Joe Walcott
Global ID21091
birthdate 1873-03-13
death date 1935-10-04 (62)
height5′ 1½″   /   156cm
reach65″   /   165cm
aliasBarbados Demon
country Barbados
residenceBoston, Massachusetts, USA
birth placeDemerara, Guyana
won 95 (KO 61) + lost 25 (KO 9) + drawn 24 = 147
rounds boxed 1221
Newspaper Decisions won 9 : lost 7 : drawn 3
rounds boxed 111
Total Bouts 166 KO% 36.75

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1911-11-02Tom Sawyer1-7-2
Higgins Hall, Lowell, Massachusetts, USALTKO812
After eight one-sided rounds Walcott turned his back on his opponent and walked to his corner. As he left the ring he declared 'I'm 40 years old and I guess I'm done with this game.'
1911-10-17Bobby Lee
Armory A.A., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWKO26
1910-05-13Kyle Whitney22-5-6
Young Men's S & AC, Brockton, Massachusetts, USALTKO912
referee: Frank Ward
The referee called it "no contest" after the eighth round, but then permitted the fight to continue. Walcott quit in the ninth.
1910-04-25Bill MacKinnon10-5-5
Young Men's S & AC, Brockton, Massachusetts, USALDQ612
1910-03-07Jimmy Potts59-3-26
Cooke's Gym, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USADPTS1010
referee: George Barton
1909-12-03Young Jack Johnson2-3-2
Pastime Club, Haverhill, Massachusetts, USADPTS66
1909-09-06Tom Sawyer1-3-1
Pastime A.C., Portland, Maine, USADNWS66
(Lowell Sun)
1909-05-10Thunderbolt Ed Smith1-0-1
Gayety Theatre, Columbus, Ohio, USALPTS66
Referee's decision according to Marysville (OH) Tribune.
1908-11-18Jack Robinson9-16-11
Easton, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
Robinson was entitled to the decision. Police halted bout when a spectator jumped into the ring after the tenth round, igniting a free-for-all.
1908-11-17Larry Temple15-8-6
Armory A.A., Boston, Massachusetts, USALTKO1010
1908-09-07Bartley Connolly4-5-10
Pastime A.C., Portland, Maine, USALPTS66
referee: Ned Henry
1908-07-15Jack Robinson9-16-10
Whirlwind A.C., New York, New York, USALNWS66
"Jack Robinson, of Chicago, outpointed Joe Walcott, the former welterweight champion, in a slow fight at the Whirlwind A.C. last night. Neither man showed any great brilliance in the ring, and only in the fifth round was there any real fighting." (Trenton Evening Times)
1908-06-29Bill Hurley3-1-0
Schenectady, New York, USALNWS77
Newspaper decision from the Schenectady Union-Star (Paul Zabala). The bout was scheduled for six rounds but by mistake an extra round was fought.
1908-06-18Russell Van Horn1-1-1
Columbus, Ohio, USAWPTS66
1908-06-16Mike Lansing2-3-1
Ontario A.C., Charlotte, New York, USAWPTS66
1908-06-11Charles Kemp
Springfield, Ohio, USAWTKO510
1908-04-03Charley Hitte11-4-0
Schenectady, New York, USALNWS66
referee: Jake Kilrain
Newspaper decision provided by Philadelphia Item and by Albany Evening Journal (Paul Zabala).
1908-03-03Mike Donovan71-12-37
Canandaigua, New York, USADPTS66
Considered a draw. Boston Globe
1908-01-30Terry Martin34-9-2
Broadway A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
Martin won the newspaper decision of the Philadelphia Item and also of the Philadelphia Record.
1908-01-15Mike Donovan68-12-36
Maisonneuve Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDPTS1010
Montreal Gazette
1908-01-14George Cole41-10-9
Troy, New York, USAWNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Albany Evening Journal (Paul Zabala).
1908-01-07Jimmy Gardner47-5-19
Armory A.A., Boston, Massachusetts, USALPTS1212
referee: Jack Sheehan
1907-12-26George Cole41-10-9
Broadway A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
Walcott celebrated his return to the ring "by belting his opponent in five of the six rounds." (Trenton Evening Times. The Philadelphia Item had the same result and wording.
1907-10-24Mike Donovan68-12-35
Standard A.C., Lymansville, Rhode Island, USADPTS1515
referee: Doherty
1907-10-17Billy Payne35-26-26
Portland, Maine, USAWKO6
referee: Dr. G.B. Crockett
1907-06-18Mike Donovan68-12-33
Brazil, Indiana, USADPTS1010
referee: Hugo Kelly
Referee Kelly declared a draw verdict. Boston Globe
1907-01-15Mike Donovan67-12-33
Providence, Rhode Island, USALPTS1010
This fight is a possible repeat of the 06/18/1907 fight with Donovan. According to 06/12/1907 Boston Globe, Walcott had not entered the ring since his defeat to Honey Mellody.
1906-11-29Honey Mellody33-7-10
Lincoln A.C., Chelsea, Massachusetts, USALTKO1215
Welterweight Championship of the World
Both fighters weighed in at 142lbs. Walcott quit, claiming his left arm was disabled in the ninth round.

