Charlie Belanger
Global ID13693
birthdate 1902-01-01
death date 1970-01-20 (68)
divisionlight heavyweight
height5′ 11″   /   180cm
reach73″   /   185cm
country Canada
residenceWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
birth placeWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
won 108 (KO 37) + lost 58 (KO 8) + drawn 24 = 190
rounds boxed 1572
Newspaper Decisions won 2 : lost 4 : drawn
rounds boxed 60
Total Bouts 196 KO% 18.88

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1939-12-07Roscoe Toles19-7-2
Bay City, Michigan, USALTKO78
Belanger failed to come out for round 7.
1939-11-15Chuck Crowell30-13-3
Cincinnati, Ohio, USALPTS1010
1939-08-30Dave Klassen
Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO48
1939-08-15Buddy Walker8-0-0
Columbus, Ohio, USALPTS1010
Exact date unknown.
1939-07-24Johnny Paychek32-3-1
Hill Baseball Park, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USALKO410
referee: Alex Fidler
1939-05-29Young Harry Wills2-6-1
Columbus, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1939-04-10Salvatore Ruggirello33-62-0
Columbus, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1939-04-03Floyd Gibbons5-1-1
Columbus, Ohio, USADPTS1212
1939-03-24Carl Vinciquerra31-2-3
Ak-sar-ben Coliseum, Omaha, Nebraska, USALKO16
referee: Alex Fidler
"Belanger was knocked down while leaning over the ropes talking to his manager..(He) claimed he did not hear the opening bell. The Omaha heavy dashed across the ring, landed a hard left to the back of his head and Belanger went down..(The referee) pulled Belanger to his feet and motioned for the fighters to mix it up. Left hooks put Belanger down a second and third time before he was counted out." (The Ring, June 1939, page 55)
1939-03-03Carl Vinciquerra30-2-3
City Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska, USALPTS66
referee: Alex Fidler
The referee gave Vinciquerra three rounds, called one even and awarded the other two to Belanger
1939-02-27Floyd Gibbons4-1-1
Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio, USALPTS1010
1938-10-14Lem Franklin7-2-0
White City Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS88
Belanger's ring generalship enabled him to elude a knockout. According to Bob Soderman, who attended, Charley had to use every trick in his reportoire to go the full distance. This fight is shown incorrectly as a 10-rounder in Franklin's published record.
1938-09-20Alex Kettles17-5-1
South Bend, Indiana, USALPTS1010
1938-06-13Johnny Paychek16-3-1
Des Moines, Iowa, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Waterloo Daily Courier
1938-05-16Al Globe9-6-4
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman). Globe was down in the second, fifth, and sixth rounds. He was a substitute for Alex Kettles, who had a sore left hand.
1938-04-28Otis Thomas13-2-1
Municipal Auditorium, Saint Louis, Missouri, USALPTS1010
From The Ring, July 1938, page 57.
1938-04-25Alex Kettles16-3-0
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
1938-03-25Maurice Strickland31-9-2
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USALTKO310
1938-02-08Paul Favors1-1-2
Arena Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWPTS66
From the Detroit News (Laurence Fielding).
1938-01-24Bill Allen2-4-0
Fairview Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWPTS88
From the Detroit News (Laurence Fielding).
1937-09-27George Pavlick43-16-4
Sudbury, Ontario, CanadaWDQ410
1937-08-25Junior Munsell30-2-1
Dayton, Ohio, USALPTS1010
1937-08-23Jack Burke
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO58
1937-06-11Joe Sekyra61-23-8
Patterson Blvd. Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USALPTS1010
1937-05-04Bill Allen2-1-0
Arena Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWPTS88
From the Detroit News (Laurence Fielding).
1937-03-31Frankie Hammer25-10-8
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USADPTS1010
referee: Oakland Jimmy Duffy
1937-03-12Johnny Nelson14-6-4
Coliseum, San Diego, California, USAWPTS1010
referee: Frankie Van
1937-03-02Frankie Hammer25-10-7
D.A.V. Arena, Modesto, California, USADPTS1010
referee: Harry Atwood
1936-11-30Harry Thomas33-7-1
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS1010
Belanger down in 2d & 9th and on the verge of being knocked out several times. (Chicago Tribune, Bob Soderman)
1936-11-12Bert Paxton19-21-3
Mack Park, Detroit, Michigan, USADPTS88
The venue in Detroit is uncertain.
1936-11-09Buddy Knox34-3-2
Dayton, Ohio, USALPTS1010
referee: Joe Sekyra
1936-09-29Al McCoy51-5-4
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
Billed for the Canadian Heavyweight Title, but Chairman Frank Hogan said the Canadian Boxing Federation would not recognize it as such. The Gazette (Hogan was also the President of the National Boxing Association, per the Nov. 3 Gazette.)
