Cecil Shorts
Global ID20713
birthdate 1937-03-11
death date 2013-04-03 (76)
country USA
residenceCleveland, Ohio, USA
birth nameCecil Carlon Shorts
won 22 (KO 9) + lost 11 (KO 6) + drawn 1 = 34
rounds boxed 222 KO% 26.47

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1964-09-11Doug McLeod15-12-1
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS66
1964-03-21Fate Davis15-1-1
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USALUD1010
1963-12-17Fate Davis13-1-1
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USALDQ910
referee: Tony Chudick
1963-09-14Chuck McCreary19-9-0
Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USALKO3
1961-12-18Billy Collins29-5-1
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USAWUD1010
referee: Joe LoScalzo 2-7 | judge: Joe Eppy 2-7 | judge: Jack Gordon 3-6
1961-10-14Jorge Jose Fernandez80-5-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALTKO610
1961-09-25Fernando Barreto38-4-0
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USAWTKO610
referee: Harold Valan
Bout was stopped because of a bad cut over Barreto's right eye.
1961-07-10Virgil Akins57-27-1
Vogue Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USALTKO810
time: 2:38 | referee: Joey White
1961-05-15Isaac Logart60-15-8
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USAWSD1010
referee: Johnny Colan 4-5 | judge: Benny Valgar 5-2 | judge: Artie Aidala 6-4
1961-03-23Mick Leahy35-9-3
The Stadium, Liverpool, Merseyside, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
1961-01-17Gomeo Brennan46-5-4
Auditorium, Miami Beach, Florida, USALKO710
time: 1:28 | referee: Cy Gottfried | judge: Stuart Winston | judge: Jim Ruby
1960-12-13Vince Martinez68-7-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWTKO410
time: 2:46 | referee: Jackie Davis
1960-09-28TJ Jones12-1-0
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS88
1960-09-07Phil Moyer21-3-1
Sicks' Stadium, Seattle, Washington, USALPTS1010
1960-08-31Henry White10-5-0
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS88
1959-12-09Antonio Marcilla21-1-1
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWKO68
time: 1:25 | referee: Jackie Davis
1959-11-23Jerry Jordan14-3-0
Midwest Gymnasium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO38
1959-05-09Luis Manuel Rodriguez20-0-0
Coliseo de la Ciudad, Havana, CubaLKO910
time: 2:10
1959-03-02Benny Kid Paret27-4-1
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USAWMD1010
referee: Petey Scalzo 6-3 | judge: Tommy Dolan 6-4 | judge: Frank Fullam 5-5
1958-12-15Herb Nichols
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWUD66
1958-10-27Willie Russell3-2-0
Toledo, Ohio, USAWKO5
1958-09-24Eddie Perkins10-4-0
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALTKO28
1958-07-18Rudy Sawyer15-1-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALUD1010
1958-05-14Eddie Perkins9-3-0
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWUD88
1958-04-15Arthur Turner11-2-0
Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWUD88
1957-12-06Larry Boardman34-5-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWUD1010
referee: Don Gonzalez
1957-09-27Kid Chocolate4-5-1
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS66
1957-08-09Bobby Brooks3-13-2
Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWKO46
1957-07-12Oliver Nutt0-1-0
Recreation Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWKO26
1957-06-06Willie Epps5-9-0
Field House, Struthers, Ohio, USAWPTS66
1957-02-22Tommy Rogers
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWKO25
referee: Mike Minnich
1957-01-18Napoleon Ludy8-10-1
Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWTKO24
referee: Vito Mazzeo
1956-12-14Willie Epps5-5-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWUD44
1956-09-28Wayman Dawson2-1-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWUD44


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