Pungluang Sor Singyu
Global ID351371
birthdate 1988-04-16 (age 27)
21 / 887
2 / 30
height5′ 4½″   /   164cm
reach67″   /   170cm
US ID005068
aliasPhuengluang Onesongchai Gym
country Thailand
residenceBangkok, Thailand
birth placeUthai Thani, Thailand
birth namePanya Utok
won 50 (KO 34) + lost 3 (KO 1) + drawn 0 = 53
rounds boxed 255 KO% 64.15

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2015-05-06Nouldy Manakane29-16-1
700 Years Anniversary Sports St., Chiang Mai, ThailandWKO312
WBO Asia Pacific bantamweight title
2015-03-06Petchchumpol Sor Visetkit5-4-0
Wat Thatthong School, Bangkok, ThailandWKO66
2014-12-04Eranio Semillano10-6-0
Royal Square, Bangkok, ThailandWKO312
WBO Asia Pacific bantamweight title
2014-10-24Fadhili Majiha15-4-4
Wat Amphawa School , Bangkok, ThailandWUD1212
referee: Sungworn Klungboonkrong | judge: Pichit Wongporamet 116-112 | judge: Pinit Nimerang 116-112 | judge: Pinit Prayadsab 115-113
interim WBO Asia Pacific bantamweight title (supervisor: Sawaeng Thaweekoon)
2014-07-12Tomoki Kameda29-0-0
MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALKO712
time: 1:35 | referee: Russell Mora | judge: Patricia Morse Jarman 58-56 | judge: Richard Houck 56-58 | judge: Cathy Leonard 57-57
WBO World bantamweight title (supervisor: Francisco Valcarcel)
Count was waived off
2013-12-13Romnick Magos9-2-0
Wat Udommongkol, Huaytalaeng, Nakhon Ratchasima, ThailandWTKO312
time: 3:00 | referee: Danrex Tapdasan, Esq. | judge: Sawaeng Thaweekoon | judge: Surat Soikrachang | judge: Pinit Nimerang
WBO International bantamweight title (supervisor: Leon Panoncillo)
Magos was severely cut on his right eyelid inflicted by a legal punch, an uppercut. The referee stopped the fight during the rest period before the 3rd round upon the recommendation of the ringside physician
2013-10-04Zun Rindam9-3-1
Chira Prawat Camp, Nakhon Sawan, ThailandWKO312
referee: Danrex Tapdasan, Esq.
WBO International bantamweight title (supervisor: Leon Panoncillo)
Rindam down twice on round 3
2013-05-10Juma Fundi19-8-1
Nongpittayakorn School, Nong Bua, ThailandWKO212
time: 1:22 | referee: Sawaeng Thaweekoon | judge: Salven Lagumbay | judge: Surat Soikrachang | judge: Pichit Vongparamet
vacant WBO International bantamweight title (supervisor: Leon Panoncillo)
2013-03-02Paulus Ambunda19-0-0
Windhoek Country Club Resort, Windhoek, NamibiaLUD1212
referee: Paul Thomas | judge: Fernando Laguna 113-115 | judge: Manuel Oliver Palomo 112-116 | judge: Manfred Kuechler 112-116
WBO World bantamweight title (supervisor: John Duggan)
2012-10-20AJ Banal28-1-1
SM Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWTKO912
time: 1:45 | referee: Tony Weeks | judge: Robert Hoyle 74-77 | judge: Raul Caiz Jr 76-75 | judge: Levi Martinez 76-75
vacant WBO World bantamweight title (supervisor: Leon Panoncillo)
Banal deducted a point in Round 6 for repeated low blows and was down once in Round 9.
2012-07-06Ricardo Roa10-6-2
Nai Yang Beach, Phuket, ThailandWTKO512
time: 1:46
interim WBO Oriental bantamweight title
2012-05-04Rey Megrino15-19-3
Wat Banraikoksoong, Soongnern, Nakhon Ratchasima, ThailandWUD88
2012-03-23Elmar Francisco16-14-1
Krungthep Thonburi University, Bangkok, ThailandWUD1212
referee: Surat Soikrachang | judge: Prayuth Vongpraramet 119-108 | judge: Sonthaya Boonthai 118-109 | judge: Narongsak Boonyamalik 120-108
interim WBO Oriental bantamweight title
2011-12-02Danilo Pena25-10-2
Srisamrong, Rawthanjan School, Sukhothai, ThailandWTD712
time: 1:14 | 69-64 | 68-66 | 69-64
interim WBO Oriental bantamweight title
2011-10-11Nathan Bolcio10-3-1
Bangla Stadium , Patong, Phuket, ThailandWTKO212
time: 2:34
interim WBO Oriental bantamweight title
2011-08-17Marvin Tampus27-12-2
Keangkrachan District Office, Petchaburi, ThailandWTKO610
time: 2:45
WBO Asia Pacific Youth bantamweight title
The referee stopped the fight due to a huge cut above the right eyebrow of Tampus and ruled that the cut was caused by a legal punch.
2011-07-13Muangkumphee Sakchaichokdebut
Chang Yai, Bang Sai, ThailandWTKO36
2011-05-25Chartchai Sithsamart0-1-0
Chulalongkorn University Sport Center, Bangkok, ThailandWTKO410
time: 0:17
WBO Asia Pacific Youth bantamweight title
1. After checking with many sources including Pathomchai's manager, Mr.Saithong Sriprajan, I believed that Pathomchai Pakdeegym is the same boxer with Pathomchai Pathomphothong. If anyone have more informations, please contact me. - Damrong Simakajornboon
2. Mr.Harada sent me the photos of Patomchai Pakdigym. It is clear that he is not the same boxer with Patomchai Patompothong. The investigation have been continued. - Damrong Simakajornboon
3. After co-verify with Mr.Kazuto Harada, by Harada's fight photos, we concluded that the fighter who fought with Pungluang is Chartchai Sithsamart. Thank you Mr.Harada for his beneficial photos. - Damrong Simakajornboon

