Johann Orsolics
Global ID20680
birthdate 1947-05-14
divisionsuper lightweight
height5′ 7″   /   170cm
reach69½″   /   176cm
aliasHans Orsolics
country Austria
residenceVienna, Austria
birth placeVienna, Austria
won 42 (KO 28) + lost 8 (KO 7) + drawn 3 = 53
rounds boxed 387 KO% 52.83

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1974-11-05Jose Duran53-2-7
Berlin, GermanyLTKO1415
EBU (European) super welterweight title
1974-08-17Daniel Martin15-7-2
Zeltweg, AustriaWKO310
1974-07-13Kurt Hombach11-7-2
Klagenfurt, AustriaWPTS88
1974-05-31Daniel Martin15-7-1
Pinkafeld, AustriaDPTS1010
1974-05-04Elio Calcabrini15-7-2
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1974-02-01Jacques Kechichian24-5-2
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaLTKO915
EBU (European) super welterweight title
1973-12-14Manuel Gonzalez60-30-6
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1973-11-06Tom Von Hatten17-2-0
Vienna, AustriaWKO610
1973-09-04Massimo Consolati44-29-4
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWTKO410
1973-08-11Burhan Yesilbag2-4-2
Pinkafeld, AustriaWKO310
1973-07-28Adriano Rodrigues2-6-3
Kitzbuehel, AustriaWKO310
1973-05-26Matt Donovan18-11-2
Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaLTKO710
Orsolics suffered a cut eye which caused the fight to be stopped.
1973-03-15Juan Carlos Duran65-8-8
Vienna, AustriaLSD1515
EBU (European) super welterweight title
1973-01-30Heitor Barbosa6-28-2
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWTKO110
1972-12-12John White44-43-6
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1972-10-31Epifanio Collado12-11-7
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1972-09-09Giampaolo Piras2-16-1
Lustenau, AustriaWTKO18
There was only one professional fight on this program.
1972-07-22Gunter Valtinke6-12-5
Gmunden, AustriaWTKO410
1971-06-08Remo Golfarini21-7-0
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaDPTS1010
1971-05-05Francisco Panos13-10-11
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS88
1971-04-02Bouzid Ait Elmenceur11-2-6
Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWTKO58
1970-11-20Ralph Charles34-2-0
Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaLKO1215
EBU (European) welterweight title
1970-09-03Eddie Perkins59-15-2
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaLKO410
1970-04-09Carmelo Bossi38-5-2
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1515
referee: Ben Bril
EBU (European) welterweight title
1970-01-26Klaus Klein20-17-8
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWTKO915
EBU (European) welterweight title
1969-09-25Jean Josselin57-6-2
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWKO415
EBU (European) welterweight title
1969-08-08Agbakhume Daudu0-1-0
Wiener Neustadt, AustriaWTKO710
This was the only professional fight on the program.
1969-04-11Don Davis16-16-1
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1969-03-15Ferdinand Ahumibe9-7-4
Olympia Halle, Innsbruck, AustriaWTKO510
1969-02-04Osei Cofi4-13-1
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWTKO88
1968-11-28Joe Africa8-15-3
Olympia Halle, Innsbruck, AustriaWTKO910
1968-11-05Aldo Battistutta21-10-3
Vienna, AustriaWRTD610
Boxing News November 15, 1968
1968-09-30Giuseppe Occhipinti4-9-5
Donau Park Hall, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
Boxing News October 11,1968
1968-05-07Bruno Arcari22-2-0
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaLTKO1215
referee: George Smith
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1968-04-09Jean Brucellari15-10-3
Vienna, AustriaWTKO210
Boxing News April 26, 1968
1967-12-05Juan Albornoz68-6-4
Vienna, AustriaDPTS1515
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1967-11-11Klaus Jacoby6-3-3
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWKO710
Boxing News November 17, 1967
1967-10-20Fernand Nollet47-19-16
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
Boxing News October 27, 1967
1967-09-12Juan Albornoz67-5-4
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWKO1115
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1967-07-11Abderamane Faradji22-17-2
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWTKO610
Boxing News July 21, 1967
1967-06-06Conny Rudhof64-6-4
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1515
referee: Nello Martinelli
EBU (European) super lightweight title
1967-05-09Klaus Jacoby5-2-2
Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
Boxing News May 19, 1967
1966-12-06Jarmo Bergloef11-2-5
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS88
1966-09-06Franco Rosini32-30-4
Vienna, AustriaWPTS88
1966-06-07Jarmo Bergloef9-2-5
Vienna, AustriaLTKO46
1966-05-13Karl Furcht15-14-8
Vienna, AustriaWKO38
1966-04-15Frans Meganck6-1-1
Vienna, AustriaWKO38
1966-03-11Teddy Lassen13-5-0
Vienna, AustriaWTKO66
1965-12-01Hans-Peter Schulz2-10-5
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWTKO26
1965-10-15Pierre Tirlo7-12-3
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWKO56
1965-09-14Natale di Manno1-1-1
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWTKO46
1965-09-03Josef Metz2-1-1
Vienna, AustriaWKO56
1965-07-30Mario Batzu1-0-1
Marz Ring, Vienna, AustriaWKO16
This was the professional debut for Orsolics.
Boxing News August 6, 1965


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