Gianfranco Rosi
Global ID414
birthdate 1957-08-05
divisionsuper welterweight
height5′ 10″   /   178cm
country Italy
residencePerouse, Umbria, Italy
birth placeAssisi, Umbria, Italy
won 62 (KO 18) + lost 6 (KO 5) + drawn 1 = 70
rounds boxed 542 KO% 25.71

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2006-10-20Robert Roselia24-3-1
Palasport, San Marino, San MarinoLKO1112
referee: Alfred Asaro
IBF Inter-Continental middleweight title
2006-04-29Christophe Karagoz11-9-3
ZBC Gym, Budapest, HungaryWUD1212
referee: Raffaele Argiolas | judge: Matteo Fratini 117-111 | judge: Miklos Dory 119-109 | judge: Luciano Tagliamonte 118-110
IBF Mediterranean middleweight title
2005-06-24Sylvain Gomis12-7-2
Sporthall Lang, Budapest, HungaryWUD1212
referee: Imre Nagy | judge: Wilhelm Vogl 116-111 | judge: Juergen Langos 115-112 | judge: Luciano Tagliamonte 116-111
IBF Mediterranean middleweight title
Gomis lost a point in round 6 for serious holding
2004-10-22Peter Zsilak9-9-2
Belgrade, SerbiaWTKO612
referee: Remigio Ruggeri
vacant IBF Mediterranean middleweight title
vacant IBF East/West Europe middleweight title
Zsilak down in round 3, 4, 5 & 6.
2003-12-14Mugurel Sebe5-14-0
Rijeka, CroatiaWUD88
1997-05-21Verno Phillips27-7-1
Moat House Hotel, Liverpool, Merseyside, United KingdomLMD1212x3
referee: Bruce McTavish | judge: Mickey Vann 113-116 | judge: Dave Parris 110-118 | judge: Robert Gilson 114-114
vacant World Boxing Union (Original 1995-2004) super welterweight title
1996-06-29Milko Stoikov3-7-0
Banja Vrujci, SerbiaWPTS88
1995-05-17Verno Phillips25-4-1
Palazzetto dello Sport, Perugia, Umbria, ItalyNCND1212
referee: Paul Thomas | judge: Cornelio Stucchi 115-113 | judge: Andre Van Grootenbruel 116-112 | judge: Roberto Ramirez Sr. 116-114
WBO World super welterweight title
Rosi fails the drug test and Phillips is reinstated as champion, the decison a W-12 for Rosi is also changed
1994-09-17Vincent Pettway36-4-1
MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALKO412
time: 2:59 | referee: Jay Nady | judge: Dave Moretti 27-29 | judge: Roy Francis 26-29 | judge: Nelson Vazquez 26-29
IBF World super welterweight title
1994-03-04Vincent Pettway36-4-0
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USADTD612
time: 0:19 | referee: Mills Lane | judge: Keith MacDonald 49-45 | judge: Enzo Scala 49-45 | judge: Sheila Harmon 48-46
IBF World super welterweight title (supervisor: Alvin Goodman)
Pettway down once in the first round
1993-01-20Gilbert Dele34-2-1
Avoriaz, Haute-Savoie, FranceWSD1212
referee: Robert Byrd | judge: William James 116-111 | judge: Eugene Grant 112-114 | judge: John Witt 114-113
IBF World super welterweight title
1992-07-11Gilbert Dele34-1-1
Stade Louis II, Fontvieille, MonacoWSD1212
referee: Rudy Battle | judge: Torben Seemann Hansen 113-114 | judge: Heinrich Muehmert 116-111 | judge: Don O'Neill 116-111
IBF World super welterweight title
Rosi down in round 3
1992-04-09Angel Hernandez22-16-4
Palazzetto dello Sport, Celano, Abruzzo, ItalyWTKO612
time: 0:26 | referee: Dale Grable | judge: Bruno Tejera 49-46 | judge: Enzo Scala 49-46 | judge: William James 49-46
IBF World super welterweight title
1992-01-29Alfredo Ramirez4-7-0
Salerno, Campania, ItalyWPTS1010
1991-11-21Gilbert Baptist23-11-0
Palazzo Dello Sport, Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWUD1212
referee: Dennis Nelson | judge: Benedetto Montella 120-108 | judge: Frank Cairo 120-108 | judge: Dave Parris 118-111
IBF World super welterweight title