1906-10-16Honey Mellody32-7-10
Lincoln A.C., Chelsea, Massachusetts, USALPTS1515
referee: Hector McInnes
Welterweight Championship of the World
Mellody down in the first

1906-09-29Billy Rhodes7-1-1
Sand on island off the Missouri River, 12mi from KC, Kansas City, Missouri, USADPTS2020
Welterweight Championship of the World
1906-07-10Jack Dougherty28-8-7
Lincoln A.C., Chelsea, Massachusetts, USAWKO815
referee: Maffitt Flaherty
Welterweight Championship of the World
1906-01-25Dave Holly32-3-1
Long Acre A.C., New York, New York, USAWDQ33
This is sometimes reported as "no contest," but in those days that was usually the story given out by the losing side.
1904-09-30Joe Gans134-8-14
Woodward's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USADPTS2020
referee: Jack Welsh
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Walcott damaged ligaments in his left arm and that it was "useless from the 4th round on". It was announced before the fight that no title was at stake.
Referee Jack Welch gave 7 rounds to Gans, 5 to Walcott, with 8 even, but thought that Walcott's aggressiveness compensated Gans' advantage in cleverness.
Shortly after this fight Walcott accidentally shot himself in the hand and was out of action until January 1906.

1904-09-10Dave Holly30-1-0
National A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Philadelphia Item. Holly edged out a close win.
1904-09-05Sam Langford20-2-9
Lake Massabesic Coliseum, Manchester, New Hampshire, USADPTS1515
referee: Owen Kenney
World Welterweight Title
Both fighters weighed in at 142lbs according to local paper. Another account of the fight (newspaper): "Joe Walcott met his match in a 15-round bout yesterday afternoon in the Massabasic coliseum before a crowd of 1200. His opponent was Sam Langford, who clearly outpointed the champion, and the latter's aggressiveness in carrying the fight to Langford was all that saved him from taking a decision that would have given him the short end of the purse. Langford took advantage of his longer reach and repeatedly played a tattoo on Walcott's face, and his cleverness on his feet carried him away from (unreadable) a score or more times when Walcott endeavored by sheer brute force to deliver a knockout blow. While Walcott was the aggressor, Langford met his attacks by rights and lefts to the jaw and mouth so effectively as to draw blood in the second round and he kept Walcott bleeding in every round thereafter. In the third round, Langford brought the champion to one knee by a straight away jolt to the jaw, and he went through the entire fifteen rounds without a perceptible scratch on himself. In the opening round honors were even, but thereafter until the seventh round Langford had all the better of the argument. Source: Next day Lowell Sun

