Jean-Marc Renard
Global ID25593
birthdate 1956-04-19
death date 2008-08-27 (52)
divisionsuper featherweight
height5′ 4″   /   163cm
country Belgium
residenceHuy, Liege, Belgium
won 40 (KO 24) + lost 4 (KO 1) + drawn 1 = 45
rounds boxed 295 KO% 53.33

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1989-06-02Antonio Esparragoza27-1-4
Palais des Expositions, Namur, Namur, BelgiumLKO612
time: 2:25 | referee: Lou Moret | judge: Marcos A. Torres | judge: Patricia Morse Jarman | judge: Nelson Vazquez
WBA World featherweight title
1988-12-25Patrick Kamy4-4-0
Izegem, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO810
referee: Daniel Van de Wiele | judge: Daniel Van de Wiele
1988-11-16Vincenzo Limatola20-2-0
Salerno, Campania, ItalyWTKO312
referee: Franz Marti
EBU (European) featherweight title
1988-06-26Farid Benredjeb20-7-2
Compiègne, Oise, FranceWPTS1212
referee: Mickey Vann
vacant EBU (European) featherweight title
1988-04-10Kevin Pritchard20-15-3
Grivegnee, Liege, BelgiumWTKO38
1987-12-25Paul Huggins22-8-2
Izegem, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO88
judge: Daniel Van de Wiele
1987-12-05Jose Antonio Garcia34-17-5
Natoye, Namur, BelgiumWKO7
referee: Daniel Van de Wiele
1987-11-01John Farrell10-6-1
Izegem, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO810
Corner retirement due to an injured arm
1987-06-06Jeff Roberts6-9-1
Chaudfontaine, Liege, BelgiumWTKO2
1987-03-11Antonio Renzo14-1-0
Cosenza, Calabria, ItalyWTKO812
EBU (European) super featherweight title
1986-12-20Daniel Londas40-4-0
Saint-Ouen, Seine-Saint-Denis, FranceDPTS1212
EBU (European) super featherweight title
1986-10-31Najib Daho30-19-1
Kortrijk, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO512
EBU (European) super featherweight title
Daho ahead on points when after a close quarters exchange he was left grimacing in pain with a dislodged tooth stuck in his lower gum and was forced to retire.
1986-08-30Pat Doherty14-7-2
Middelkerke, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO58
judge: Daniel Van de Wiele
1986-04-18Fernando Rodriguez8-1-4
Brustem, Limburg, BelgiumWKO812
EBU (European) super featherweight title
1986-01-29Marco Gallo27-8-0
Catanzaro, Calabria, ItalyWTKO812
vacant EBU (European) super featherweight title
1985-10-19Vicente Macias12-4-3
Middelkerke, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO4
judge: Daniel Van de Wiele
1985-08-02Vicente Fernandez3-13-5
Rochefort, Namur, BelgiumWTKO5
1985-06-22Jose Maillot15-5-1
Huy, Liege, BelgiumWTKO4
1985-03-22Mohammed Maalem15-6-1
Sint Truiden, Limburg, BelgiumWTKO2
1985-02-15Kamel Djadda10-3-0
Huy, Liege, BelgiumWTKO6
1985-01-25Samuel Meck10-22-2
Charleroi, Hainaut, BelgiumWDQ7
judge: Daniel Van de Wiele
1984-11-01Moussa Sangare1-0-1
Izegem, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWPTS88
1984-07-07Pat Cowdell24-3-0
Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Birmingham, West Midlands, United KingdomLUD1212x3
referee: Fernando Paredes 117-119 | judge: Louis Michel 116-118 | judge: Edmund Babinski 115-119
EBU (European) super featherweight title
1984-04-12Alfredo Raininger28-2-0
Casavatore, Campania, ItalyWPTS1212
EBU (European) super featherweight title
1984-01-27Steve Pollard12-9-3
Bressoux, Liege, BelgiumWPTS88
1983-12-25Farid Gallouze12-4-4
Izegem, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO3
1983-11-01Don George8-4-1
Izegem, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWKO48
1983-09-24John Sharkey13-6-1
Oostrozebeke, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWPTS88
judge: Daniel Van de Wiele
1983-05-06Mohammed Maalem12-4-0
Grivegnee, Liege, BelgiumWTKO212
referee: Henk Meijers
BeNeLux featherweight title
1983-03-18Jose Luis Vicho24-4-3
Sint Truiden, Limburg, BelgiumWPTS88
1983-02-04Samuel Meck8-11-2
Grivegnee, Liege, BelgiumWPTS88
1983-01-14Andre Blanco5-23-9
Zele, Oost-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWPTS88
1982-12-25Dominique Cesari18-22-6
Izegem, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO48
1982-06-18Haidar Nourredine5-9-3
Bressoux, Liege, BelgiumWPTS88
1982-05-15Andre Blanco5-20-9
Zele, Oost-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWPTS88
1982-03-23Richie Foster4-3-1
Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United KingdomWTKO58x3
time: 2:35 | referee: Bob McMillan
1982-02-26Angelo Licata15-1-4
Sint Truiden, Limburg, BelgiumWPTS1212
referee: Jacques Barchon
Belgium super featherweight title
1981-12-10Steve Sims9-7-1
Athletic Club, Newport, Wales, United KingdomLPTS88x3
referee: Adrian Morgan 78-78½
1981-09-22Barry McGuigan2-1-0
Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United KingdomLPTS88x3
referee: Harry Gibbs 78-79
1981-05-16Raphael Blanco4-6-2
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWTKO5
referee: Guillaume Comhaire | judge: Bob Logist | judge: Marcel Roloux
1981-04-17Daniel Passeyrand0-4-0
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWTKO1
1981-02-28Haidar Nourredine3-4-2
Etterbeek, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS66
referee: Rene.L Guisse | judge: Robert Desgain | judge: Jean Deswert | judge: Bob Logist
1981-01-31Kamel Kessaci1-1-1
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS66
referee: Jacques Barchon | judge: Willy Scholte | judge: Guillaume Comhaire
1981-01-17Daniel Champagne1-2-0
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS66
1980-11-28Marc Amand
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS66


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