Seiji Asakawa
Global ID21952
birthdate 1967-12-20
death date 2001-07-25 (33)
height5′ 6″   /   168cm
country Japan
residenceKobe, Hyogo, Japan
birth placeKobe, Hyogo, Japan
won 23 (KO 17) + lost 4 (KO 4) + drawn 1 = 28
rounds boxed 138 KO% 60.71

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1994-03-19Eloy Rojas27-1-1
World Memorial Hall, Kobe, Hyogo, JapanLTKO512
time: 0:48 | referee: Pinit Prayadsab | judge: Larry Rozadilla 37-39 | judge: Wan-Soo Yuh 37-39 | judge: Alejandro Rochin 38-40
WBA World featherweight title
1993-09-19Jero Sasaki9-8-2
Kobe, Hyogo, JapanWKO310
1993-05-01Bernard Mula8-5-2
Kobe, Hyogo, JapanWKO410
time: 2:34
1993-01-16Al Balaba27-18-7
Himeji, Hyogo, JapanWKO412
OPBF featherweight title
1992-07-19Cris Saguid30-5-2
Himeji, Hyogo, JapanWPTS1212
OPBF featherweight title
1992-01-25Young-Kyun Park20-1-1
Inchon Indoor Gymnasium, Incheon, South KoreaLKO912
time: 1:43 | referee: Larry Rozadilla | judge: Chalerm Prayadsab 74-77 | judge: Silvestre Abainza 73-78 | judge: Neffie Quintana 71-78
WBA World featherweight title
1991-11-12Ric Bajelot13-10-4
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWTKO610
time: 2:34
1991-06-25Koji Matsumoto8-1-1
Tokyo, JapanWUD1010
99-93 | 98-94 | 98-96
Japanese featherweight title
1991-02-17Robert Garcia2-4-1
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO310
1990-11-16Toshikazu Sono5-4-0
Kobe, Hyogo, JapanLKO410
Japanese featherweight title
1990-06-09Ryutaro Ueda15-4-1
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO310
Japanese featherweight title
1990-03-12Kengo Fukuda16-2-2
Tokyo, JapanWKO310
Japanese featherweight title
1989-12-18Tiger Michigami21-9-1
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWUD1010
Japanese featherweight title
1989-10-03Lancer Nakamura12-7-1
Kobe, Hyogo, JapanWKO310
Japanese featherweight title
1989-06-17Kengo Fukuda15-1-1
Tokyo, JapanWKO210
time: 2:01
Japanese featherweight title
Both fighters down in 1st, Fukuda three times in 2nd as well.
1989-02-11Kazuya Kano14-2-1
Tokyo, JapanWTKO810
vacant Japanese featherweight title
1988-09-12Keiichi Ozaki13-12-0
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanDPTS66
This fight was part of the A-Class Prize Tournament.
In order to have a winner the fighters fought a tie-breaking 7th round, which Ozaki won. The official result is a draw however.

1988-04-07Kazuya Kano13-1-1
Tokyo, JapanLKO210
1988-01-29Kazuo Osamu18-10-2
Osaka, Osaka, JapanWKO210
time: 1:56
1987-09-09Masakatsu Sakuma10-13-4
Sakuranomiya Skating Rink, Osaka, Osaka, JapanWMD1010
1987-02-21Shinichi Sugazaki2-0-0
Tokyo, JapanWPTS66
1986-12-06Kiyotaka Katahira
Kagoshima, Kagoshima, JapanWKO46
1986-10-26Goshi Yamada
Osaka, Osaka, JapanWKO36
1986-09-28Futoshi Saito0-2-0
Osaka, Osaka, JapanWKO36
1986-09-07Shigeyo Kurosawa1-3-0
Osaka, Osaka, JapanWPTS44
1986-08-21Shogo Hara
Sakuranomiya Skating Rink, Osaka, Osaka, JapanWKO34
1986-05-10Kazuyuki Higa
Amagasaki, Hyogo, JapanWKO24
1986-03-22Shigeru Kishimoto
Himeji, Hyogo, JapanWTKO44


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