Bruno Arcari
Global ID16018
birthdate 1942-01-01
divisionsuper lightweight
height5′ 5″   /   165cm
country Italy
residenceAtina, Lazio, Italy
birth placeAtina, Lazio, Italy
won 70 (KO 38) + lost 2 (KO 2) + drawn 1 = 73
rounds boxed 525 KO% 52.05

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1978-07-07Jesse Lara12-26-5
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWTKO510
1977-12-22Nelson Gomes12-9-2
Gallipoli, Puglia, ItalyWTKO710
1977-10-22Justice Ortiz10-16-4
Torino, Piemonte, ItalyWPTS1010
1976-04-03Rocky Mattioli40-4-1
Palazzo Dello Sport, Milan, Lombardia, ItalyDPTS1010
referee: Romolo Calvenzi | 96-97 | 96-96 | 97-97
1975-12-12David Love26-11-0
Torino, Piemonte, ItalyWKO510
1975-05-10Gaetan Hart10-8-1
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWKO110
Hart was last-minute replacement when Victor Perez, the original opponent, failed to show up.
1975-02-28Harold Weston17-5-1
Roma, Lazio, ItalyWPTS1010
1974-12-13Lawrence Hafey37-11-3
Milan, Lombardia, ItalyWPTS1010
1974-11-08Papo Villa12-14-2
Milan, Lombardia, ItalyWPTS1010
1974-08-14Raul C Venerdini33-7-6
Cefalu, Sicilia, ItalyWTKO68
1974-05-03Doc McClendon11-15-2
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWPTS1010
1974-02-16Antonio Ortiz40-13-8
Palazzo dello Sport di Parco Ruffini, Torino, Piemonte, ItalyWDQ815
WBC World super lightweight title
Arcari vacates his title to move up to Welterweight after the bout.
1973-11-01Joergen Hansen28-4-0
K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, DenmarkWKO515
referee: Raymond Baldeyrou
WBC World super lightweight title
1973-06-02Robert Gallois55-7-2
Stade Louis II, Fontvieille, MonacoWPTS1010
1973-03-09Chris Fernandez22-6-4
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWUD1010
1972-12-02Everaldo Costa Azevedo49-8-22
Palazzo dello Sport di Parco Ruffini, Torino, Piemonte, ItalyWUD1515
WBC World super lightweight title
1972-10-13Chris Fernandez22-5-4
Roma, Lazio, ItalyWTKO810
Injury. Arcari floored in the 2nd and 7th rounds. The referee stopped the fight after the 7th round because of Fernandez's injured eye. The crowd booed the stoppage.
1972-08-08Joao dos Santos7-9-3
Fermo, Marche, ItalyWPTS1010
1972-06-10Joao Henrique40-2-1
Palazzo Dello Sport, Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWKO1215
WBC World super lightweight title
1972-04-28Jose Peterson10-4-1
Bologna, Emilia Romagna, ItalyWDQ410
1972-03-24Al Romano49-11-1
Torino, Piemonte, ItalyWKO410
1972-02-04Percy Pugh47-23-0
Palazzo Dello Sport, Torino, Piemonte, ItalyWKO510
1971-12-17David Hamm6-7-2
Torino, Piemonte, ItalyWTKO510
time: 2:45
1971-10-09Domingo Barrera37-5-0
Palazzo Dello Sport, Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWKO1015
referee: Teddy Waltham
WBC World super lightweight title
"...Challenger Domingo Barrera Corpas collapsed to the canvas, grasping his knee in the 10th round. Referee Teddy Waltham of England counted out the grimacing Barrera Corpas, even though he had fallen without being hit by a punch. The Spaniard claimed he had been struck by a coin hurled from the crowd. Arcari was about six feet away from Barrera Corpas when his opponent buckled. The strange knockout ended nine rounds and about a minute of the most confusing, disorganized title boxing in memory in Italy. Barrera Corpas had launched himself at Arcari with a windmill of wild punches and shoves throughout the fight. Arcari got the best of the punching, but had trouble keeping his balance...Waltham was bending down to pick up one such object (coin) when the challenger went down" AP had fight at 3 rounds each with three even before it ended. Source: AP.
1971-07-29Ruben Roberto Arocha42-19-9
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWPTS1010
1971-06-26Enrique Jana41-11-10
Palazzetto dello Sport, Palermo, Sicilia, ItalyWTKO915
referee: Georges Gondre
WBC World super lightweight title
1971-05-19Leonardo Dessi16-9-4
Ancona, Marche, ItalyWTKO510
1971-03-06Joao Henrique34-1-1
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWUD1515
referee: Teddy Waltham 74-68 | judge: Sanchez Villar | judge: Karl Perpedt
WBC World super lightweight title
1970-12-26Joao dos Santos4-3-1
Roma, Lazio, ItalyWPTS1010
1970-10-30Raimundo Dias21-7-7
Palazzo Dello Sport, Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWKO315
time: 1:45 | referee: Dominica Carabellese
WBC World super lightweight title
1970-09-28Carlos Almeida0-4-1
Bologna, Emilia Romagna, ItalyWTKO310