1904-07-01Larry Temple10-3-0
Germania Maennerchor Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, USADPTS1010
referee: James O'Hara
Results from the Baltimore American. Temple floored in the 8th.
1904-06-24Mike Donovan44-10-26
Eureka A.C., Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO510
1904-06-10Young Peter Jackson60-12-19
Germania Maennerchor Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, USALKO410
time: 2:50 | referee: James O'Hara
Fought at catchweights. Walcott was knocked out by a punch to the stomach, which he claimed was low, but the referee thought it legit.
1904-05-23Sandy Ferguson26-8-10
Auditorium, Portland, Oregon, USADPTS1010
As per prior agreement, as both men were still on their feet, the referee declared it a draw.
1904-04-29Dixie Kid23-6-4
Woodward's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USALDQ2020
referee: Dick Sullivan
World Welterweight Title
Walcott was 2 1/4 pounds overweight, while Dixie Kid was below 140 pounds. Winning easily Walcott was disqualified for a kidney punch, although Walcott had been landing them throughout with no warning of foul. The contest was disregarded as a title bout and Walcott continued as champion when it was later discovered the referee had bet on the Dixie Kid.

1904-02-26Black Bill9-1-1
Lenox A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
Newspaper decision as given in the Philadelphia Item. Bill edged the much smaller Walcott.
1904-01-18Charlie Haghey14-5-6
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWKO310
1903-12-29Larry Temple9-1-0
Criterion A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1515
According to the Boston Globe, this was a thrilling fight. Temple was down twice.
1903-11-10Sandy Ferguson23-6-10
Criterion A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USALPTS1515
referee: Dan Donnelly
1903-11-03Kid Carter37-20-8
Criterion A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1515
referee: Dan Donnelly
1903-10-13Kid Carter37-19-8
Criterion A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1515
1903-09-21Tom Carey4-5-0
Central A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWKO5
time: 0:58
Carey was down twice in the 1st round.
1903-09-12Joe Grim14-4-1
State A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphi Item. Grim was floored once but was not badly beaten.
1903-08-13Tom Carey4-3-0
Tammany A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWKO815
1903-07-03Mose LaFontise20-5-2
Broadway Theater, Butte, Montana, USAWKO320
World Welterweight Title
1903-06-18Young Peter Jackson55-11-17
Balanee Box, Portland, Oregon, USADPTS2020
referee: Jim Neil
World Welterweight Title
1903-05-28Mysterious Billy Smith31-19-26
Columbia A.C., Portland, Oregon, USAWTKO420
Smith suffered a broken hand in round three, and his corner soon after threw in the towel.
1903-04-20Philadelphia Jack O'Brien63-2-9
Health & Physical Culture A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USADPTS1010
referee: Rube Waddell
Pre-arranged draw if lasting the distance.
1903-04-15Mike Donovan43-7-25
Health & Physical Culture A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
1903-04-02Billy Woods6-2-4
Hazard's Pavilion, Los Angeles, California, USADPTS2020
World Welterweight Title
1903-03-18George Cole34-9-6
Kenyon's Hall, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USAWKO410
referee: Billy Corcoran
1903-03-11Charlie Haghey7-1-6
Criterion A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWKO515
According to the Boston Globe, Walcott won by knockout in five rounds, not three.
1903-03-09Mike Donovan43-6-24
Masonic Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS1010
referee: Yock Henniger
Results from the Pittsburgh Press.
1902-10-09Frank Childs37-5-7
Apollo A.C., Chicago, Illinois, USALTKO3
Childs defends his claim as world 'colored' heavyweight champion. Day after report said Ref declared this a No Contest the night of the fight. Also shows fight date 10-9-1902. Walcott quit claiming injury and that the fight be declared a draw and his half of the purse be given to charity. Childs was beating him handily at the time.
1902-10-06George Cole28-9-6
Golden Gate A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USANCNC46
referee: Bert Crowhurst
There was only a small crowd on hand and the fighters refused to fight hard, so the referee called it "no contest."
1902-06-23Tommy West27-9-8
National Sporting Club, Covent Garden, London, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
referee: Tom Scott
Billed Welterweight World Title
Although listed as a title bout both men were almost certainly over 142lbs
Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser - Tuesday 24 June 1902

