Jack Dougherty
Global ID40280
birthdate 1882-01-06
death date 1917-09-20 (35)
height5′ 8″   /   173cm
aliasWilliam Doughty
country USA
residenceRacine, Wisconsin, USA
birth placeNottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
won 36 (KO 24) + lost 20 (KO 12) + drawn 9 = 66
rounds boxed 337
Newspaper Decisions won : lost 1 : drawn 2
rounds boxed 29
Total Bouts 69 KO% 34.78

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1911-02-24Steve Kinney26-9-5
Public Service Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Free Press
1911-02-01Al Worgin0-2-0
Madison A.C., Madison, Wisconsin, USAWTKO1
1910-12-16Gus Christie4-0-0
Madison, Wisconsin, USALKO6
1910-05-25Jimmy Potts60-3-27
Hibbing, Minnesota, USALKO1920
Source: Minneapolis Journal
1910-02-04Billy Morehead21-6-10
National A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALNWS88
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Free Press
1909-11-05Howard Baker16-2-6
Kirby Opera House, Sheridan, Wyoming, USALKO920
1908-09-24Bob Moha3-1-2
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALPTS88
1908-09-04Young Nelson
Eagle A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO1
1908-05-29Steve Kinney24-5-5
Lakeside Auditorium, Racine, Wisconsin, USALPTS66
1908-04-03Young Frazier
Racine, Wisconsin, USAWKO4
1908-03-30Joe Gregg14-3-6
Green Valley A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADPTS1010
1908-03-16Chick Logan
Hippodrome, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO2
1908-03-03Jack Drumgoole
Kenosha, Wisconsin, USAWPTS88
1908-02-14Young Duffy2-1-3
Green Valley A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO4
1907-11-21Eddie McGoorty15-0-3
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USALPTS88
1907-11-18Mike Kerr
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USALPTS88
1907-10-25Young Edwards7-5-2
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USANCNC3
1907-10-11Young Edwards7-5-1
Milwaukee A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADPTS88
1907-04-03Joe Gregg11-1-3
Indianapolis, Indiana, USALPTS1010
1907-03-01Ted Lewis
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USAWKO1
1907-01-26Jack Kelly
Waterford, Wisconsin, USAWKO3
1906-11-15Jimmy Gardner39-5-19
Burtis Opera House, Davenport, Iowa, USALKO915
1906-10-19Harry Lewis15-6-3
Milwaukee Boxing Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALPTS1010
Dougherty down twice in the fight. (Washington Post)
1906-09-03Mike Twin Sullivan16-2-13
Butte, Montana, USALKO1920
1906-07-10Joe Walcott89-14-17
Lincoln A.C., Chelsea, Massachusetts, USALKO815
referee: Maffitt Flaherty
Welterweight Championship of the World
1906-04-20Honey Mellody31-6-9
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADPTS88
1906-04-12Barney Furey9-4-11
Riverside A.C., Peoria, Illinois, USAWKO3
1906-03-27Jimmy Gardner38-5-18
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADPTS88
1906-03-09Perry Queenan31-20-46
Milwaukee Boxing Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS66
1906-02-02Buddy Ryan26-7-9
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS88
1906-01-26Kid Sparks
Peoria A.C., Peoria, Illinois, USAWKO2
1906-01-15Martin Duffy32-8-7
Auditorium, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO4
1905-12-22Otto Sieloff41-21-20
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS66
1905-11-17Eddie Santry38-15-11
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO4
Santry dislocated his shoulder after going down
1905-11-03Dick Hart1-1-1
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO26
1905-05-04Gus Gardner16-16-5
Bay City, Michigan, USADNWS1515
(Racine Daily Journal)
1905-04-01Young Garfield2-4-0
West Allis, Wisconsin, USAWKO2
1905-03-31Frankie Baker7-2-1
Milwaukee A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS66
1905-02-24Frankie Baker7-1-1
Milwaukee A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS66
1905-02-11Jack Yeager
Beloit Corners, Wisconsin, USAWKO26
1905-02-07Teddy Klank1-0-0
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USAWTKO3
1905-01-20Jack Peters
Milwaukee A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO16
1905-01-06Otto Sieloff39-18-19
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALPTS66
1904-12-09Walter Smith
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO2
Referee Pollock.
1904-05-07Cyclone Johnny Thompson6-10-2
Lakeside Auditorium, Racine, Wisconsin, USADPTS66
referee: Jack Moran
1904-04-22Martin Judge23-24-18
Milwaukee Boxing Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS66
1904-03-21Billy Moore14-16-10
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO66
1904-03-18Jack Northrop
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO2
1904-03-07Billy Morehead
Cudahy AC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWDQ15
1904-02-27Harry Fails9-9-4
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS66
1904-02-19Harry Fails8-9-4
Milwaukee Boxing Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALTKO5
1904-02-05Mickey Riley5-6-13
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADPTS66
1904-01-08George Memsic5-1-5
Panorama Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADPTS?
Number of rounds unknown
1903-11-10Curly Ulrich
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS66
1903-10-16Eddie Santry31-12-11
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALPTS66
1903-04-07Dave Rollo2-1-1
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS?
Number of rounds unknown
1903-03-15Mickey Riley5-3-8
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADPTS66
1903-01-06Charles Neary5-2-10
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALKO3
1902-12-05Jim Ross
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO1
Ross injured his left hand and could not continue (Atlanta Constitution)
1902-11-07St. Louis Tommy Sullivan0-2-1
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALKO4
1902-10-17Maurice Sayers4-3-2
Milwaukee Boxing Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO1
1902-10-03Stockings Kelly0-0-1
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO2
Kelly fought as Sock Haley
1902-09-19Willie McNamara2-0-0
Milwaukee Boxing Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADPTS66
1902-02-07Kid Herman19-2-10
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USALKO2
referee: George Siler
1901-11-01Charles Neary1-1-4
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO6
1901-05-30Buck White
Racine, Wisconsin, USAWPTS66
1901-02-07Tommy Cody1-1-0
Belle City Opera House, Racine, Wisconsin, USALKO4
1900-05-31Kid Young
Turner Hall, Racine, Wisconsin, USAWKO16
referee: Albert Stoffel
1900-03-19Danny McMahon6-6-4
Lakeside Auditorium, Racine, Wisconsin, USALKO1
time: 2:20 | referee: A.R. Bright


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