1991-07-13Glenn Wolfe28-1-1
Main City Square, Avezzano, Abruzzo, ItalyWUD1212
referee: Sam Williams | judge: Benedetto Montella 118-109 | judge: Bernie Cormier 118-110 | judge: Leroy Brown 119-109
IBF World super welterweight title
Rosi was knocked down in round 3
1991-03-16Ron Amundsen20-3-1
Palazzo Dello Sport, Saint Vincent d'Aoste, Valle d'Aosta, ItalyWUD1212
referee: Randy Neumann | judge: Benedetto Montella 118-111 | judge: Torben Seemann Hansen 118-111 | judge: Phil Newman 116-113
IBF World super welterweight title
1990-11-30Rene Jacquot26-11-1
Palais de Sports, Marsala, Sicilia, ItalyWUD1212
referee: Joey Curtis | judge: Benedetto Montella 117-109 | judge: Edmond Horn 116-111 | judge: James Burchfield 114-112
IBF World super welterweight title
1990-07-21Darrin Van Horn44-1-0
Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Marino, Lazio, ItalyWUD1212
referee: Randy Neumann | judge: Bernard Hardy 115-112 | judge: Dave Parris 115-112 | judge: Benedetto Montella 116-113
IBF World super welterweight title
Rosi lost one point in the 5th round for holding and hitting.
1990-04-14Kevin Daigle15-8-1
Loew's Hotel, Monte Carlo, MonacoWTKO712
time: 2:29 | referee: Rudy Battle | judge: Joseph Pasquale 60-54 | judge: Torben Seemann Hansen 60-53 | judge: Benedetto Montella 60-54
IBF World super welterweight title
1989-10-27Troy Waters14-1-0
Palazzo Dello Sport, Saint Vincent d'Aoste, Valle d'Aosta, ItalyWUD1212
referee: Tony Orlando | judge: Benedetto Montella 118-110 | judge: Karel Klijnoot 119-113 | judge: Don Marks 117-111
IBF World super welterweight title
1989-07-15Darrin Van Horn39-0-0
Trump Castle, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAWUD1212
referee: Tony Perez | judge: Lynne Carter 117-109 | judge: Frank Brunette 118-108 | judge: Benedetto Montella 116-109
IBF World super welterweight title
Van Horn down in round 12.
1989-04-22Jake Torrance17-28-1
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1989-02-15Darryl Anthony21-7-2
Vibo Valentia, Calabria, ItalyWTKO28
1988-07-08Donald Curry29-2-0
Portosole, San Remo, Liguria, ItalyLRTD912
referee: Octavio Meyran | judge: Sid Nathan 83-88 | judge: Franz Marti 80-88 | judge: Miguel Donate 81-87
WBC World super welterweight title
Rosi, down once in 2nd, 4th and 8th and down twice in 7th, fails to answer the bell starting the 10th round
1988-01-03Duane Thomas29-2-0
Palazzo Dello Sport, Genoa, Liguria, ItalyWTKO712
time: 0:57 | referee: Larry O'Connell | judge: Miguel Donate 60-54 | judge: Sid Nathan 60-55 | judge: Jean Deswert 60-56
WBC World super welterweight title
1987-10-02Lupe Aquino31-2-1
Palazzo Dello Sport, Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWUD1212
referee: Joe Cortez | judge: Adrian Morgan 115-114 | judge: Larry O'Connell 115-114 | judge: Steve Smoger 118-113
WBC World super welterweight title
1987-06-27Marc Ruocco35-1-1
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, FranceWDQ512
EBU (European) super welterweight title
1987-05-06Emilio Sole22-1-2
Lucca, Toscana, ItalyWKO212
referee: Larry O'Connell
EBU (European) super welterweight title
Sole twice in rd 2
1987-01-28Chris Pyatt19-1-0
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS1212
EBU (European) super welterweight title
1986-06-20Joaquin Velasquez10-2-0
Rio Secco, Abruzzo, ItalyWPTS88
1986-05-16Jean-Marie Touati21-11-2
Le Cannet, Alpes-Maritimes, FranceWPTS1010
1985-12-28Wa Lomani Wa7-11-4
Terni, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1985-11-23Gaetano Caso12-1-2
