Willie Jorrin
Global ID17131
birthdate 1969-11-21
divisionsuper bantamweight
height5′ 5½″   /   166cm
reach68″   /   173cm
US ID037299
country USA
residenceSacramento, California, USA
birth placeSacramento, California, USA
birth nameGuillermo Jaime Jorrín
won 29 (KO 13) + lost 2 (KO 1) + drawn 1 = 32
rounds boxed 213 KO% 40.63

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2003-11-06Cristian Favela19-2-1
Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, Arizona, USALMD1010
95-95 | 94-96 | 93-97
2003-04-25John Hoffman10-8-0
Ramada Inn, Rosemont, Illinois, USAWTKO28
time: 2:20 | referee: Pete Podgorski | judge: Jerry Jakubco | judge: Ken Corcoran | judge: Ted Gimza
2002-11-01Oscar Larios45-3-1
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USALTKO112
time: 1:28 | referee: James Jen-Kin | judge: Hubert Minn | judge: Gelasio Perez Huerta | judge: Lou Filippo
WBC World super bantamweight title (supervisor: Sam Macias)
2002-02-05Osamu Sato24-1-1
Ariake Colosseum, Tokyo, JapanDPTS1212
referee: Terry O'Connor | judge: Noppharat Sricharoen 112-114 | judge: Massimo Barrovecchio 114-114 | judge: Vincent Rodriguez 113-113
WBC World super bantamweight title
2001-01-19Oscar Larios39-2-1
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWUD1212
referee: Chuck Hassett | judge: Ken Morita 115-113 | judge: Larry Rozadilla 115-113 | judge: Omar Mintun 115-113
WBC World super bantamweight title
2000-09-09Michael Brodie29-0-0
Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomWMD1212x3
referee: Richard James Davies | judge: Franco Ciminale 115-112 | judge: Ray Solis 116-112 | judge: Bob Logist 114-114
vacant WBC World super bantamweight title
Brodie down in 10th. Title had been vacated by Erik Morales
2000-06-09Marcos Badillo13-14-0
Feather Falls Casino, Oroville, California, USAWUD1010
1999-10-12Juan Luis Torres3-22-1
Cache Creek Casino, Brooks, California, USAWTD510
time: 1:40 | referee: Jon Schorle | 40-35 | 40-35 | 40-35
Jorrin cut in 3rd rd by accidental head butt could not continue. Torres penalized 1 point for excessive fouling.
1999-07-02Aristead Clayton22-1-0
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWSD1212
referee: James Jen-Kin | judge: Joan Ortega 118-109 | judge: Terry Smith 118-109 | judge: Lloyd Dennis 112-114
NABF super bantamweight title
Clayton down in 7th
1999-03-28Edgar Garcia9-10-1
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWUD1010
judge: Terry Smith 99-90 | judge: Dave Nelson 98-91 | judge: Joan Ortega 98-91
1998-08-20Julio Cesar Cardona25-16-0
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWKO210
time: 1:05 | referee: Jon Schorle
1998-05-09Antonio Oscar Salas10-7-0
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWKO58
time: 1:05 | referee: Dave Nelson | judge: Jon Schorle | judge: Joan Ortega | judge: Marty Sammon
Salas down 3 times in the 4th rd, once in the 5th.
1998-03-30Luis Enrique Valenzuela16-16-0
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWKO410
time: 2:34
1997-12-04Juan Luis Torres3-13-0
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USAWUD1010
judge: Terry Smith 100-89 | judge: Dan Stell 100-89 | judge: Marshall Walker 96-93
Torres listed as 5-18 coming in
1997-08-22Juan Manuel Chavez21-18-0
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USAWUD1010
1997-06-07Enrique Jupiter31-6-1
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWPTS1010
1997-02-10Jorge Parra29-1-0
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USAWKO710
time: 0:25
1996-11-14Jose Manjarrez9-13-4
Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California, USAWUD1010
1996-07-01Roberto Lopez13-5-1
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWSD1010
referee: Jon Schorle | 98-91 | 97-93 | 94-95
1996-04-22Juan Carlos Salazar49-18-1
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWKO210
time: 1:45 | referee: Jon Schorle
1996-03-18Antonio Ramirez2-12-0
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Terry Smith
1995-11-21Lazaro Padilla6-2-0
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWKO510
time: 1:12 | referee: Jon Schorle
1995-05-13Max Maldonado1-2-0
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWKO810
time: 2:50
1995-01-28Victor Manuel Flores5-2-2
Reno Hilton, Reno, Nevada, USAWTKO36
referee: Vic Drakulich | judge: Herb Santos | judge: John McSweeny | judge: Keith MacDonald
1994-11-10Fernando Sanchez6-2-0
Reno Hilton, Reno, Nevada, USAWUD66
referee: Norm Budden | judge: Herb Santos 60-54 | judge: John McSweeny 60-54 | judge: Doug Tucker 59-55
1994-08-02Ernesto Medina1-2-2
Cache Creek Casino Resort, Brooks, California, USAWTKO2
1994-04-09Julio Sanchez Leon6-2-0
Reno Hilton, Goldwyn Ballroom, Reno, Nevada, USAWUD66
referee: Vic Drakulich | judge: Herb Santos | judge: Burt A. Clements | judge: Doug Tucker
1994-03-08David Munoz5-0-0
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWUD88
Munoz was knocked down in the fourth round.
1993-10-01Pat Chavez2-5-0
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWUD66
1993-08-27Ralph Chavez0-3-0
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWKO1
1993-05-17Marco Vargas
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USAWKO16
1993-02-12Esau Dieguez
Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USAWKO14
Pro debut for Jorrin.


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