Jean Audouy
Global ID32229
birthdate 1891-08-24
country France
birth placeLevignac sur Save, Haute-Garonne, France
won 12 (KO 6) + lost 17 (KO 7) + drawn 4 = 33
rounds boxed 255 KO% 18.18

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1922-02-04Francis Gerville0-2-0
Velodrome d'Hiver, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS?
1920-05-08Alex Costica18-11-4
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceLKO610
1920-03-19Fred Dyer36-11-4
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceWTKO712
Dyer again dislocated his right kneecap (as he did in fighting Dick Emlen in 1911) and could not continue. He seemed well on his way to victory.
1920-02-16Battling Siki9-8-2
Théâtre des Nouveautés, Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, FranceLTKO4
1920-01-29Ike Clarke11-8-0
Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool, Merseyside, United KingdomLTKO1415x3
1919-07-19Ercole de Balzac19-8-11
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceLKO620
France middleweight title
1919-04-20Ercole de Balzac17-8-11
Stadium de la Côte d'Argent, Bordeaux, Gironde, FranceLRTD9
1914-02-07Battling Siki4-4-2
Narbonne, Aude, FranceWPTS1010
1913-03-05Alf Goodwin11-5-2
Athletic Pavilion, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaLPTS2020
1913-02-24Mick McGuire1-0-0
Athletic Pavilion, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaWTKO1320
1913-02-08Pat Bradley7-0-2
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLKO1720
1913-01-18Tim Land17-9-1
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaWKO1220
1912-12-11Tim Land16-9-1
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLPTS2020
1912-11-02Pat Bradley6-0-2
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLDQ820
1912-02-29Henri Piet7-8-2
Stand de la Condamine, Monte Carlo, MonacoLDQ510
Audouy was disqualified for illegal use of his head.
1912-01-16Raphael Belli2-0-0
National Sporting Club, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1911-12-22Sid Stagg1-14-4
Elysee Palace, Paris, Paris, FranceDPTS?
1911-11-25Sid Stagg1-13-4
Wonderland, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS1010
1911-11-11Petty Officer Jack Roche0-7-0
Wonderland, Paris, Paris, FranceWKO110
May have been a rematch.Andouy and Roche billed for a fight 14-10, Wonderland,Paris. Not reported. Andouy now a welter.
1911-02-24Young Adolphe1-2-2
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS1010
1911-02-04George Moore8-14-3
Wonderland, Paris, Paris, FranceDPTS?
1911-01-21Darkey Haley17-10-6
Wonderland, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1911-01-14Young Adolphe0-2-2
Wonderland, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1910-10-08Georges Carpentier25-6-4
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumDPTS1010
1910-03-28Jack Barton1-2-0
Empire Theatre, Dublin, IrelandWKO110
1910-03-07Joe Bowker27-7-1
National Sporting Club, Covent Garden, London, United KingdomLTKO820x3
EBU (European) bantamweight title
BBBC Boxing Yearbook 2000
1910-02-23Yankee Schwartz9-1-3
Salle Wagram, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1910-01-12Young Warner0-2-0
Salle Wagram, Paris, Paris, FranceDPTS88
1909-12-29Leon Bernstein4-0-0
Salle Wagram, Paris, Paris, FranceWRTD6
1909-12-22Jean Poesy1-0-0
Tivoli Theatre, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1909-11-06 Vasse1-1-0
Wonderland, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS?
1909-10-30George Davies
Cirque de Paris, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS?
May have the opposite result.
1909-04-10Auguste Saint Didier0-0-1
Wonderland, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS?


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