John L. Davis
Global ID26399
birthdate 1926-04-06
aliasChocolate Ice Cube
country USA
residenceRichmond, California, USA
birth placeEl Dorado, Arkansas, USA
won 36 (KO 14) + lost 16 (KO 4) + drawn 3 = 55
rounds boxed 409 KO% 25.45

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1951-03-23Eddie Giosa65-26-8
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USADPTS1010
referee: Eddie Joseph 3-7 | judge: Bill Healy 6-3 | judge: Joe Agnello 5-5
Giosa had subbed for Ike Williams two days before. Crowd felt Giosa won.
Davis announced his retirement April 2nd, due to a detached retina that was threatening him with blindness.

1951-03-06Philip Kim26-3-2
Civic Auditorium, Honolulu, Hawaii, USAWUD1010
referee: Walter Cho 17-12 | judge: Albert Botelho 26-12 | judge: Louis Freitas 19-13
1951-02-27Nick Moran26-18-6
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USADTD810
referee: Johnny Indrisano 39½-37½ | judge: Frank Holborow 39-38 | judge: Tommy Hart 39-38
Moran suffered an eye cut from Davis butting him, causing the decision to be a draw. Davis was ahead on points, but Moran was the victim of the butt; if Moran had been ahead on points he would have been called the winner. (see The Ring, May 1951, page 46)
1950-12-15Charley Salas86-29-10
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USALUD1010
referee: Frank Holborow 52½-57½ | judge: Frankie Van 52½-57½ | judge: Tommy Hart 53-57
1950-12-05Freddie Herman30-11-4
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWMD1212
referee: Charley Randolph 67-65 | judge: Frank Holborow 66-66 | judge: Reggie Gilmore 68-64
USA California State lightweight title
Davis was knocked down for a no-count in the 1st round.
1950-11-15Freddie Dawson78-8-4
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWSD1212
1950-10-31Bernard Docusen68-6-5
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO312
time: 0:08 | referee: Johnny Indrisano
USA California State welterweight title
Docusen knocked down twice in the 2nd round
1950-09-26Art Aragon42-10-4
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWUD1212
referee: Joe Stone 66½-65½ | judge: Reggie Gilmore 68½-63½ | judge: Frankie Van 69-63
USA California State lightweight title
1950-08-29Carlos Chavez52-7-8
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWUD1212
referee: Abe Roth 74-58 | judge: Frankie Van 73½-58½ | judge: Joe Stone 73-59
USA California State lightweight title
1950-08-08Harold Jones44-18-3
Motor City Speedway, Detroit, Michigan, USALMD1010
1950-07-21Irvin Steen34-10-5
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USAWUD1212
referee: Charley Randolph 64-60 | judge: Dynamite Jackson 67½-56½ | judge: Tommy Herman 68-56
USA California State welterweight title
1950-06-30Harold Jones44-17-3
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USAWMD1010
referee: Frankie Van 56-54 | judge: Tommy Herman 57½-52½ | judge: Jimmy Wilson 55-55
1950-06-16Joe Brown38-11-6
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Reggie Gilmore 57½-52½ | judge: Frank Rustich 57-53 | judge: Jack McDonald 57-53
1950-05-10Sammy Angott92-27-8
Oaks Ballpark, Emeryville, California, USAWUD1010
1950-04-05Gene Burton50-10-10
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWMD1010
referee: Johnny Lotsey | judge: Jack Downey | judge: Toby Irwin
1950-03-15Giuseppe Colasanti8-13-1
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS1010
1950-02-27Ike Williams108-12-3
Civic Auditorium, Seattle, Washington, USALSD1010
referee: Jimmy Wilson | judge: Charley Davidson | judge: Roy Winters
1950-01-20Nick Diaz20-11-4
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USAWTKO310
time: 2:42 | referee: Frankie Van
1949-12-30Baby Neff Ortiz9-0-1
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USAWKO110
time: 1:50 | referee: Reggie Gilmore
1949-12-06Bill Eddy34-18-3
Civic Auditorium, Seattle, Washington, USAWKO210
1949-10-18Harold Jones40-12-3
Civic Auditorium, Seattle, Washington, USAWMD1010