2011-04-25Paul Apolinario10-6-2
Lom Sak, ThailandWKO26
time: 1:58
WBO Asia Pacific Youth bantamweight title
2011-02-04Freddie Martinez9-3-1
Bang Khen, Bangkok, ThailandWKO210
time: 2:55
WBO Asia Pacific Youth bantamweight title (supervisor: Leon Panoncillo)
2011-01-07Phudphadnoi Muangsimadebut
Vien, Chiang Khong, ThailandWUD66
58-57 | 58-57 | 58-57
2010-10-01Rungrat Hemandebut
Klong 7 Market, Pathum Thani, ThailandWPTS66
2010-09-15Worawut Muangsima0-5-0
Plabplanarai, Chantaburi, ThailandWTKO36
2010-08-25Joel Rafols11-7-2
Western University Bangkok Campus, Pathum Thani, ThailandWKO110
time: 2:14
WBO Asia Pacific Youth bantamweight title
Knockout results in a broken nose for Rafols.
2010-04-02Khemthong Ror Ror Nonburidebut
Rachanukroh school, Ayutthaya, ThailandWTKO26
time: 2:04
2010-02-05Elmar Francisco9-8-1
Theppratanporn Village, Sriracha, Chonburi, ThailandWKO210
WBO Asia Pacific Youth bantamweight title
2009-12-04Petchromklao Or Ekarin0-2-1
Krungthep Thonburi University, Bangkok, ThailandWKO26
2009-10-31Jilo Merlin7-4-1
Banbung, Chonburi, ThailandWKO110
time: 1:32
vacant WBO Asia Pacific Youth bantamweight title
2009-09-04Petchnamchai Jittigymdebut
Chawang, ThailandWPTS66
2009-05-09Stephane Jamoye12-0-0
Hall Omnisport, Loncin, Liege, BelgiumLSD1010
referee: Bela Florian | judge: Juergen Langos 96-94 | judge: Carmelo Greco 95-96 | judge: Serge Hendrice 95-96
WBC Youth World bantamweight title
2009-04-03Petch Sakrungruang8-14-0
Samut Sakhon, ThailandWKO56
2009-02-06Eden Sonsona20-4-0
The Office of Pak Hai District, Ayutthaya, ThailandWUD1010
WBC Youth World bantamweight title
2008-09-12Jayson Layson5-6-2
The Office of Pak Hai District, Ayutthaya, ThailandWTKO410
WBC Youth World bantamweight title
2008-08-25Wanchana Sithniwat1-0-0
Lat Bua Luang, ThailandWUD66
2008-06-12Lomsaklek Sithkriengkraidebut
Rachabhak University, Nakhon Pathom, ThailandWKO16
time: 1:35
2008-04-11Pichitchai Twins Gym9-5-0
Bangkok Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWUD66
2008-03-17Javier Malulan11-2-0
Lat Bua Luang School, Lat Bua Luang, ThailandWUD1010
referee: Surat Soikrachang | judge: Montol Suriyachand 97-93 | judge: Thanawat Wongsasan 97-93 | judge: Narong Tanboobmee 98-92
WBC Youth World bantamweight title
2007-10-23Monico Laurente13-2-0
Wat Takien, Bang Pahan, ThailandWUD1010
referee: Surat Soikrachang | judge: Montol Suriyachand 96-94 | judge: Thanawat Wongsasan 98-92 | judge: Chainat Hanwiset 98-92
WBC Youth World bantamweight title
2007-06-15Ichiro Kikuchidebut
Roi-Et, ThailandWKO26
time: 1:14
2007-05-10Tarek Krab1-1-0
Bangkok Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWTKO210
time: 2:15 | referee: Montol Suriyachand | judge: Thawuth Pluemsamran | judge: Sawaeng Thaweekoon | judge: Thanawat Wongsasan
WBC Youth World bantamweight title
2006-12-05Thiti Sithkosol8-2-0
Royal Square, Bangkok, ThailandWUD88
78-74 | 78-74 | 78-74
2006-09-25Somsak Sithsaithongdebut
Nakhon Pathom, ThailandWTKO78
time: 2:52
2006-07-27Bryan Vicera8-2-2
Ratchaburi, ThailandWTKO110
time: 1:51 | referee: Anek Hongtongkam | judge: Thawuth Pluemsamran | judge: Chainat Hanwiset | judge: Thanawat Wongsasan
vacant WBC Youth World bantamweight title (supervisor: Gen.Chira Navisthrira)
2006-05-08Phupha Por Nobnomdebut
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWKO26
2006-04-06Densayarm Por Mongkolchaidebut
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWKO16
2006-03-06Sornrak Mor Chankasemdebut
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWTKO36
2005-10-24Thiti Sithkosol4-1-0
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWPTS66
2005-09-22Thiti Sithkosol4-0-0
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWPTS66
2005-06-10Chandet Sithramkamhaengdebut
Bangkok, ThailandWKO26
2005-05-16Singchai Windy Gymdebut
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWKO26
2004-12-06Superlek Por Prateongdebut
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWPTS66
2004-11-01Saichon Singnumpattanadebut
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWKO26
2004-09-27Singdam Singnumpattanadebut
Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, ThailandWKO36


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