Frankie Swindell
Global ID1608
birthdate 1963-11-25
height5′ 10″   /   178cm
reach73″   /   185cm
US ID014224
aliasThe Tennessee Stud / Fearless
country USA
residenceNashville, Tennessee, USA
birth placeNew Bern, North Carolina, USA
won 37 (KO 28) + lost 24 (KO 8) + drawn 4 = 66
rounds boxed 393 KO% 42.42

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2002-09-29Derek Bryant14-0-0
Palace Indian Gaming Center, Lemoore, California, USALTKO78
time: 0:52 | referee: Jose Cobian
2002-02-08David Bostice26-5-1
Agua Caliente Casino, Rancho Mirage, California, USALUD88
73-79 | 73-79 | 74-78
2002-01-30Samson Po'uha20-4-0
Level Nightclub, Miami Beach, Florida, USADPTS55
referee: Jorge Alonso | judge: Allan Perrault | judge: Paul Herman | judge: Alex Levin
2001-12-07Robert Davis25-3-0
Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California, USALUD1010
93-94 | 92-95 | 92-95
Davis was down twice in the 1st and had a point deducted in the 10th for a low blow
2001-10-13Terrence Lewis30-9-0
Caesars Tahoe, Stateline, Nevada, USALUD1010
referee: Norm Budden | judge: Robert Hoyle 93-97 | judge: John McSweeny 94-96 | judge: Glenn Trowbridge 94-96
2000-08-04Hasim Rahman33-2-0
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALRTD710
time: 3:00 | referee: Richard Steele | judge: Chuck Giampa | judge: Bill Graham | judge: Art Lurie
2000-04-27Alfred Cole31-5-1
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, New York, USADPTS1010
referee: Steve Smoger | judge: Joe Dwyer 95-95 | judge: Don Ackerman 95-95 | judge: Steve Weisfeld 95-95
2000-04-06Elieser Castillo17-1-1
Coeur d'Alene Casino, Worley, Idaho, USALUD1010
referee: Jerry Armstrong | judge: Ray Kerwick 91-99 | judge: Tom Scher 94-97 | judge: Harold Scott 92-98
2000-01-14Ross Puritty27-13-1
Don Haskins Convention Center, El Paso, Texas, USADPTS1010
referee: Rocky Burke | judge: Levi Martinez 93-97 | judge: Gale E. Van Hoy 96-94 | judge: Tommy Pappas 95-95
1999-11-04Elieser Castillo16-1-0
Coeur d'Alene Casino, Worley, Idaho, USALUD1010
referee: Jerry Armstrong | judge: Daniel Vassar 93-97 | judge: Tom Lefevbre 95-96 | judge: Mike Crawford 92-98
1999-09-02James Stanton17-3-0
City Center, Saratoga Springs, New York, USAWKO510
1999-07-01Darroll Wilson22-3-2
Grand Casino, Tunica, Mississippi, USAWTKO510
time: 1:34
1999-06-03Wayne Llewellyn17-1-0
Soaring Eagle Casino, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USAWKO210
referee: Frank Garza
1999-03-12Danell Nicholson32-3-0
Roseland Ballroom, New York, New York, USALUD1010
referee: Steve Smoger | judge: Ron McNair 91-98 | judge: Melvina Lathan 91-98 | judge: Harold Lederman 91-98
1998-06-12Josh Imardiyi17-2-0
Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, Connecticut, USAWTKO410
1997-09-16Rocky Bentley10-59-0
Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, USAWTKO110
1997-08-06Andre Crowder6-41-3
Trap Nightclub, Nashville, Tennessee, USAWKO110
1997-06-20Chris Byrd21-0-0
Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALUD1010
1997-04-05Samson Po'uha17-2-0
Lujan Building, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USALSD1010
referee: Mike Sanchez | judge: Sandy Pino 94-95 | judge: Dan Sisneros 97-94 | judge: Walter Brown 93-98
1997-02-26Harry Daniels15-16-1
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWTKO210
1997-02-06Jeff Wooden16-2-0
Beverly Hills, California, USALUD1010
referee: Lou Moret | judge: Michael Tate 90-100 | judge: Larry Rozadilla 93-97 | judge: James Jen-Kin 92-98
1996-11-09Herbie Hide27-1-0
Nynex Arena, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomLKO18x3
referee: Terry O'Connor
1996-09-20Andre Crowder6-33-3
Erlanger, Kentucky, USAWTKO510
1996-08-03Greg Norman
Erlanger, Kentucky, USAWTKO18
1994-03-12Alexander Zolkin16-2-0
MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALUD1010
90-100 | 90-100 | 90-100
1993-11-06Henry Akinwande20-0-1
Superbowl, Sun City, North-West, South AfricaLUD1010
judge: Joseph Chaane 93-98 | judge: Wally Snowball 92-100 | judge: Godfrey Meje 92-100
1993-07-29Jeremy Williams9-0-0
Fernwood Resort, Bushkill, Pennsylvania, USALUD1010
referee: Joe Salci | judge: Jack Castellani 92-98 | judge: Dave Greer 92-98 | judge: Harold Lederman 91-97
1993-07-17Danny Wofford15-27-2
World's Fair Convention Center, Knoxville, Tennessee, USAWPTS88
1993-04-27Michael Moorer31-0-0
The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USALTKO310
time: 1:42 | referee: Dale Grable | judge: Rosemary Grable | judge: Bernard Teachout | judge: John Parish
Fight stopped on cuts.
