Lee Q. Murray
Global ID24674
birthdate 1917-07-19
death date 2000-07-25 (83)
height6′ 3″   /   191cm
country USA
residenceSouth Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
birth placeSaint Louis, Missouri, USA
birth nameEmanuel La Verne Murray
won 59 (KO 42) + lost 17 (KO 5) + drawn 3 = 81
rounds boxed 463 KO% 51.85

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1952-04-24Johnny White9-23-2
Sunnyside Garden, Sunnyside, Queens, New York, USALUD88
1952-03-27Jack Flood19-12-2
Sunnyside Garden, Sunnyside, Queens, New York, USAWUD88
1949-10-12Turkey Thompson52-10-2
Armory, Spokane, Washington, USALTKO610
A cut over Murray's left eye, led to the stoppage in the 6th round.
1949-04-12Roscoe Toles36-10-6
Arena Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USALUD1010
Toles won nine out of ten rounds and easily outboxed Murray. Both fighters tired badly in the late rounds. Neither one was the fighter he had been.
1949-03-18Sid Peaks29-9-0
Dayton, Ohio, USALKO1010
"Murray led for nine rounds and would have been a sure winner but he ran into a flurry of punches from all angles and after being down for an eight count got up and was hit again. This time he was really out for good. Peaks..missed nine out of ten punches and..was lucky enough to pull the bout out of the fire."
1948-12-01McKinley English11-5-3
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO210
"English was simply terrible." The Ring, February 1949, page 51.
1948-11-16Alabama Kid173-53-19
Columbus, Ohio, USADPTS1010
1948-08-17Johnny Haynes19-10-0
MacArthur Stadium, Brooklyn, New York, USALTKO210
time: 1:50 | referee: Al Berl
The referee halted the carnage
1948-02-09Johnny Haynes18-7-0
Turner's Arena, Washington, District of Columbia, USALTKO110
referee: Harry Volkman
1948-01-22Sid Peaks18-4-0
Dorsey Park, Miami, Florida, USALTKO310
time: 2:20 | referee: Al Kinsey
Peaks scored twelve knockdowns before the fight was stopped.
1947-12-23Jimmy O'Brien25-15-3
Park Arena, Bronx, New York, USAWTKO18
1947-10-27Curtis Sheppard51-29-0
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWUD1212
referee: Bill Ellis 10-2 | judge: Buddy McQuade 10-2 | judge: Jimmy Jones 8-3
Baltimore Sun.
1947-10-06Curtis Sheppard51-28-0
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWUD1212
This was a slugfest. Murray had much the best of it for the first five rounds. In the sixth Sheppard landed his famous fight hand and nearly scored a knockout, dropping Murray to the floor with a thud. "Lee Q., however, managed to rise and protect himself for the remainder of the ring." Murray handed out a lot of punishment in the last six rounds, especially in the 10th, 11th, and 12th, in all of which it looked as though Sheppard would be stopped. (From The Ring, February 1948, page 54). The Baltimore Sun reported that both scored a knockdown over the other, Murray flooring Sheppard in the fifth and the "Hatchetman" returning the favor in the seventh. Sheppard was arrested immediately after the bout on assault and battery charges.
1947-07-11O'Dell Riley14-13-4
Bugle Field, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO310
1947-06-09Jimmy Bivins58-10-1
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USALSD1010
referee: Lee Halfpenny 4-3 | judge: Benny Goldstein 4-5 | judge: Buddy McQuade 4-5
Baltimore Sun.
1947-05-09Jimmy Bivins57-9-1
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWUD1010
1947-03-21Johnny White7-21-2
Ocean Beach Auditorium, New London, Connecticut, USANCNC28
referee: Joe Currie
Referee stopped the bout when White went down from a seemingly light blow.
1947-02-21Henry Jones16-13-1
Fayette Street Garden, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO310
1947-01-27Ted Lowry48-28-6
Armory, Stamford, Connecticut, USAWRTD410
Lowry did not answer the bell for the 5th round, he was down seven times.
1947-01-21O'Dell Riley13-11-4
Arena Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO210
1947-01-06Colion Chaney37-20-5
Dayton, Ohio, USAWTKO210
1946-12-26Earl Lowman20-34-0
Forum Arena, Bronx, New York, USAWKO38
Lowman substituted for Eddie Blunt
1946-11-20Sandy McPherson12-6-2
Kalurah Temple, Binghamton, New York, USAWKO210
1946-09-24Leroy Lawson15-4-0
Arena Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO310
1946-09-17Earl Lowman20-32-0
Crystal Arena, Norwalk, Connecticut, USAWTKO310
time: 2:24 | referee: Jigger McCarthy
1946-07-25Perk Daniels20-9-1
Zivic Arena, Millvale, Pennsylvania, USAWKO410
Following this fight Murray and Daniels were indefinitely suspended by the Pennsylvania boxing commission for giving "an insatisfactory performance." (Associated Press)
1946-06-10Jimmy Bivins52-6-1
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWUD1010
1946-05-10Vern Escoe15-7-0
Fayette Street Garden, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWUD1010
1946-03-21Perk Daniels19-8-1
Fayette Street Garden, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWUD1010
1946-02-14Larry Lane54-24-5
Park Arena, Bronx, New York, USAWKO210
1946-01-03Henry Jones16-10-1
Park Arena, Bronx, New York, USAWKO78
Jones was down once in the 6th, and twice in the 7th.