Viterbo, Lazio, ItalyWKO812
Italy welterweight title
1985-10-11Domenico Ricci10-7-3
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWKO38
1985-06-15Inino Wa Bolamba1-8-6
Spoleto, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1985-01-05Lloyd Honeyghan20-0-0
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyLKO312
EBU (European) welterweight title
1984-11-17Martin Rojas13-11-0
Riva del Garda, Trentino-Alto Adige, ItalyWPTS1010
1984-07-07Perico Fernandez81-19-14
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWUD1212
judge: Henk Meijers 120-112 | 120-109 | 120-110
vacant EBU (European) welterweight title
1984-05-18Yvon Segor17-6-0
Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, FranceWPTS88
1984-03-31John McLain1-1-2
Spoleto, Umbria, ItalyWKO78
1984-03-03Dario De Jesus5-13-2
Palazzo dei Congressi, Riva del Garda, Trentino-Alto Adige, ItalyWPTS88
1983-11-12Mike Essett9-13-4
Discoteca Ellera, Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWDQ48
1983-09-30Francesco Gallo18-21-5
Modena, Emilia Romagna, ItalyWTKO812
referee: Rizzi | judge: Tito Beligni | judge: Zanelli
Italy welterweight title
1983-07-01Luciano Navarra19-17-1
Vibo Valentia, Calabria, ItalyWPTS88
1983-04-22Pierangelo Pira28-3-0
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWTKO512
Italy welterweight title
1983-02-11Mosimo Maeleke3-11-3
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1982-10-15Everaldo Costa Azevedo78-21-26
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWTKO712
Italy welterweight title
1982-09-16Antonio Antino11-2-2
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1982-08-15Antonio Torsello23-19-0
Alberobello, Puglia, ItalyWTKO212
Italy welterweight title
1982-07-17Mosimo Maeleke2-8-3
Assisi, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1982-06-12Mosimo Maeleke2-7-3
Todi, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1982-04-16Giuseppe Di Padova22-5-1
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWRTD712
Italy welterweight title
1981-12-04Oscar Aparicio21-16-3
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1981-11-13Bechir Jelassi4-5-4
Roma, Lazio, ItalyWPTS88
1981-09-11Antonio Torsello22-18-0
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWTKO28
1981-07-12Claudio Pereira4-7-8
Assisi, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1981-05-23Piero Spadaccini8-1-1
Palazzetto dello Sport, Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS66
1981-04-10Claudio Pereira4-3-8
Palazzetto dello Sport, Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS1010
referee: Mechini | judge: Montagni | judge: Ruggeri
1981-03-07Francesco Gallo16-9-3
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1980-12-17Filiberto Zaccheo7-2-3
Senigallia, Marche, ItalyWTKO18
1980-11-29Ernesto Ros6-6-7
Spoleto, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1980-09-14Mauro Fernandes da Cruz2-8-2
Ellera, Umbria, ItalyWPTS88
1980-08-27Jose Luis Ribeiro9-54-9
Senigallia, Marche, ItalyWDQ28
1980-05-31Nelson Gomes14-12-2
Spoleto, Umbria, ItalyLTKO78
1980-03-08Patrick Babouram5-3-2
Spoleto, Umbria, ItalyWPTS66
1979-12-29Zdravko Jovicic4-5-5
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWTKO16
1979-11-24Maurice Renaud3-7-3
Marsciano, Umbria, ItalyWPTS66
1979-10-19Scipione Colaianni0-3-0
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWTKO26
1979-09-10Francesco Sanna2-2-0
Perugia, Umbria, ItalyWPTS66


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