Michel Montreuil
Global ID18033
birthdate 1897-12-26
death date 1959-00-00 (61)
height5′ 3″   /   160cm
country Belgium
birth placeSint-Jans-Molenbeek, Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium
birth nameMichel Horny
won 53 (KO 16) + lost 25 (KO 4) + drawn 14 = 93
rounds boxed 890 KO% 17.2

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1929-01-23Nicolas Petit-Biquet25-8-5
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumLPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1928-12-02Harry Stein31-6-7
Sporthalle Achilleion, Leipzig, Sachsen, GermanyLPTS88
1928-10-20Erich Kohler34-12-14
Sporthalle Achilleion, Leipzig, Sachsen, GermanyDPTS88
No points decision in favor of Montreuil. Error in Kohler`s record in Jahrbuch 1963.
1927-05-25Victor Crauc6-8-0
Salle Wagram, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS?
1927-02-22Emile Pladner14-0-1
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1212
1927-02-11Nicolas Petit-Biquet15-2-1
Aux Variétés, Liege, Liege, BelgiumLPTS1515
Belgium flyweight title
1927-01-17Ernie Jarvis79-30-17
The Ring, Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
1926-12-22Leo De Bleyser1-1-1
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1926-10-06 Descheemaeker1-1-0
Palais des Sports, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1926-09-19George Kid Nicholson35-19-3
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
1926-09-01 Descheemaeker0-1-0
Palais des Sports, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumLTKO710
1926-02-28Mark Lesnick22-2-3
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomDPTS1515x3
1925-11-22Domenico Bernasconi10-0-1
Palazzo Dello Sport, Milan, Lombardia, ItalyLKO212
1925-11-15Kid Socks43-12-7
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
1925-11-06Domenico Bernasconi10-0-0
Roma, Lazio, ItalyDPTS1010
1925-10-14Andre Gleizes20-7-2
Paris, Paris, FranceDPTS1010
1925-06-25Tiny Smith20-11-7
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
Source: Boxing 01/07/1925 pages 327, 329 and 330
1925-04-15Roger Fabregues3-3-3
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1925-03-09Antoine Ascencio11-5-3
Arenes d'Eckmühl, Oran, AlgeriaDPTS1010
1925-01-31Elky Clark22-10-5
Hengler's Circus, Glasgow, Scotland, United KingdomLPTS2020x3
referee: M Duvernaz
EBU (European) flyweight title
Yorkshire Evening Post - Monday 02 February 1925 P 4
1924-12-20Georges Viriot8-20-6
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1924-12-16Kid Francis35-1-0
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
referee: Johnny Dundee
1924-11-21Elky Clark22-9-5
Hengler's Circus, Glasgow, Scotland, United KingdomWPTS2020x3
EBU (European) flyweight title
1924-11-18Jim Alex0-1-0
Mons, Hainaut, BelgiumWKO110
1924-10-29Georges Viriot8-17-6
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWTKO810
1924-06-01Antoine Ascencio11-3-3
Buffalo Stadium, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS1010
1924-04-30Young Blaise3-11-3
Folies-Bergere Alger, Algiers, AlgeriaWPTS1010
Before this fight Blaise had a win over Geo Andre.
1924-04-23Young Dumontel3-5-0
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWTKO910
1924-02-27Emile Juliard21-9-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1515
EBU (European) flyweight title
1924-01-17? Geisser
Oostende, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWKO310
1923-12-18? Loez
Leuven, Vlaams Brabant, BelgiumWKO410
1923-11-21Georges Neyer1-3-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWKO210
1923-09-29Andre Gleizes17-5-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS2020
EBU (European) flyweight title
1923-05-27Young Blaise2-9-2
Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, FranceWPTS1010
1923-05-19Edouard Charles2-3-0
Bordeaux, Gironde, FranceWPTS1010
1923-05-06Albert Bouzonnie24-11-5
Casablanca, MoroccoLTKO1010
Promoter: Louis de Ponthieu, the recently retired boxer who had his arm amputated after a fight injury.
1923-04-19Young Cassini
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1010
1923-03-24Andre Dedieu4-6-3
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWTKO510
1923-03-20Young Blaise2-8-2
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS1010
1923-02-27Charles Ledoux90-14-5
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceLRTD1115
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1923-01-10Georges Viriot7-10-6
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
On 2/19 as per Ballarati's "Campione del Pasato," Montreuil is proclaimed European Flyweight Champion.
1922-12-20Andre Androt1-4-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1922-11-11Emile Juliard19-5-2
Ring de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1515
1922-10-07Andre Routis22-3-3
Velodrome d'Hiver, Paris, Paris, FranceWKO210
1922-09-15Young Dumontel3-3-0
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1922-07-30Young Dumontel3-2-0
Paris, Paris, FranceWTKO410
1922-07-29Emile Juliard17-5-1
Stade Anastasie, Paris, Paris, FranceNCNC710
1922-07-07Andre Gleizes5-4-2
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1922-06-08Fred Vincent4-4-0
Liverpool Stadium, Pudsey Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, United KingdomDPTS1515x3
1922-04-28Louis Cauwenberg2-1-0
Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BelgiumWPTS1010
1922-03-28Edouard Charles2-1-0
Charleroi, Hainaut, BelgiumWPTS109
1922-03-15Georges Viriot5-8-5
Salle de Trocadero, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1922-02-04Albert Bouzonnie20-7-5
Velodrome d'Hiver, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS1515
1922-01-25Andre Androt1-0-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1921-12-07Bobby Diamond0-0-1
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1921-10-20Andre Gleizes2-1-1
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1010
1921-10-11Charles Miel
Paris, Paris, FranceWRTD610
1921-09-28Battling van Dijk2-1-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
Shortly before this fight, Montreuil was designated - by the national comission- as Belgian Flyweight Champion.
1921-06-25Maxim Millet2-1-2
Liege, Liege, BelgiumDPTS1010
1921-02-23Albert Bouzonnie16-7-5
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumLPTS1010
1921-01-12Robert Corbiaux8-5-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1920-11-24Andre Androt1-0-0
Liege, Liege, BelgiumDPTS88
1920-05-05Francois Frenay3-2-5
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWRTD710
1920-04-17Frans De Coninck
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS88
1920-03-23Francois Frenay3-2-4
Liege, Liege, BelgiumDPTS1010
1920-03-17? Carette1-0-0
Albert Hall, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1920-03-12John Dufour1-1-4
Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BelgiumLPTS1010
1920-02-19? Couturier7-0-0
Albert Hall, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWRTD410
1920-02-01? Pintelon0-2-0
Ghent, Oost-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO1010
1920-01-17? Pintelon0-1-0
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1919-11-08? Pintelon
Ghent, Oost-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWPTS1010
1919-04-29? Bribb
La Louviere, Hainaut, BelgiumWRTD410
1919-04-16Robert Corbiaux2-1-0
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumLPTS1010
1919-04-14Joseph Habets1-0-0
Verviers, Liege, BelgiumLPTS1010
1919-03-30John Dufour0-1-1
Mechelen, Antwerpen, BelgiumDPTS1010
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