1945-11-12Jersey Joe Walcott34-9-2
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USALDQ910
referee: Eddie Leonard
Murray was disqualified by the referee for not trying. Tacoma News Tribune
1945-11-05Yancey Henry23-15-4
Uline Arena, Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS1010
1945-09-26O'Dell Riley7-7-4
Comiskey Park, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS88
1945-09-13Henry Taylor27-7-3
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWTKO410
Taylor was floored once each in round 1 and 2, and three times in round 3.
1945-06-11Clayton Worlds10-5-2
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO910
"Worlds held a comfortable the ninth. In that round Murray opened up. He came out with a do-or-die spirit and finally cornered Worlds and sent him down for the count. Clayton seemed to go down more from exhaustion than the blow."
1945-03-21Johnny Flynn25-21-2
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USALPTS1010
1945-02-26Al Hart33-14-3
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWUD1010
1944-12-04Yancey Henry21-12-4
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO410
1944-11-13Buddy Walker64-17-4
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO310
A left hook sent Walker down for the count.
1944-07-28Turkey Thompson43-6-2
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS1010
1944-06-19Curtis Sheppard32-18-0
Oriole Park, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWUD1212
referee: Ed Brockman 7-3 | judge: Lee Halfpenny 5-4 | judge: Jim Callanan 5-3
Maryland and Ohio State Commission Heavyweight Championship (Duration)
1944-02-29Jimmy Bivins40-5-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USALPTS1010
Murray took a 9-count in round nine.
1943-12-01Jimmy Bivins39-5-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USALUD1010
The scoring was 4-3-3, 5-3-2, and 5-3-2, all for Bivins.
1943-08-09Harry Bobo33-7-0
Oriole Park, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO815
time: 2:10 | referee: Charley Baum
Maryland and Ohio Commission Heavyweight Championship (Duration)
Joe Louis in the Army. Attendance was 9,556; gate$27,722.

1943-05-24Big Boy Brown11-5-1
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO812
1943-04-26Lou Brooks25-10-2
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWUD1515
1943-03-30Buddy Walker46-10-4
Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWSD88
referee: Al Grayber | judge: Freddie Lux | judge: George Lupinacci
1943-02-22Buddy Walker44-9-4
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO610
1943-02-09Yancey Henry17-9-4
Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS1010
Henry floored three times in the third round.
1943-01-05Ted Lowry39-19-4
Bristol Arena, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
1942-12-22Ted Lowry39-18-4
Bristol Arena, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWUD1010
1942-09-22Al Hart24-9-2
Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York, USALPTS88
1941-06-09Curtis Sheppard12-7-0
Hickey Park, Millvale, Pennsylvania, USALUD1010
referee: Ernie Sesto | judge: Chick Rodgers | judge: George Martzo
Murray was floored six times. He broke his right hand in the fourth round and had to fight one-handed the rest of the way.
1941-03-24Curtis Sheppard11-6-0
Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USALUD1010
referee: Buck McTiernan | judge: Chick Rodgers | judge: George Lupinacci
Murray floored in the second and third rounds. This was a hard-hitting and exciting fight. Regis Welsh of the Pittsburgh Press felt that Murray had been the better fighter and should have received the decision despite the knockdowns.
1941-03-20King Kong7-7-1
Coliseum, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO68
1941-03-10Panther Williams3-1-0
Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWKO310
In THE RING, December 1941, page 49, Williams is stated to have had seven professional fights, winning all but one (before October 1941). In earlier comments from various issues of THE RING, it appears that he had been called "Cyclone" Williams originally, but that name was dropped (probably because a fighter from Buffalo, NY was using it).
1941-02-17Willie Reddish34-10-2
Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USADPTS66
1941-02-11Dan Merritt9-9-0
Youngstown, Ohio, USAWKO210
1941-01-30Curtis Sheppard9-5-0
Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO610
Murray was floored just as the bell rang ending the first round.
1941-01-13Charley Sestito5-13-1
Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence, Rhode Island, USAWTKO26
1940-12-13Gene Mickens15-10-0
Stanley Arena, New Britain, Connecticut, USAWKO18
1940-11-22Jimmy Clark14-9-3
Stanley Arena, New Britain, Connecticut, USAWKO58
1940-09-30Wally Sears37-31-1
Columbus Hall, Stamford, Connecticut, USAWKO28
1940-08-20Tex Irwin8-8-4
Stack Arena, Norwalk, Connecticut, USAWTKO28
time: 1:15 | referee: Jack Johnson
1940-07-31Joe Piasta2-7-0
Stack Arena, Norwalk, Connecticut, USAWKO28
time: 1:14
1940-07-16Jim Johnson23-6-2
Stack Arena, Norwalk, Connecticut, USAWTKO48
time: 1:20 | referee: Jigger McCarthy
1940-07-02Jim Howell18-13-4
Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, New Jersey, USAWPTS44
1940-06-18Mickey McAvoy9-26-3
Stack Arena, Norwalk, Connecticut, USAWKO16
time: 2:55 | referee: Lou Bogash
1940-06-06Elza Thompson16-2-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWKO26
1940-05-03Eddie Gates18-26-1
Stack Arena, Norwalk, Connecticut, USAWKO26
1940-04-10Panther Williams
Golden Gate Arena, New York, New York, USAWKO14
1940-01-20Jim Johnson21-6-2
Rockland Palace, New York, New York, USALPTS66
An "unpopular decision." (New York Times)
1939-12-09Abner Powell0-1-0
Rockland Palace, New York, New York, USAWKO26
1939-11-28Domenico Ceccarelli27-30-10
Arena, New Haven, Connecticut, USANCNC36
From the Hartford Courant (Jack Kincaid).
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