referee: Jimmy Wilson | judge: Alfred Ballet | judge: Bart Spellman
1949-09-30Art Aragon33-8-4
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USALMD1010
referee: Frankie Van 54-56 | judge: Mushy Callahan 54½-55½ | judge: Tommy Herman 55-55
1949-09-20Joey Velez18-3-4
Civic Auditorium, Seattle, Washington, USAWUD1010
Velez was knocked down in the 2nd round.
1949-07-26Tommy Campbell33-5-2
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALTKO510
time: 3:00 | referee: Johnny Indrisano
A cut right eye suffered by Davis, forced the stoppage.
1949-06-24Tommy Campbell32-5-2
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USALMD1010
referee: Abe Roth 55-55 | judge: Benny Whitman 53½-56½ | judge: Jimmy Wilson 54-56
1949-05-02Chucho Llanes13-17-4
Ocean Park Arena, Santa Monica, California, USAWTKO510
referee: Frankie Van
1949-03-30Mario Trigo36-17-5
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWTKO610
time: 1:30 | referee: Jack Silver
1949-03-08Enrique Bolanos62-8-3
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALUD1010
referee: Charley Randolph 52-58 | judge: Tommy Herman 54-56 | judge: Benny Whitman 53-57
1949-02-15Raul Esqueda25-2-2
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Mushy Callahan 56-54 | judge: Jimmy Wilson 55½-54½ | judge: Frank Holborow 56½-53½
1949-01-19Irvin Steen25-6-4
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS1010
1948-11-17Bernard Docusen53-3-5
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALPTS1010
1948-11-03Maxie Docusen48-0-1
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALUD1010
referee: Eddie James 53½-55½ | judge: Frankie Carter 53½-56½ | judge: Toby Irwin 52-55
1948-09-29Benny Walker10-2-4
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Frankie Brown | judge: Toby Irwin | judge: Jack Silver
1948-07-21Art Aragon21-7-2
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALPTS1010
1948-06-23Art Aragon21-6-2
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS88
1948-05-14Tommy Campbell23-3-0
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USALTKO810
time: 2:08 | referee: Frankie Van
1948-03-10Mario Trigo30-12-3
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWUD1010
1948-02-18Rudy Cruz28-1-0
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALPTS1010
1948-01-07Enrique Bolanos54-7-3
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALUD1010
Bolanos was knocked down in the 1st round.
1947-12-17Dave Hernandez26-21-8
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWTKO410
referee: Frankie Brown
The bout was stopped after Hernandez, rose from a knockdown.
1947-10-08Al Medrano28-6-1
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWTKO48
1947-09-10Joe Kelly12-4-6
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS66
1947-08-20Darnell Carter30-15-8
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS88
referee: Jack Dempsey
1947-07-23Jimmy Florita27-28-15
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS66
1947-07-16Joe Kelly12-2-5
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWTKO16
Kelly was knocked down twice.
1947-06-25Johnny Miller3-0-1
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS66
1947-06-04Maxie Ankele7-3-2
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWTKO14
1947-05-16Leroy Willis18-3-0
National Hall, San Francisco, California, USALPTS66
1947-04-11Henry Paz39-28-15
Civic Auditorium, San Jose, California, USADPTS66
referee: Jack Downey | judge: Eddie James | judge: Johnny Lotsey
1947-03-17Jimmy Florita24-28-12
Stockton, California, USALTKO26
1947-02-05Leroy Willis17-1-0
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALTKO16
1947-01-17Paul Guerrero13-7-1
Civic Auditorium, San Jose, California, USAWKO1
1946-12-11Hammo Kazarian5-3-1
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWTKO24
1946-11-12Frankie Gallardo14-6-3
Civic Auditorium, San Jose, California, USAWTKO36
1946-10-15Emil Barao1-2-0
Civic Auditorium, San Jose, California, USAWKO3


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