Kenny Lindsay
Global ID34
birthdate 1921-08-28
death date 1979-01-00 (57)
country Canada
residenceVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
birth placeEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
won 17 (KO 8) + lost 19 (KO 5) + drawn 9 = 45
rounds boxed 348 KO% 17.78

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1949-01-04Jimmy Gooding10-3-1
Auditorium, Portland, Oregon, USALPTS1010
Gooding was knocked down once.
1948-05-10Dado Marino39-7-1
Coliseum Bowl, San Francisco, California, USALKO110
time: 0:42
1948-03-08Jackie Turner11-6-4
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaDPTS1010
1947-12-04Rodolfo Villa11-8-0
Liberty Hall, El Paso, Texas, USALKO410
1947-01-27George Freitas19-11-6
Exhibition Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWPTS1010
1947-01-16Joey Clemo9-8-4
Midway Arena, Tacoma, Washington, USADPTS1010
1946-11-29George Freitas18-10-6
Auditorium, Portland, Oregon, USALPTS1010
referee: Ralph Gruman
Lindsay was knocked down for no-count in the 2nd round.
1946-11-12Speedy Cabanela30-15-13
Civic Auditorium, San Jose, California, USALKO210
time: 1:49 | referee: Billy Burke
1946-10-15Jackie Turner8-2-3
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaLPTS1010
1946-08-07Jackie Turner8-0-3
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWPTS1212
1946-05-25Manuel Ortiz72-12-3
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USALKO515
time: 0:42 | referee: Abe Roth
World Bantamweight Title
Lindsay was knocked down in the 2nd and 5th round.

1946-03-08Bobby Richards9-5-2
Gonzaga Gymnasium, Spokane, Washington, USALPTS1010
1946-02-08Bobby Richards9-5-1
Civic Auditorium, Seattle, Washington, USADPTS1010
1945-11-23Bobby Richards8-4-1
Gonzaga Gymnasium, Spokane, Washington, USAWUD1010
referee: Walter Wall
1945-02-05Joey Dolan24-4-2
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaLPTS1010
Attendance: 6,000
Part of an "All-Service Show" which included some scheduled three-round military bouts. Tacoma News Tribune

1945-01-05Joey Dolan23-4-2
Armory, Spokane, Washington, USALUD1010
Dolan was inducted into the U.S. Army at Fort Lewis on January 18th.
1943-09-10Al Cella4-0-1
Port Townsend, Washington, USADPTS44
1943-08-19Charley Bagnato
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWTKO410
"Charley Bagnato, the local lad, was overmatched sadly when they pitted him against Kenny Lindsay in that Armed Services boxing show at Vancouver Thursday night. Lindsay is an experienced professional who several times fought for the world's bantamweight title. On the other han, this was Bagnato's first professional bout." - Globe & Mail
1943-01-30Hugh Sloan
Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaDPTS66
Pro debut for Sloan
1943-01-01Manuel Ortiz42-11-2
Auditorium, Portland, Oregon, USALUD1010
referee: Ralph Gruman | judge: Collie Stoops | judge: Tom Louttit
World Bantamweight Title
1942-07-31Tony Olivera43-7-10
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaLPTS1010
1942-06-03Lou Salica56-14-12
Athletic Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaLUD1010
referee: Hector McDonald
Lou's trainer Joe Stanley and Lindsay's manager Arnold Bertram threw punches at each other before the bout.Stanley objected to Bertram watching Salica work out.
1942-05-08Manuel Ortiz35-11-2
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USALKO610
time: 2:50 | referee: Benny Whitman
1942-03-04Henry Moreno42-16-10
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWPTS1212
1942-01-23Henry Espinosa4-12-2
Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaWPTS1010
1941-12-15Henry Espinosa4-10-2
Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaWUD1010
Attendance: 553, per the Tacoma News Tribune
1941-12-03Nash Diaz3-18-6
Denman Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWTKO5
1941-10-14Black Joe7-7-1
Civic Auditorium, Seattle, Washington, USADPTS1010
1941-08-22Rush Dalma28-9-11
Honolulu, Hawaii, USALPTS1010
1941-07-17Johnny Gaudes32-19-3
Denman Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWKO810
1941-06-19Tony Olivera39-4-8
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USALPTS1010
referee: Henry Armstrong
1941-05-21Jackie Jurich47-9-6
Denman Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaDPTS1010
1941-04-15Tony Olivera37-3-8
Forum, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWPTS1010
Advertised as a World Bantamweight title fight. Report stated Olivera was recognized as the bantam champion by NYSAC and the California commission.
1941-02-05Nick De Posta3-3-0
Exhibition Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWTKO610
referee: Jock McAvoy
DePosta claimed he had strained a ligament in his right elbow, he had just received two left hand solar plexus blows when he made this known to referee Jock McAvoy.
1941-01-08Jackie Jurich45-8-5
Exhibition Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaLMD1010
referee: Hector McDonald
1940-12-11Jackie Jurich45-8-4
Veterans Memorial Hall, Redding, California, USADPTS66
Jurich was knocked down in the 2nd round.
1940-12-04Elwood Romero10-12-3
Veterans Memorial Hall, Redding, California, USAWPTS66
1940-11-29Little Dado64-3-11
Watsonville, California, USALPTS1010
This was an overweight bout and title was not at stake.
1940-11-22Bennie Dawson0-8-0
Veterans Memorial Hall, Redding, California, USAWTKO410
referee: Jack Downey
Lindsay sent Dawson crashing to the canvas seven times before Referee Downey waved the bout off.
1940-11-13Joey Reyes0-6-0
Veterans Memorial Hall, Redding, California, USAWTKO44
1940-10-28Tony Olivera34-2-8
Coliseum Bowl, San Francisco, California, USALPTS1010
1940-08-30Dom Kid Den2-0-0
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USADTD34
referee: Reggie Gilmore
Lindsay cut Den over the right eye, due to a new ruling, the referee has the option to call the bout a draw if it has been even. Newspaper men and fans thought Lindsay should have been awarded the TKO on his aggressiveness and his ability to make Den miss with his bobbing and weaving.
1940-06-28Sal Bacca2-2-0
Legion Stadium, Hollywood, California, USAWTKO24
Bacca was not allowed out for the 3rd round, due to a cut mouth.
1940-04-12Vince Sirignano
Denman Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWKO2
1940-03-20Tommy Olivera0-1-0
Denman Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWPTS66
Lindsay's Pro Debut.


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