLPTS88x3
1943-11-14Karel Sys80-12-7
Palais des Sports, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumLPTS1515
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1943-05-30Karel Sys80-11-7
Råsunda, Solna, SwedenWUD1515
referee: Piero Di Angelo
vacant EBU (European) heavyweight title
1942-07-26Luigi Musina20-1-4
Roma, Lazio, ItalyLPTS1010
1942-05-03Walter Neusel57-9-6
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyLPTS1010
From Box-Sport, 4 May 1942, page 3. It was a very close fight.
1942-02-07Arno Koelblin41-18-7
Stadthalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyDPTS1010
From Box-Sport, 9 February 1942, page 8.
1942-01-16Luigi Musina17-0-4
Masshallen, Gothenburg, SwedenWPTS1010
referee: Ake Jacobsson
1941-11-30Kurt Jost11-12-13
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWTKO68
From Box-Sport, 1 December 1941, page 6.
1941-04-27Heinz Sendel10-3-1
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWTKO88
From Box-Sport, 28 April 1941, pages 5-6. Sendel raised his arm in surrender with 35 seconds remaining in the fight.
1941-03-23Jakob Schoenrath7-26-6
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS88
From Box-Sport, 24 March 1941, pages 3-4.
1941-01-31Jakob Schoenrath7-25-6
Masshallen, Gothenburg, SwedenWTKO66
referee: Ake Jacobsson
Tandberg turns pro. Amatuer highlights: 1937,-38,-39,-40, Swedish Amateur Heavyweight Champion. 1937,-39, European Amateur Heavyweight Champion


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