1993-01-16Bobby Jones0-18-0
World's Fair Convention Center, Knoxville, Tennessee, USAWKO18
1992-12-13Tony Tucker47-1-0
Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALRTD610
time: 3:00 | referee: Jay Nady
Stopped after 6 completed rounds due an injury.
1992-11-03Dan Ward19-2-0
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWKO512
time: 2:40
Mid-South Boxing's Cruiserweight Title
1992-09-01Michael Greer42-14-3
Memphis, Tennessee, USADPTS1010
1992-06-27Bobby Jones0-15-0
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWTKO18
1992-05-23Rocky Bentley10-36-0
Hendersonville, Tennessee, USAWTKO38
1992-04-17Paul Johnson0-1-0
Hendersonville, Tennessee, USAWKO28
1992-03-07Francesco Damiani27-1-0
Fano, Marche, ItalyLPTS88
1992-01-11Robert Thomas6-26-3
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWKO28
1992-01-07Mike Faulkner9-2-0
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWUD1010
1991-12-07Rocky Bentley9-34-0
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWUD66
1991-07-25Alfred Cole17-1-0
Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALTKO1112
time: 2:08 | referee: Frank Cappuccino | judge: John Stewart | judge: Richard Strange | judge: Phil Newman
USBA cruiserweight title (supervisor: Marian W. Muhammad)
1991-01-08Michael Greer41-11-3
Omni New Daisy Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, USALUD1010
91-100 | 92-100 | 91-99
1990-10-05Andrey Rudenko6-0-0
Philips Halle, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWUD77
After dispute over the length of the fight, it was compromised to be an unusual 7-rounder.
1990-01-07Charles Williams27-4-2
Tropicana Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALRTD812
time: 3:00 | referee: Tony Orlando | judge: Lynne Carter 72-79 | judge: Gary Merritt 72-79 | judge: Gary Wolfe 73-78
IBF World light heavyweight title
Swindell retired in his corner after the eight round
1989-10-25Parris Johnson1-0-0
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWKO18
time: 2:15
1989-08-31Tony Morrison16-8-1
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWTKO38
1989-06-24Rodney Thomas
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWKO18
1989-02-19Michael Moorer13-0-0
Monessen High Gym, Monessen, Pennsylvania, USALTKO612
time: 2:50 | referee: Andy DePaul
WBO World light heavyweight title
1988-10-21Matthew Saad Muhammad44-9-2
Quality Inn Hotel, Newark, New Jersey, USAWTKO110
time: 2:33 | referee: Randy Neumann
1988-05-27Jeff Thompson16-0-0
Harrah's Marina Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAWUD1212
116-111 | 115-111 | 117-110
vacant USBA light heavyweight title
Thompson, a late sub for Uriah Grant, is knocked down in rounds 2 and 7
1988-02-26Vaughn Hooks15-0-0
National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USANCNC1212
referee: Frank Cappuccino | judge: Frank Brunette 115-113 | judge: Manny Altman 113-115 | judge: Adalaide Tyndale 111-116
vacant USBA light heavyweight title
Hooks was originally awarded a controversial split decision, but the result was over-turned when he tested positive for illegal substances
1988-02-03Eddie Curry1-2-1
Charleston, South Carolina, USAWKO16
1988-01-23Arthel Lawhorne19-12-2
Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USAWUD88
1987-07-23Wali Muhammad8-2-0
Felt Forum, New York, New York, USALUD88
1987-07-09Manuel Murillo3-3-0
Marriot Brookhollow, Houston, Texas, USAWKO18
time: 2:56
1987-03-21Alex Stanley4-2-0
Showplace Annex, Richmond, Virginia, USAWPTS88
1986-12-03Robert Folley14-2-1
Forum, Inglewood, California, USALPTS1010
1986-10-07Jerome Clouden22-5-0
Forum, Inglewood, California, USAWKO68
1986-09-09Charles Dixon1-8-0
Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky, USAWKO26
1986-09-06Virgil Nelson1-1-0
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USAWKO26
1986-08-05Rocky Bentley5-10-0
New Daisy Theatre, Nashville, Tennessee, USAWUD1212
Vacant Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title
1986-05-31Roy Safford4-4-0
Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWPTS66
1986-04-30Jesse Brown0-5-0
Charleston, South Carolina, USAWKO24
1986-03-27Virgil Nelson1-0-0
Sheraton Charleston Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina, USAWKO24
1986-01-31Tyrone Venning2-1-0
Trump Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAWTKO24
1985-12-14Charles Dixon1-3-0
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWTKO24
Pro debut for Swindell


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