Harald Skog
Global ID18227
birthdate 1949-08-22
divisionlight heavyweight
height6′ 4″   /   193cm
country Norway
residenceOslo, Norway
won 25 (KO 8) + lost 6 (KO 2) + drawn 2 = 33
rounds boxed 220 KO% 24.24

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1980-03-17Valentino Nardini6-0-0
Restaurant Regnbuen, Oslo, NorwayWPTS66
1979-09-10Karl Canwell12-5-0
Restaurant Regnbuen, Oslo, NorwayLKO28
1979-02-15Errol McKenzie13-5-0
Nordstrandhallen, Oslo, NorwayWPTS1010
1978-12-26Francois Fiol22-4-1
Basel, SwitzerlandWPTS88
1978-10-27Errol McKenzie12-4-0
Chateau Neuf, Oslo, NorwayLPTS88
1978-09-03Cristiano Cavina16-9-3
Bergenshallen, Bergen, NorwayWTKO68
1978-06-15Ba Sounkalo19-11-2
Messehallen, Oslo, NorwayWPTS1010
1978-05-09Tom Collins6-0-0
Chateau Neuf, Oslo, NorwayWPTS88
1978-04-06Alex Penarski10-11-0
Nordstrandhallen, Oslo, NorwayWPTS88
1978-03-02Victor Attivor9-10-2
Chateau Neuf, Oslo, NorwayWPTS88
1978-01-26Francis Hands10-2-1
Chateau Neuf, Oslo, NorwayWPTS88
1977-10-06Phil Martin13-4-0
Idraetshuset, Copenhagen, DenmarkLPTS66
1977-07-09Mate Parlov17-1-1
Basel, SwitzerlandLUD1515
139-147 | 136-150 | 143-149
EBU (European) light heavyweight title
1977-03-10Jose Ignacio Iniguez6-1-0
Chateau Neuf, Oslo, NorwayDPTS88
1976-12-02Victor Attivor8-7-2
Messehallen, Oslo, NorwayWTKO68
1976-10-21Avenamar Peralta87-14-7
Messehallen, Oslo, NorwayLPTS88
1976-03-28Victor Emilio Galindez39-6-4
Ekeberg Hall, Oslo, NorwayLKO315
time: 1:45 | referee: Tony Perez
WBA World light heavyweight title
Skog down in the second and then down for the count in the third.
1975-12-12Rudiger Schmidtke31-11-4
Ekeberg Hall, Oslo, NorwayWKO610
1975-09-25Getulio Bueno13-8-3
Messehallen, Oslo, NorwayWTKO110
1975-06-19Eddie Duncan8-5-1
Jordal Amfi, Oslo, NorwayWPTS1010
1975-05-14Johnny Griffin21-12-0
Jordal Amfi, Oslo, NorwayWKO510
1975-03-13Ray Anderson35-13-2
Ekeberg Hall, Oslo, NorwayWPTS1010
1975-01-23Conny Velensek26-16-4
Messehallen, Oslo, NorwayWPTS88
Velensek down for an 8 count in round 7.
1974-10-08Tom Jensen42-7-2
Messehallen, Oslo, NorwayWTKO412
Scandinavian Light Heavyweight Title
1974-05-07Pat McCann19-2-0
Jordal Amfi, Oslo, NorwayWPTS66
1974-03-07Hans Thomsen0-1-1
Ekeberg Hall, Oslo, NorwayDPTS66
1973-10-11Vasco Faustino11-19-4
Ekeberg Hall, Oslo, NorwayWPTS66
1973-06-14Alfredo Mongol Ortiz8-2-0
Ekeberg Hall, Oslo, NorwayWPTS66
1973-05-10Adriano Rosati15-10-3
Nidarohallen, Trondheim, NorwayWPTS66
1973-04-06Ermanno Festorazzi9-14-4
Nordstrandhallen, Oslo, NorwayWTKO26
1973-03-01Lino Finotti3-0-1
Nordstrandhallen, Oslo, NorwayWPTS66
1973-01-25Jean-Pierre Coopman4-0-0
Messehallen, Oslo, NorwayWPTS66
1972-11-29Kid Silent
Nordstrandhallen, Oslo, NorwayWKO46


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