Fernando Gagnon
Global ID16356
birthdate 1924-01-01
height5′ 2½″   /   159cm
country Canada
residenceDisraeli, Quebec, Canada
birth placeQuebec, Canada
won 105 (KO 77) + lost 30 (KO 3) + drawn 8 = 143
rounds boxed 953 KO% 53.85

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1955-11-28Gerry Simpson19-8-3
The Tower, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWUD1212
judge: Camile Angers 119-110 | judge: Phil Savard 117-114 | judge: Gerry O'Brien 118-111
Canada bantamweight title
1955-08-25Jimmy Watkins7-11-3
Sainte-Foy, Quebec, CanadaWKO510
1955-08-11Ray MacIntyre0-1-0
Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec, CanadaWKO410
1955-05-16Jerry Kortright24-40-11
The Tower, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWTKO610
time: 1:04 | referee: Ralph McNaughton
1955-03-19Oscar Suarez43-2-3
Havana, CubaLKO910
1955-02-14Tony Scott2-1-0
The Tower, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO510
1955-01-17Norman Hutchins2-0-3
The Tower, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLUD1010
judge: Gerry O'Brien 97-99 | judge: Camile Angers 91-99 | judge: Joe Lippe 94-97
1954-12-06Cleo Ortiz7-11-1
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO610
time: 1:44
1954-11-22Clarence Doucette0-2-0
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO212
time: 2:16
Canada bantamweight title
St.Vault News 06-12-1954
1954-10-14Cleo Ortiz6-11-1
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1954-05-03Don Webber21-11-0
Mont St. Louis Col. Auditorium, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWTKO410
time: 3:00 | referee: Leo Fisher
Webber was stopped on a cut eye.
1954-04-17K O Martin
Waterville, Maine, USAWKO510
1954-03-29Don Webber20-11-0
The Tower, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLSD1010
judge: Charles Simard | judge: Camile Angers | judge: Antonio Laverdiere
1954-03-08Amado Mir21-4-2
Mont St. Louis Col. Auditorium, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWUD1010
judge: Leon Geoffrion 8-2 | judge: Desse Green 9-0 | judge: James Regan 10-0
1954-02-01Joe Edwards8-8-1
The Tower, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWTKO512
time: 1:13 | referee: Ralph McNaughton
Canada bantamweight title
1953-12-26Felipe Lorenzo6-5-1
Waterville, Maine, USAWTKO210
1953-11-30Don Webber19-11-0
The Tower, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLMD1010
judge: Gerry O'Brien 98-98 | judge: Joe Lippe 96-97 | judge: Albert Laperriere 97-98
1953-11-14Yogi O'Bera0-5-0
South End Arena, Waterville, Maine, USAWKO310
1953-10-19Don Webber18-11-0
The Tower, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLUD1010
referee: Ralph McNaughton | judge: Antonio Laverdiere 94-99 | judge: Camile Angers 92-98 | judge: Charles Simard 95-98
1953-07-01Stan Almond24-5-2
Municipal Stadium, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO812
time: 2:51
Canada bantamweight title
1953-03-28Jerry Kortright23-34-11
Waterville, Maine, USAWPTS1010
1952-12-27Bernie Murray29-9-6
Waterville, Maine, USAWKO1010
1952-12-02Pappy Gault43-5-1
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLUD1212
North American Bantamweight Title
1952-10-27Pappy Gault42-5-1
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLUD1212
judge: Camile Angers 2-9 | judge: Antonio Laverdiere 2-8 | judge: Jack Filion 4-5
North American Bantamweight Title
1952-09-09Black Pico45-18-8
Chicoutimi, Quebec, CanadaWKO410
1952-08-31Johnny Williams
Disraeli, Quebec, CanadaWKO310
1952-08-07Black Pico44-18-8
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1952-07-07Black Pico43-18-8
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1952-06-02Buddy Baggett18-13-3
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWTKO510
1952-05-19Bob Martin
Chicoutimi, Quebec, CanadaWKO610
1952-04-21Leo LeBrun45-61-17
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaDPTS1010
1952-04-07Leo LeBrun44-61-17
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1952-03-03Willie Alexander15-51-7
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWUD1010
1952-02-07Claude Meunier1-4-0
Valcartier, Quebec, CanadaWPTS88
1952-01-28Johnny O'Brien20-11-4
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
1951-12-17Jose Aponte Torres34-80-14
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO110
time: 1:30
1951-12-03Johnny O'Brien19-10-4
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLUD1010
1951-10-15James Warburton1-0-0
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWKO310
time: 1:38
attrib James Warbington
1951-09-24Myrel Olmstead1-4-2
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWKO510
time: 1:29
1951-09-10Myrel Olmstead1-2-2
Chicoutimi, Quebec, CanadaWKO510
TR Nov 1951 has Chicoutimi and 1:34 as time. Same fight as the 5 round KO later in the month?
