Heinz Lazek
Global ID38725
birthdate 1911-10-17
death date 1986-07-26 (74)
country Austria
residenceVienna, Austria
birth placeVienna, Austria
won 49 (KO 21) + lost 8 (KO 4) + drawn 9 = 66
rounds boxed 502 KO% 31.82

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1950-09-30Jo Weidin26-7-1
Ice Rink, Vienna, AustriaLTKO210
1948-09-14Douwe Bakker4-2-1
Ice Rink, Vienna, AustriaWTKO510
1948-07-28Rudi Quentemeijer6-10-3
RAI, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWTKO510
1947-04-25Olle Tandberg15-4-1
Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, SwedenLKO110
time: 2:37 | referee: Arthur Koch
1942-03-08Gustav Thiess1-9-1
Zirkus Krone, Munich, Bayern, GermanyWKO210
From Box-Sport, 9 March 1942, page 4.
1942-02-01Adolf Heuser75-10-9
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyLKO312
Germany BDB heavyweight title
From Box-Sport, 9 February 1942, pp. 2-3.
1941-10-26Walter Neusel56-7-6
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1212
Germany BDB heavyweight title
From Box-Sport, 27 October 1941, pages 2-3.
1941-03-23Adolf Heuser74-10-8
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyDPTS1010
From Box-Sport, 24 March 1941, pages 3-4.
1941-01-05Preciso Merlo55-23-12
Zirkus Krone, Munich, Bayern, GermanyWTKO810
From Box-Sport, 13 January 1941, page 4.
1940-11-03Walter Neusel53-6-6
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1212
Germany BDB heavyweight title
From Box-Sport, 4 November 1940, pages 3-4.
1940-08-01Hermann Kreimes5-23-7
Ice Rink, Vienna, AustriaWTKO410
1940-05-25Paul Wallner17-10-8
Ice Rink, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1212
1940-03-02Paul Wallner17-10-7
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyDPTS1212
From Box-sport, 4 March 1940, pp. 4-5.
1940-02-03Ruda Ambrosz15-5-1
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWKO310
According to BOX-SPORT, this fight occurred in Berlin, not Brno (as previously shown here).
1939-11-01Arno Koelblin36-14-7
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyLPTS1010
1939-06-11Sante De Leo7-6-2
Radrennbahn, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS1212
1939-03-17Adolf Heuser70-7-7
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyLKO515
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1939-01-20Karel Sys52-9-7
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1515
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1938-12-03Steve Dudas50-18-1
Hanseatenhalle, Hamburg, GermanyWPTS1010
1938-09-16Walter Neusel48-5-5
Ice Rink, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1515
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1938-08-10Sante De Leo6-4-1
Ice Rink, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1515
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1938-07-16Walter Neusel47-5-5
Schwebenhalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyLPTS1212
1938-05-06Alfred Sauvage10-14-2
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWKO510
1938-03-04Arno Koelblin31-11-7
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWDQ215
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1938-01-31Jim Wilde24-12-2
Earls Court Arena, Kensington, London, United KingdomDPTS1010x3
1937-12-20Frank Hough84-23-4
Earls Court Empress Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomWPTS1010x3
Boxing December 22, 1937
1937-11-22Tommy Martin31-6-2
Earls Court Arena, Kensington, London, United KingdomWKO110x3
1937-10-01Jack Strongbow21-35-5
Weigl Arena, Vienna, AustriaWTKO710
1937-08-20Joe Zeeman24-22-6
Weigl Arena, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1937-07-02Jakob Schoenrath5-8-5
Weigl Arena, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1937-03-05Vincenz Hower41-11-3
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1010
1937-02-04Jakob Schoenrath3-7-4
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1010
1936-10-23Vittorio Zanetti3-6-0
Circus Renz, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1936-09-01Gustave Roth73-6-9
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaLPTS1515
EBU (European) light heavyweight title
vacant IBU World (1913 - 1946) light heavyweight title
1936-08-03Emile Ollive9-5-0
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWTKO915
EBU (European) light heavyweight title
1936-04-30Domenico Ceccarelli18-10-7
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaDPTS1010
1936-02-25Rienus De Boer35-14-13
Circus Renz, Vienna, AustriaWRTD515
EBU (European) light heavyweight title
De Boer retired after round 5 with a cut over his left eye.
1935-11-22Marcel Degrauw1-0-0
Salle Wagram, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS?
1935-09-17Preciso Merlo37-10-6
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWDQ1315
EBU (European) light heavyweight title
1935-08-01Vittorio Livan23-9-3
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1935-06-29Adolf Witt24-5-11
Hanseatenhalle, Hamburg, GermanyLPTS1010
1935-05-23Ruda Ambrosz11-1-1
Winter Stadion, Prague, Czech RepublicWPTS1010
1935-03-21Josef Hampacher26-8-4
Lucerna Saal, Prague, Czech RepublicWKO110
1935-03-07Albert Leidmann14-5-2
Hotel Wimberger, Vienna, AustriaWTKO710
1934-09-07Hans Havlicek17-3-2
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWTKO712
Austrian heavyweight title
Havlicek had to stop because of a badly cut eye.
1934-08-10Lucien Delleau16-19-5
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWTKO910
According to SPORT-TAGBLATT, Lazek stopped Delleau in round nine, not an 8-round decision win as shown here previously.
1934-06-16John Andersson21-6-7
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWDQ610
According to notes by Leo Vollnhofer (long-time Austrian correspondent for THE RING), obtained by examination of SPORT-TAGBLATT (Vienna), Andersson landed a low blow and was disqualified.Vollnhofer's notes make no mention of the verdict being changed, and he read through SPORT-TAGBLATT thoroughly. This is clearly an authoratitive source and should be honored until and unless genuine evidence shows it to be incorrect. Christer Franzen's book was written many years later and his sources are not mentioned in the note, below. Therefore the result is changed back to a win by Lazek.
According to Ringside by Christer Franzé® the result was changed to NC 6!

