Ronnie Delaney
Global ID27113
birthdate 1930-01-17
height5′ 8″   /   173cm
country USA
residenceAkron, Ohio, USA
birth placeAkron, Ohio, USA
won 62 (KO 28) + lost 3 (KO 2) + drawn 3 = 68
rounds boxed 450 KO% 41.18

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1966-03-02Oscar Freeman10-6-0
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO3
1965-07-14Chuck McCreary20-10-0
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS88
1965-02-18Carl Jordan8-13-1
Medina, Ohio, USAWKO2
1964-11-28Carl Jordan8-12-1
McDowell Auditorium, Ashland, Ohio, USAWKO66
First bout for Delaney of a short-lived comeback.
1957-12-02Willie Dockery20-7-3
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USALKO46
time: 2:29
1955-05-02Virgil Akins27-13-1
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USALKO810
time: 2:41
1955-03-07Al Wilson24-13-2
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USAWUD1010
referee: Teddy Martin 8-2 | judge: Arthur Schwartz 7-3 | judge: Tony Rossi 6-4
1955-02-11Johnny Saxton46-2-2
Akron, Ohio, USAWUD1010
referee: Eddie Atlas 100-92 | judge: Harry Minto 97-96 | judge: Sam Taormina 98-92
1954-12-16Luigi Cemulini5-3-1
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1954-05-20Bobby Hughes23-16-1
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWSD1010
referee: Eddie Atlas 4-1 | judge: Harry Minto 5-1 | judge: Lincoln Hackim 3-4
1954-03-17Jimmy Welch66-20-12
Akron, Ohio, USADPTS1010
1954-03-04Jimmy Welch66-19-12
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1954-02-18Billy Tisdale16-3-2
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWKO5
1953-10-09Bobby Hughes16-15-1
Akron, Ohio, USAWTKO5
1953-03-06Jimmy Burke18-11-1
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWKO3
1952-12-10Herbie Hayes10-2-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWUD1010
Cleveland Plain Dealer 11 December 1952
1952-11-05Herbie Hayes10-1-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWUD88
1952-10-30Lou King26-14-2
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWUD1010
1952-10-09Bobby Hughes11-14-1
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWKO5
1952-03-27Otis Graham40-29-5
Akron, Ohio, USAWUD1010
1952-03-19Eddie Smith12-6-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWKO1010
1951-11-15Bobby Lee29-18-6
Akron, Ohio, USAWSD1010
1951-10-29Connie Wilkins7-2-1
Turner's Arena, Washington, District of Columbia, USAWKO210
time: 2:19
1951-08-22Holly Mims25-9-4
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS88
1951-06-21Terry Moore33-8-2
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1951-04-26Jimmy Beau26-6-0
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1951-01-17Alvin Williams32-4-5
Wichita, Kansas, USAWPTS1010
1951-01-09Jimmy Welch56-14-9
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWUD1010
1950-12-12Leroy Coleman30-7-0
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO8
1950-11-14Joe Blackwood58-15-7
Akron, Ohio, USAWUD1010
1950-11-09Charley Cotton22-4-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1950-09-06Charley Cotton21-3-0
Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio, USAWSD1010
referee: Dutch Mauler
1950-06-20Harold Meredith70-23-12
Youngstown, Ohio, USAWTKO210
1950-05-24Jimmy Welch55-13-6
Cincinnati, Ohio, USADPTS1010
1950-04-19Anton Raadik34-16-1
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1950-02-08Joe Blackwood55-13-7
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1950-01-04Pat Byers42-17-0
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWKO78
1949-11-18Cecil Hudson59-32-4
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
Date of this card removed two days forward.Conflicts of dates. Joe Salcone had another fight on the original 16.11 date.
1949-10-28Tommy Bell51-20-3
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO1010
1949-05-25Chuck Hirst36-11-1
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO1
1949-05-10Willie Russell66-28-2
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1949-04-13Joe DiMartino31-16-4
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1949-03-30Choforo Martinez20-11-7
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1949-03-09Willie Russell62-27-2
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1949-02-17Joey Carkido51-12-6
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWKO28
1949-01-19Eddie O'Neill20-16-0
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS88
1949-01-05Eddie O'Neill20-15-0
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS88
1948-12-01Art Foster15-5-0
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO3
Foster retired after this fight
1948-11-18Billy Squall1-13-2
Aragon Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO46
time: 0:58
1948-11-10Harry Hart34-11-6
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS44
1948-10-10Jimmy Welch32-7-3
Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS88
1948-09-14Billy Meyers0-1-0
Newark, Ohio, USAWKO4
1948-09-13Jimmy Welch28-6-3
Columbus, Ohio, USAWPTS88
1948-08-30Jimmy Welch27-6-3
Columbus, Ohio, USALPTS88
1948-07-12Jimmy Welch23-5-3
Dennison, Ohio, USAWPTS88
1948-06-14Jimmy Welch23-5-2
Columbus, Ohio, USADPTS66
Welch was knocked down in the 3rd round.
1948-05-19John Chatmon37-22-2
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO2
1948-05-16Herb MacDonald1-0-0
Canton, Ohio, USAWKO3
1948-05-11Johnny Johnson4-3-0
High School Gymnasium, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO24
1948-05-05Tiger Wills15-22-5
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO1
1948-04-29Buddy Samarco12-13-0
Aragon Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWKO16
time: 2:30
1948-04-21Chet Martin15-14-1
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO2
1948-04-07Art Jackson0-1-0
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWKO1
1948-04-05Bobby Mason
Memorial Hall, Dover, Ohio, USAWKO?6
Round unknown.
1948-03-24Doyle Upchurch2-1-0
Armory, Akron, Ohio, USAWPTS55
1948-03-15Little Jackson
Memorial Hall, Dover, Ohio, USAWKO14
1948-03-11Freddie Bernhardt22-26-0
Akron, Ohio, USAWSD55
1948-01-16Bobby Crosby0-7-0
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO1


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