1902-04-25George Gardner30-3-2
Woodward's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USALPTS2020
1902-04-11Philadelphia Jack O'Brien48-2-9
Industrial A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
From the Philadelphia Item, according to which O'Brien badly beat Walcott.
1902-04-04Fred Russell14-7-2
Brand's Hall, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS66
referee: Ben Donnelly
"Joe Walcott, the welter-weight champion, and Fred Russell, of Minneapolis, went six rounds to a draw here tonight. Russell, who is a heavy-weight and big at that, was unable to do anything with Wolcott, and it certainly appeared as though the latter was entitled to the verdict, having forced the fighting throughout. When the men shaped up for action, there was so much disparity in their sizes and the affair looked ridiculous.
1902-03-15Billy Stift28-11-10
Chicago A.C., Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
1902-03-13Young Peter Jackson48-8-13
Germania Maennerchor Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, USADPTS1010
referee: George Mantz
"According to the agreement Walcott was to make his colored brother quit in the prescribed 10 rounds, or else he was to forfeit any claim to the money which came in at the box office. Both men were strong at the end of the battle, and the referee decided the fight a draw. Walcott would have gotten the decision had the award been made on points by Referee George Mantz." (Baltimore Sun)
1902-02-14Jimmy Handler27-17-7
Industrial Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWKO26
time: 1:38
From the Philadelphia Item.
1902-01-13Young Peter Jackson45-8-13
Penn Art Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
Newspaper decision for Walcott from Wilkes-Barre Times ("Joe Walcott simply toyed with Young Peter Jackson") and Associated Press ("Walcott was the aggressor and had the better of every round but the fifth"). The Philadelphia Item also reported Walcott to be the winner.
1901-12-18Rube Ferns36-7-3
International A.C., Fort Erie, Ontario, CanadaWTKO520
time: 2:50 | referee: Eddie McBride
Welterweight Championship of the World
"Walcott battered down Ferns with terrific body blows, and right and left swings to the head. To save Ferns from being completely knocked out, Referee McBride stopped the bout." - Toronto Star. Ferns down twice in the 5th round. "Well, he won, and I have nothing to say against it. I don't know anybody at the weight - no, nor a good deal above it - that can beat him." - Rube Ferns
"It is understood that a test case will be made, based on to-night's bouts, from which a decision as to the legality of these contests in Ontario will be had. A number of people in Fort Erie are opposed to them, but many others are quite satisfied to have them continue, and it is said that boxing or no boxing will be a principal issue at the coming elections." - Globe & Mail
The case against the International Athletic Club was dismissed on February 3, 1902. The club had been charged with "promoting a prize-fight." Police Magistrate Alexander Logan ruled that the bout was "a mere exhibition of skill in boxing or sparring, where the contestants agree to box a limited number of rounds in a friendly spirit with gloves."

1901-11-28Young Peter Jackson42-7-13
Music Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWPTS2020
referee: George Mantz
Jackson was down twice in the 15th round.
1901-10-15Kid Carter29-13-7
National A.C., San Francisco, California, USALKO7
1901-09-27George Gardner29-1-2
Mechanic's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USAWPTS2020
1901-07-26Jack Bonner41-13-16
Park City Theater, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USAWPTS1515
1901-03-21Charlie McKeever26-7-7
Auditorium, Waterbury, Connecticut, USAWTKO620
time: 1:49 | referee: Fred Bullen
1901-01-17Kid Carter25-10-6
Empire A.C., Hartford, Connecticut, USALDQ19
time: 1:50 | referee: John Willis
The referee twice warned Walcott in the 19th round for hitting in the clinches and after third time disqualified him.
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