time: 1:25
1970-07-10Rene Roque43-7-6
Stadio Beach, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, ItalyWDQ615
time: 1:29
WBC World super lightweight title
1970-06-05Joao dos Santos1-1-0
Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, FranceWPTS1010
1970-04-10Bunny Grant45-10-4
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWUD1010
50-39 | 50-39 | 50-43
Weights from La Stampa.
1970-01-31Pedro Adigue Jr29-9-5
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWPTS1515
referee: Teddy Waltham 74-66
WBC World super lightweight title
Referee's decision for Arcari
1969-12-19Kid Rainbow5-11-5
Torino, Piemonte, ItalyWTKO210
1969-12-01Jose Luis Torcida40-8-4
Bologna, Emilia Romagna, ItalyWKO515
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1969-10-04Roger Evans6-8-4
San Paolo Stadium, Napoli, Campania, ItalyWKO610
1969-08-13Juan Albornoz74-6-5
San Remo, Liguria, ItalyWKO615
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1969-07-05Floyd Bevens0-2-0
Brescia, Lombardia, ItalyWKO210
1969-06-11Bill Whittenburg8-5-1
Teatro Ariston, San Remo, Liguria, ItalyWTKO610
1969-03-13Adrian Davis9-8-0
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWDQ410
1969-01-24Willi Quatuor62-7-5
Roma, Lazio, ItalyWKO715
time: 2:42
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1968-12-14Leon Zadourian19-8-2
Ariston Theatre, San Remo, Liguria, ItalyWTKO410
Bibbia del Pugilato reports 14-12-1968
1968-11-22Joe Tetteh36-17-2
La Spezia, Liguria, ItalyWPTS1010
Boxing News November 29, 1968
1968-10-05Dave Wyatt23-27-1
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWTKO710
1968-08-21Des Rea16-6-2
San Remo, Liguria, ItalyWTKO615
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1968-06-19Fernand Simard42-19-1
Stadio Roli, Lavagna, Liguria, ItalyWTKO510
1968-05-07Johann Orsolics17-1-1
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWTKO1215
referee: George Smith
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1968-04-06Mickey Laud20-20-3
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWTKO610
Boxing News April 26, 1968
1968-03-04Pablo Lopez16-10-2
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS44
1967-12-05Lex Hunter16-6-2
Milan, Lombardia, ItalyWPTS88
Boxing News December 15, 1967
1967-11-11John White31-15-3
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWTKO4
1967-09-06Pietro Vargellini12-0-0
Acqui, Piemonte, ItalyWTKO412
Italy super lightweight title
1967-07-05Romano Bianchi12-6-0
Arenzano, Liguria, ItalyWRTD112
Italy super lightweight title
1967-06-03Al Rocca17-17-3
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWPTS1010
Boxing News June 16, 1967
1967-04-28Angel Robinson Garcia91-30-11
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWPTS1010
Boxing News May 5, 1967
1967-02-22Efrem Donati34-4-3
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWPTS1212
Italy super lightweight title
1966-12-07Massimo Consolati29-9-1
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWDQ712
Italy super lightweight title
1966-10-21Luigi Braccini22-12-2
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWTKO68
Boxing News October 28, 1966
1966-10-04Quintino Soarez4-11-4
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWPTS1010
Boxing News October 21, 1966
1966-08-10Massimo Consolati27-8-1
Senigallia, Marche, ItalyLTKO1012
vacant Italy super lightweight title
1966-04-29Romano Bianchi11-3-0
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWPTS88
1966-03-11Joe Brown107-39-12
Roma, Lazio, ItalyWPTS1010
1966-01-19Franco Caruso19-18-3
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWPTS1010
Boxing News February 11, 1966
1965-12-26Julian Gonzalez20-8-4
La Spezia, Liguria, ItalyWKO48
Boxing News January 7, 1966
1965-12-03Ivan Whiter15-6-2
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWTKO48
Boxing News December 10, 1965

1965-10-15Efrem Donati31-1-1
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWTKO78
Boxing News October 29, 1965

1965-08-29Antonio Fernandes de Jesus14-18-13
Camerino, Marche, ItalyWPTS88
Boxing News September 10, 1965
1965-04-23Nedo Stampi21-21-9
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyWDQ38
1965-04-03Salvatore Colella4-14-1
Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWTKO36
1965-02-19Onorio Piras1-1-2
Roma, Lazio, ItalyWKO36
1964-12-11Franco Colella2-2-0
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, ItalyLTKO56


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