1951-08-27Dado Marino56-12-2
Colisee de Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaDMD1010
1951-07-18Bobby Mitchell0-2-1
Rimouski, Quebec, CanadaWKO510
1951-07-14Eddie Brown
Chandler, Quebec, CanadaWKO510
1951-07-03Bobby Mitchell0-1-1
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO710
1951-06-05Claude Meunier1-2-0
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO412
Canada bantamweight title
1951-04-16Charlie McGarrity10-12-4
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1951-03-19Charlie McGarrity9-12-2
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1951-01-29Danny Falcone26-16-13
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO310
time: 1:09
1950-11-06Johnny Arduini22-7-3
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO410
1950-10-02Asuncion Llanos14-14-2
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO1010
1950-08-21Lew Yonkers14-14-5
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO610
1950-05-05Tommy Proffitt18-3-1
New St James Hall, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomLKO210x3
Boxing News May 10, 1950 P 14
1950-04-15Jackie Johnson1-8-1
Cape Town, Western Cape, South AfricaWKO310
1950-04-08Vic Toweel12-0-0
Wembley Stadium, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaLPTS1515
referee: Cyril Baynes
Commonwealth (British Empire) bantamweight title
Gagnon was knocked down in the 15th round. Toweel was troubled by a nose injury that seriously affected his breathing. He had an operation that put him out of action for two months before the Gagnon fight.
1950-02-21Bobby Boland35-3-2
Caesars Nightclub, Streatham, London, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
1950-02-13Teddy Gardner38-6-2
New St James Hall, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomWTKO412x3
British Empire Bantamweight Eliminator
1949-11-11Kid Dennis0-1-0
Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec, CanadaWKO210
1949-10-03Asuncion Llanos13-4-1
Olds, Alberta, CanadaDPTS1010
1949-09-23Rocky Rocanot
Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec, CanadaWKO310
1949-09-07Marcel Theriault8-26-5
Chicoutimi, Quebec, CanadaWKO510
Not the French Kid Marcel as before.Theriault often boxed as Kid Marcel.
1949-08-22Jackie Turner17-11-6
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWUD1212
Canada bantamweight title
1949-07-05Danny O'Sullivan23-3-0
Olympia, Kensington, London, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
1949-06-13Manuel Baptista10-19-1
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO810
1949-05-16Jerry Kortright5-2-2
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
1949-04-25Asuncion Llanos12-2-1
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1949-03-14Ray Edwards27-7-4
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1949-02-14Paul Thibault11-4-2
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWUD1010
1949-02-07Al Kid Point4-6-1
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
1949-01-17Paul Thibault11-4-1
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDPTS1010
1948-12-13Jean-Paul Desjardins3-7-0
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
1948-11-15Jean Richard36-11-3
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1948-10-27Castro Calderon6-4-0
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWKO510
referee: Maurice O'Connell
1948-09-30Jose Aponte Torres34-69-11
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDPTS1010
1948-09-10K O Sylvain2-3-0
Chicoutimi, Quebec, CanadaWKO210
1948-07-06Jean Richard29-11-3
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLUD1212
referee: Al Decarie | judge: Rene Ouimet | judge: Leon Germain | judge: Leon Geoffrion
Canada featherweight title
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