Vic Hansen
Global ID40074
birthdate 1883-05-26
death date 1966-08-12 (83)
height5′ 9″   /   175cm
aliasOil City Bearcat
country USA
residenceSalt Lake City, Utah, USA
birth placeSan Luis Obispo, California, USA
birth nameVigo Hansen, Jr.
won 26 (KO 14) + lost 10 (KO 5) + drawn 10 = 46
rounds boxed 577 KO% 30.43

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1916-04-25Gus Christie21-5-1
Convention Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USALDQ910
This was an undercard bout to Dillon-Levinsky.
1916-03-08Tommy Gibbons8-0-0
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USALPTS1010
1916-02-14Jack Dillon73-2-9
Phoenix A.C., Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
referee: Billy Haack
1916-01-24Dick Gilbert15-16-6
Academy A.C., Kansas City, Missouri, USAWPTS1010
1914-07-16Leo Bens12-1-6
Butte, Montana, USALKO310
Exact date uncertain.
1914-05-29Mike Gibbons38-1-4
15th Street Garage, Kansas City, Missouri, USALTKO810
referee: Walter Bates
The sponge was tossed.
1914-04-14Frank Mantell35-15-19
Buffalo Park, Sacramento, California, USAWPTS2020
1914-01-20Jack Dillon49-2-6
Denver, Colorado, USALPTS1212
1914-01-13Young Griffo0-1-2
Denver, Colorado, USAWKO1315
time: 2:10
1914-01-01Al Smaulding
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USAWPTS1010
1913-12-28Jack Herrick5-7-12
El Paso, Texas, USAWPTS2525
1913-12-01Jeff Clark62-3-10
Southwest A.C., Joplin, Missouri, USALDQ915
Result from the Joplin Globe
1913-11-23Jack Herrick5-7-11
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoDPTS2020
1913-10-27Jeff Clark61-3-8
Joplin, Missouri, USADPTS1515
Result given as a draw in Clark's record, Ring Battles of Centuries, 1914 edition, page 179.
1913-10-08Kid George13-9-7
Salt Lake City, Utah, USAWPTS2020
1913-05-22Jimmy Howard7-4-6
Coalinga, California, USADPTS2020
1913-05-15Jimmy Howard7-4-5
San Francisco, California, USADPTS44
1913-04-12Jack Herrick4-6-10
Taft, California, USAWPTS2020
1913-01-16Sailor Ed Petroskey8-4-13
Taft, California, USALTKO820
1912-11-16Kid George12-8-6
Taft, California, USAWPTS2020
1912-10-19Jack Herrick1-4-9
Taft, California, USAWPTS2020
1912-09-17Fritz Holland11-4-7
Taft, California, USALKO2020
1912-08-17Montana Dan Sullivan5-3-1
Taft, California, USAWPTS2020
1912-07-15Frank Mantell32-8-14
Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah, USADPTS2020
referee: Hardy K. Downing
1912-07-05Joe Clark7-2-11
Leadville, Colorado, USAWKO2
1912-05-29Jack Downey10-6-20
Forest Park, Boise, Idaho, USADPTS1010
"It was his strong finish that saved Jack (Downey) from losing"--Idaho Daily Statesman.
1911-10-21Joe Thomas19-11-6
Coalinga, California, USAWTKO1320
referee: Eddie Hanlon
Hansen not out for 14th
1911-07-01Frank Klaus23-3-2
Coalinga, California, USALKO820
1911-05-26Pat Cronyn8-2-3
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USADPTS44
1911-04-21Rufus Williams6-1-3
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USADPTS44
1911-04-17Jack Cordell17-12-4
Taft, California, USAWKO1720
1911-02-22Norman Stone3-1-3
Recreation Park, Bakersfield, California, USAWTKO720
Note- This bout was stopped by the Sheriff.
1910-11-19Gunboat Smith9-2-1
Coalinga, California, USADPTS2020
referee: Eddie Smith
1910-11-04Jack Cordell17-11-4
Maricopa, California, USAWKO1220
1910-10-15Kid George4-2-2
Taft, California, USAWKO1020
1910-09-17Jack Tippets3-2-7
Coalinga, California, USAWPTS2020
1910-05-21Terry Kellar8-3-6
Coalinga, California, USAWPTS2525
1910-04-30Jim Hornbuckle1-2-1
Coalinga, California, USAWKO720
1910-02-16Terry Kellar8-3-4
Coalinga, California, USADPTS2020
1909-12-25Walter Coffey1-0-0
Coalinga, California, USAWKO1120
1909-10-16Billy Burke7-7-1
Coalinga, California, USAWKO1220
1909-07-24Billy Burke7-5-1
Coalinga, California, USAWPTS2020
1909-05-28Nels Carlson
Fruitvale, California, USAWKO210
1909-05-13Kid Gallagher
Coalinga, California, USAWKO310
1908-12-12Kid Austin0-0-2
Coalinga, California, USAWKO310
1907-12-12Art Dickerson
Coalinga, California, USAWKO310


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