1936-06-24Jack Trammell29-1-1
Idora Park, Youngstown, Ohio, USALTKO610
Belanger retired after round 6 with injuries to both eyes.
1936-05-27Roscoe Toles5-4-1
Naval Armory, Detroit, Michigan, USALPTS1010
1936-05-18Jack Kranz18-7-2
Marigold Gardens Outdoor Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS1010
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
1936-04-20Eddie Wenstob6-6-2
Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaLPTS1010
referee: Billy Burke
Wenstob won the decision of both judges and the referee.
1936-04-08Stanley Evans4-0-0
Naval Armory, Detroit, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
From Pittsburgh Post-Gazelle. Bellanger evened accounts with Evans, who won a disputed decision in a previous match.,
1936-03-25Stanley Evans3-0-0
Naval Armory, Detroit, Michigan, USALPTS1010
1936-02-24Otis Thomas4-0-1
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS1010
1936-02-07Dutch Weimer36-23-0
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS55
1936-02-03Johnny Nelson7-4-4
Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USAWPTS1010
referee: Jimmy Goodrich
1936-01-24Tom Williams10-12-4
Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USAWTKO410
1936-01-17Tiger Henderson15-4-2
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
1936-01-15George Nichols69-27-8
Akron, Ohio, USADPTS1010
1935-11-11Erich Seelig26-6-2
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USALKO410
1935-08-29Leo Williams15-22-2
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS66
1935-05-27Ernie Fitzsimmons0-1-0
Clapton Greyhound Track, Clapton, London, United KingdomWTKO7
Fitzsimmons suffered a badly cut eye.
1935-05-04Marcel Lauriot14-15-3
Palais des Sports, Paris, Paris, FranceDPTS1010
1935-04-01Alex Bell12-3-0
Drill Hall, Crystal Palace, London, United KingdomWTKO610x3
Bell sustained a cut eye.
1935-02-25George Bennett12-6-0
King's Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomWTKO1
1935-01-06Seaman Harry Rowles11-7-1
Whitechapel, London, United KingdomWPTS1010x3
1934-12-27Al Bourke46-16-3
West Ham, London, United KingdomWTKO510x3
1934-12-17Ernie Fitzsimmons
Granby Halls, Leicester, Leicestershire, United KingdomWPTS88x3
1934-10-08Jack London33-24-5
White City Stadium, Hull, Yorkshire, United KingdomWKO312x3
1934-09-10Merlo Preciso30-9-4
White City Stadium, White City, London, United KingdomDPTS88x3
Dundee Courier - Tuesday 11 September 1934 P 4
1934-08-22Tommy Farr44-22-15
Greyhound Stadium, Wandsworth, London, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
1934-06-10Frank Borrington19-9-4
Edmonton Stadium , Edmonton, London, United KingdomWKO710x3
1934-06-04Jack London32-22-5
New St James Hall, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomWDQ812x3
1934-05-23Eddie Steele23-8-2
Greyhound Stadium, Wandsworth, London, United KingdomWPTS1010x3
Boxing May 30, 1934 P 12
1934-05-07Tommy Farr44-20-14
New St James Hall, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomWPTS1212x3
1934-04-09Jack (Kid) Casey140-47-15
New St James Hall, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomLDQ712x3
Dundee Courier - Tuesday 10 April 1934 P 4
1934-01-01Frankie Simms32-30-3
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO2
Simms was substitutung for Lou Scozza.
1933-12-22Buck Everett33-13-2
Auditorium, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaWPTS1212
1933-12-13Dick Daniels26-11-1
Arena Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO410
Daniels down 5 times, but his purse was held by the commission because they thought he was going down from light punches
1933-11-28Harry English25-8-3
Muskegon, Michigan, USALPTS1010
1933-10-30Buck Everett30-13-2
Asheville, North Carolina, USALPTS1010
Previously listed as a win for Belanger, probably from an early edition Ring Record Book. Switched, based on wire report in Oregonian.
1933-10-16Don 'Red' Barry37-16-5
Asheville, North Carolina, USADPTS1010
1933-10-09Lou Scozza72-26-8
Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USALPTS1010
referee: Jimmy Goodrich
1933-09-26Buck Everett29-13-1
Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaLPTS1515
1933-08-16Buck Everett28-12-1
Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaWPTS1010
1933-07-25Jim McVey15-5-0
Hickey Park, Millvale, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS1010
1933-07-11Corn Griffin36-8-3
Post Gymnasium, Fort Benning, Georgia, USALPTS1010
1933-06-20Eddie Simms17-6-0
Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1933-06-08Corn Griffin36-8-2
Post Gymnasium, Fort Benning, Georgia, USADPTS1010
1933-05-29Don 'Red' Barry33-14-5
Portner's Arena, Alexandria, Virginia, USALPTS88
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