Doug Sam
Global ID15564
birthdate 1960-09-18
country Australia
residenceBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
birth placeAustralia
won 24 (KO 21) + lost 7 (KO 4) + drawn 0 = 31
rounds boxed 177 KO% 67.74

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2000-07-21Ken Suavine3-9-1
Ipswich Showgrounds, Ipswich, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO210
vacant Australia - Queensland State cruiserweight title
2000-04-15Danny Buzza10-4-0
Ipswich Showgrounds, Ipswich, Queensland, AustraliaLPTS1010
Australia - Queensland State heavyweight title
1992-12-12Tony Keller3-2-1
Palm Island, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO410
referee: Denzil Creed
1992-10-11Colin Weetra3-1-1
Carrara Sports Complex, Carrara, Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO610
1989-02-24Lou Cafaro12-2-0
Perth, Western Australia, AustraliaLKO612
Australian super middleweight title
1988-04-28Jeff Harding7-0-0
Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLTKO512
OPBF light heavyweight title
1988-03-07Jesse Shelby18-5-1
Entertainment Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLUD1010
referee: Ray Wheatley | 90-99 | 93-99 | 89-99
1987-08-04Gary Hubble9-15-3
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO1112
vacant OPBF light heavyweight title
1987-05-25Emmanuel Otti23-8-2
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO710
time: 2:54 | referee: Alan Moore
1987-01-25Chong-Pal Park41-3-1
Hilton Hotel, Seoul, South KoreaLTKO1515
time: 1:55 | referee: Herbert Minn | judge: Richard Rok 134-134 | judge: Emmanuel Flores 132-135 | judge: Chul-Hee Han 129-138
IBF World super middleweight title
Lineal Super Middleweight Title
1986-12-08Elo Raugna0-1-1
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO210
1986-09-15Joe Nitiva15-16-2
Entertainment Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaWPTS1010
1986-07-05Henry Sims15-10-0
Noumea, New CaledoniaLPTS1010
1986-04-18Wally Carr53-37-9
Bruce Stadium, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaWKO510
Carr announced his retirement after this bout.
1985-09-09Lorima Niumataiwalu2-0-0
Mansfield Tavern, Mansfield, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO510
Niumataiwalu unable to continue after round five.
1985-08-02Materati Valu16-15-1
Dapto Rugby League Club, Dapto, New South Wales, AustraliaWKO212
vacant Australian super middleweight title
1985-04-26Johnny Taupau Sr8-4-0
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaWTKO46
Cut eye stoppage
1985-02-20Tommy West9-3-5
Mount Pritchard Community Club, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaWKO110
1984-06-01Joe Nitiva13-13-1
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO910
1984-04-16Suwarno 0-3-0
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO110
time: 0:53 | referee: Alan Moore
1984-03-19Fred Taufua11-3-0
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWPTS1010
referee: Alan Moore | judge: John Bailey | judge: Eddie Francis | judge: Col Kanofski
1984-02-06Ian Dennis11-3-3
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO310
1983-11-28Jeff Morgan17-9-4
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO410
referee: Denzil Creed
1983-10-03Ricky Patterson15-8-0
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO610
1983-08-29Leonardo Bermudez27-28-8
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWPTS1010
1983-07-25Mick Mills30-12-0
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO110
time: 2:15
1983-06-06Kelly Thompson23-24-3
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO210
1983-02-14Ricky Patterson11-6-0
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaLTKO28
Broken jaw stoppage.
1983-02-04Joe Nitiva10-8-1
Homestead Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO810
1982-12-13Rodney Roberts11-6-2
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO38
1982-11-08Manny Trikilis6-13-4
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO36


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