1934-05-04Motzi Spakow85-21-26
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaDPTS1010
1933-12-08Theo Sas4-14-5
Circus Renz, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1933-10-13Emile Westmoet53-21-3
Circus Renz, Vienna, AustriaWPTS1010
1933-09-05Luigi Rovati1-0-0
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaDPTS88
According to SPORT-TAGBLATT (Vienna), this was a draw, and not a one-round knockout for Lazek as previously shown here.
1933-07-28Alfredo Parola4-5-0
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWKO18
1933-07-14Charles Dumoulin1-1-1
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWKO18
1933-06-16Stefan Schmidt4-14-0
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWPTS88
1933-05-19Rene Raux6-7-4
Engelmann Arena, Vienna, AustriaWKO46
1933-04-23Jean Motte1-1-0
Paris, Paris, FranceDPTS1010
1933-04-09Francois Jablonski1-0-0
Central Sporting Club, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS1010
1933-04-01Louis Thuillez1-4-1
Paris-Ring, Paris, Paris, FranceDPTS1010
1933-03-21Roger Royer2-8-2
Central Sporting Club, Paris, Paris, FranceWPTS1010
1933-03-11Roland Roger2-0-0
Paris-Ring, Paris, Paris, FranceWKO110
1933-03-04Jerome Tailliez
Central Sporting Club, Paris, Paris, FranceWKO110
1933-02-17Gerhard Bredow3-7-1
Konzert-Haus, Vienna, AustriaWKO28
1932-08-15Horst Riege5-9-1
Weigl Arena, Vienna, AustriaWPTS66
1932-07-15Franta Kotek
Weigl Arena, Vienna, AustriaWPTS44
1932-06-22Motzi Spakow68-17-24
Vienna, AustriaDPTS1010
1932-06-03Sandor Kunstzler3-6-4
Weigl Arena, Vienna, AustriaWPTS44


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