Fritz Chervet
Global ID20554
birthdate 1942-10-01
height5′ 5″   /   165cm
country Switzerland
residenceBerne, Switzerland
birth placeBerne, Switzerland
won 58 (KO 25) + lost 10 (KO 3) + drawn 2 = 71
rounds boxed 582 KO% 35.21

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1976-12-26Fahsithong Fairtex2-1-0
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1212
This is the correct date; the one previously shown here has been eliminated. Source: Pugilato '79, page 433.
1976-10-15Jose Cantero6-3-3
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1976-05-14Nessim Zebelini9-11-1
Geneva, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1976-01-14Franco Udella22-3-0
Campione d'Italia, Lombardia, ItalyLPTS1515
EBU (European) flyweight title
1975-11-28Luis Rico0-5-1
Lausanne, SwitzerlandWKO410
1975-10-09Tarcisio Boi4-5-1
Geneva, SwitzerlandWTKO510
1975-05-31Franco Udella20-3-0
Zurich, SwitzerlandNCNC215
EBU (European) flyweight title
1975-05-02Antonio Luis Franca1-0-0
Frauenfeld, SwitzerlandWTKO810
1975-03-08Franco Sperati29-8-1
Zurich, SwitzerlandLPTS1010
From Guia Pugilato '79, page 433.
1975-02-14Franco Buglione15-1-0
Davos, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1974-12-26Dominique Cesari10-7-6
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1974-11-15Mariano Garcia21-4-3
Geneva, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1974-04-27Chartchai Chionoi59-16-3
Hallenstadion, Zurich, SwitzerlandLSD1515
WBA World flyweight title
Source on location and weights: Swiss National Library
1974-03-15Christian Martin14-4-4
Luzern, SwitzerlandWRTD510
1973-12-26Fernando Atzori43-4-1
Berne, SwitzerlandWKO715
EBU (European) flyweight title
1973-11-25Emilio Pireddu9-1-2
Schaffhausen, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1973-09-28Franco Sperati27-6-1
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1973-05-17Chartchai Chionoi57-15-3
National Stadium Gymnasium, Bangkok, ThailandLTKO515
referee: Jack Sullivan
vacant WBA World flyweight title
Bout stopped by the referee at the end of the 4th round.
1973-03-09Dino Contemori13-3-1
Muntelier, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1972-12-26John McCluskey21-11-0
Hallenstadion, Zurich, SwitzerlandWPTS1515
EBU (European) flyweight title
1972-10-13Mariano Garcia15-2-3
Geneva, SwitzerlandWPTS1515
EBU (European) flyweight title
1972-06-23Andres Sainz Romero14-11-6
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1515
EBU (European) flyweight title
1972-05-19Dominique Cesari5-3-5
Neuchâtel, SwitzerlandWRTD510
1972-03-03Fernando Atzori37-2-1
Berne, SwitzerlandWTKO1115
EBU (European) flyweight title
1972-02-04Giovanni Mura1-3-2
Geneva, SwitzerlandWTKO510
Fractured right hand.
1971-12-20Giancarlo Anibaldi3-4-1
Zurich, SwitzerlandWKO510
From Pugilato '79, page 433.
1971-10-08Michele Spina6-5-2
Geneva, SwitzerlandWKO810
1971-09-10Giovanni Mura0-2-2
Berne, SwitzerlandWKO910
1971-01-21Masao Oba26-2-1
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanLTKO810
time: 1:31
1970-12-04Altero Marini1-4-2
Panespo, Neuchâtel, SwitzerlandWTKO78
1970-11-20Wellington Villela3-26-3
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1970-04-04Omar Cabrera2-13-1
Hallenstadion, Zurich, SwitzerlandLPTS88
Corrected in accord with Pugilato '79, page 433.
1970-02-27Michele Spina6-1-2
Geneva, SwitzerlandWKO1010
1970-02-07Gerard Macrez15-30-9
Dunkerque, Nord, FranceDPTS1010
1969-12-26John McCluskey17-4-0
Zurich, SwitzerlandLPTS1010
1969-11-21Luigi Boschi7-15-5
Berne, SwitzerlandWTKO310
From Pugilato '79, page 432.
1969-10-31Kamara Diop52-16-2
Geneva, SwitzerlandWTKO710
From Pugilato '79, page 432.
1969-10-10Gerard Macrez14-28-9
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1969-01-31Franco Sperati17-1-0
Geneva, SwitzerlandLPTS1212
Correct date provided, from Pugilato '79, page 432.
1968-11-29John McCluskey13-3-0
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
Boxing News December 6, 1968
1968-09-27Manolin Alvarez18-33-11
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1968-05-24Benny Lee3-26-0
Geneva, SwitzerlandWDQ610
1968-05-10Pedro de la Torre4-11-4
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
Boxing News August 16, 1968
1968-05-03Gerard Macrez13-21-9
Geneva, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
Boxing News May 17, 1968
1967-12-15Fernando Atzori18-0-1
Berne, SwitzerlandLKO1415
EBU (European) flyweight title
1967-10-20Giuseppe Luciano6-2-1
Geneva, SwitzerlandWTKO510
1967-09-29Fabian Bellanco12-8-1
Berne, SwitzerlandLPTS1010
1967-06-03Tony Barlow16-8-4
Berne, SwitzerlandWKO310
1967-04-28Manolin Alvarez16-28-8
Pavillon des Sports, Geneva, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1967-02-03Wellington Villela1-7-1
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1966-12-02Antoine Porcel19-4-3
Pavillon des Sports, Geneva, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1966-11-11Carlos Flaquer15-3-6
Berne, SwitzerlandWKO510
1966-08-19Jose Robledo19-35-9
Burgdorf, SwitzerlandWPTS1010
1966-07-30Gianfranco Grazini7-8-3
Ascona, Liguria, ItalyWTKO610
1966-04-01Jacques Jacob10-27-5
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS88
1966-03-18Vittorio Riccardi6-5-1
Geneva, SwitzerlandWTKO38
1966-02-25Pierre Rossi34-5-6
Kursaal, Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS88
1966-01-31Gerard Berkhout11-12-2
Den Haag, NetherlandsWTKO88
1966-01-07Idriss Moulay4-3-1
Burgdorf, SwitzerlandWPTS88
1964-12-18Guido Locatelli8-7-3
Soleure, SwitzerlandDPTS66
1964-09-04Joseph Peig2-6-2
Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS88
1964-03-20Antonio Sudati1-3-1
Casino d'Yverdon, Yverdon-les-Bains, SwitzerlandWPTS88
1964-01-29Albert Desproges2-0-0
Zurich, SwitzerlandWPTS66
1963-12-18Joseph Peig2-4-2
Zurich, SwitzerlandWPTS88
1963-12-06Osvaldo Maffeis4-4-1
Pavillon des Sports de Beaulieu, Lausanne, SwitzerlandWTKO46
1963-10-09Ahmed Baghdadi0-3-0
Zurich, SwitzerlandWPTS66
1963-06-28Antonio Sudati0-1-0
Festhalle, Berne, SwitzerlandWPTS66
1963-05-18Gaetano Sallemi0-5-0
Patinoire des Vernets, Geneva, SwitzerlandWTKO36
1963-04-27Settimo Baldani2-6-1
Soleure, SwitzerlandWRTD56
Baldani retired after round 5.
1963-03-29Roger Vignant
Salle Communale de Plainpalais, Geneva, SwitzerlandWKO16
1962-05-18Daniel Villaume0-2-0
Pavillon des Sports, Geneva, SwitzerlandWPTS66
Pro debut of Chervet.


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