Mike Baker
Global ID18287
birthdate 1951-12-25
country USA
residenceWashington, District of Columbia, USA
birth placeSpartanburg, South Carolina, USA
won 46 (KO 28) + lost 20 (KO 9) + drawn 3 = 69
rounds boxed 460 KO% 40.58

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1998-09-24Jerome Hill1-25-0
Virginia, USAWKO7
1995-05-12John Boys0-2-0
Show Place Arena, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USAWTKO2
1984-07-26Robbie Sims21-3-1
Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USALTKO510
time: 2:30 | referee: Bernie Soto
1984-03-20Bruce Jackson12-6-0
Tyson's Corner, Virginia, USADPTS1010
1983-11-12Luigi Minchillo42-2-0
Discoteca Ellera, Perugia, Umbria, ItalyLKO78
1983-08-16Robert Jackson4-12-0
Westpark Hotel, Tyson's Corner, Virginia, USADPTS1010
1983-05-18Michael Grant2-27-2
Arlington, Virginia, USAWPTS1010
1983-03-17Kevin Moley12-0-0
Felt Forum, New York, New York, USALKO610
1982-09-24Henry McDaniels5-4-0
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS1010
1982-05-23Mark Holmes19-0-0
Showboat Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALTKO410
time: 0:25
1982-04-30Costello King6-10-0
DC Armory, Washington, District of Columbia, USAWKO610
1982-03-19Jerry Hill0-2-0
Sheraton Hotel, Washington, District of Columbia, USAWTKO18
1982-01-24John LoCicero18-6-0
Sands Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAWPTS1010
1981-09-17Teddy Mann21-8-0
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALPTS1010
1981-06-13Tony Chiaverini38-7-1
Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWUD1010
1981-04-26Max Hord23-11-0
Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USAWKO210
time: 2:30
1981-03-26Willie Ray Taylor4-6-0
Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USAWSD1010
1981-03-10Stanley Blythe1-3-0
Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USAWKO1
time: 1:30
1980-11-01Tony Ayala Jr4-0-0
Caesars Tahoe, Stateline, Nevada, USALUD88
referee: Mills Lane | 72-80 | 72-80 | 72-80
1980-05-23Steve Michalerya14-8-0
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
1979-12-23Claude Simpson2-0-0
Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USAWKO210
time: 1:59
1979-09-25Maurice Hope27-2-1
Empire Pool, Wembley, London, United KingdomLTKO715x3
time: 2:30 | referee: Raymond Baldeyrou
WBC World super welterweight title
1979-08-10Stanley Blythe1-1-0
Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USAWTKO410
time: 2:43
1979-06-22Clarence Gilmore4-5-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWKO4
1979-04-08Ricky Weigel14-2-1
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWUD1010
1979-03-09Casey Gacic11-5-3
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWKO610
time: 2:36
1978-11-06Charlie Weir13-1-0
West Ridge Tennis Stadium, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaLDQ610
referee: Eric Moolman
Baker disqualified for persistent low blows.
1978-09-26Fred Johnson9-2-0
Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USALSD1010
1978-04-13Frank Kolovrat33-19-2
Capitol Centre, Landover, Maryland, USAWKO28
1978-03-15Jimmy Savage14-11-2
DC Armory, Washington, District of Columbia, USAWUD1010
1977-11-05Mike Avans12-15-1
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWUD1010
1977-08-30Jean-Claude LeClair28-3-1
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWKO110
1977-06-20Billy Duquette14-6-4
Town Line Twin Rinks, Peabody, Massachusetts, USAWTKO610
1977-04-14Ralph Palladin28-4-2
Capitol Centre, Landover, Maryland, USALTKO810
time: 1:16 | referee: Larry Barrett
MD & DC Middleweight Championship
1976-10-28Alvin Anderson21-6-3
Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USALTKO812
1976-07-06Nat King19-11-0
Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USALUD1010
1976-04-05Larry Davis4-5-1
Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland, USAWSD88
1975-10-28Gene Wells26-8-1
Orlando, Florida, USALPTS1010
1975-09-16Charlie Fullard12-17-2
Arena, Richmond, Virginia, USAWKO312
NABF super welterweight title
1975-09-11Gary Bailey1-11-0
Portland, Maine, USAWUD1010
US Jr. Middleweight Title
1975-07-10Paul Osborne15-20-5
Exposition Building, Portland, Maine, USAWTKO710
US Jr. Middleweight Title
1975-05-30Willie Crockett0-4-0
North Carolina, USAWKO3
1975-04-29Leo Saenz21-1-1
Capitol Center, Landover, Maryland, USALPTS1010
1975-02-22Leo Saenz21-0-1
Capitol Center, Landover, Maryland, USAWUD1010
referee: Joe Bunsa 48-46 | judge: Harry Cecchini 49-42 | judge: Larry Barrett 48-46
1974-12-17Dave Wyatt30-49-2
Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USAWTKO610
Wyatt could not answer the bell for the seventh round.
1974-10-29Matt Donovan19-14-2
Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USALMD1010
1974-10-22Sam Zohodi0-1-0
Alexandria Roller Rink, Alexandria, Virginia, USAWKO2
time: 0:33
1974-10-01Bobby Williams20-35-2
Alexandria Roller Rink, Alexandria, Virginia, USAWTKO1
1974-07-29Mike Rossman13-0-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALPTS88
1974-06-04Fidel Gonzalez0-2-0
Music Theatre, Houston, Texas, USAWTKO410
1974-05-07Tony Licata41-0-3
Music Theatre, Houston, Texas, USALUD1010
1974-04-05Jerry Carabello0-3-0
Arena, Richmond, Virginia, USAWTKO310
time: 1:45 | referee: Billy Sahnow
1974-03-21Ott Wagner
Lincolnton, North Carolina, USAWKO4
1974-01-17Reinaldo Oliveira Jr3-2-1
Exposition Building, Portland, Maine, USAWPTS1010
Baker used his height and reach to advantage to outpoint his rival. The Exposition building was frigid bringing discomfort to the small gathering.
1973-11-23Terry Hayward10-10-1
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaDPTS88
1973-11-15Sonny Moore2-16-0
Portland, Maine, USAWPTS1010
1973-10-10Dave Wyatt30-45-2
Richmond, Virginia, USAWSD1010
1973-09-15Oscar Freeman17-21-2
Scope Arena, Norfolk, Virginia, USAWUD88
1973-08-02Gary Broughton21-25-4
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaLKO710
1973-05-03Jesus Alicia11-24-5
Portland, Maine, USAWUD88
1973-04-26Bob Green2-9-0
Exposition Building, Portland, Maine, USAWKO78
Main Event.
1973-04-19Oscar Freeman17-18-2
Portland, Maine, USAWTKO78
1973-04-03Marc Gervais11-3-0
Pavillion de la Jeunesse, Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWSD1010
1973-03-31Jose Pagan Rivera23-57-8
Armory, North Adams, Massachusetts, USAWPTS66
1973-03-29Paul Christie28-12-1
Exposition Building, Portland, Maine, USAWKO46
Christie suffered a broken rib.
1973-03-27Harry Hippie
Harvard Club, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWKO68
time: 0:59
1973-03-21Don Melosh4-11-2
Roseland Ballroom, Taunton, Massachusetts, USAWTKO26
1973-03-14Skip Yeaton34-25-3
Roseland Ballroom, Taunton, Massachusetts, USAWKO36
1972-03-22David Rose
Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USALKO24
time: 1:50
Baker's debut


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