Carlos Elliott
Global ID41815
birthdate 1962-04-29
divisionlight middleweight
height5′ 9½″   /   177cm
country USA
residenceHachinohe, Aomori, Japan
birth placeHuntsville, Alabama, USA
won 26 (KO 22) + lost 3 (KO 2) + drawn 0 = 29
rounds boxed 157 KO% 75.86

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1991-02-23Gilbert Dele26-0-1
Stade du Futbol, Pointe-à-Pitre, GuadeloupeLTKO712
time: 1:48 | referee: Isidro Rodriguez | judge: Rodolfo Maldonado 54-60 | judge: Angel C. Tovar 55-60 | judge: Roberto Ramirez Sr. 53-60
vacant WBA World light middleweight title
1990-11-24Seung Tae Chang3-2-1
City Gymnasium, Hachinohe, Aomori, JapanWUD1010
99-95 | 98-94 | 99-96
Elliott down in round 7
1990-06-22Dae-Hyun Yang0-4-0
Sendai, Miyagi, JapanWKO210
time: 2:06
Yang down twice in the opener, for full count in 2nd.
1989-11-15Sang-Do Jung6-4-1
Hiroshima, Hiroshima, JapanWUD1212
119-111 | 117-113 | 117-113
OPBF light middleweight title
1989-09-09Armand Picar10-5-4
Tokyo, JapanWKO6
1989-07-06Takeshi Yamato7-2-2
Osaka, Osaka, JapanWKO412
time: 1:35
OPBF light middleweight title
1989-04-15Archie Garcia5-8-0
Tokyo, JapanWTKO310
1988-12-01Francisco Lisboa7-1-0
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO1112
time: 2:16
OPBF light middleweight title
1988-10-06Rex Cabubas3-1-0
Tokyo, JapanWKO210
1988-07-02Francisco Lisboa5-1-0
Palembang, IndonesiaLUD1212
109-119 | 113-115 | 109-119
OPBF light middleweight title
Lisboa reportedly moved to 13-2
1988-03-21Rey Angara1-0-0
Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, JapanWTKO510
1987-11-28Sang-Do Jung3-3-0
City Gymnasium, Hachinohe, Aomori, JapanWSD1212
judge: Ukrid Sarasas 118-114 | judge: Ken Morita 119-115 | judge: Dong-Ahn Park 115-117
OPBF light middleweight title
1987-07-22Francisco Ferrer24-11-6
Kokugikan, Tokyo, JapanWUD1010
1987-04-02Jae-Hyung Yuh29-4-0
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO912
time: 1:28 | referee: Ukrid Sarasas
vacant OPBF light middleweight title
Yuh down twice before the KO
1986-12-02Rolando Aldemir17-7-5
Kokugikan, Tokyo, JapanWTKO5
1986-07-24Antonio Stocky
Kokugikan, Tokyo, JapanWKO1
Stocky was probably a moniker. Real identity not known.
1986-03-24Mitsuo Hatano5-1-0
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWTKO510
Japanese light middleweight title
1986-01-09Tricky Kawaguchi8-10-1
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWTKO110
time: 2:19
Japanese light middleweight title
Kawaguchi down three times
1985-11-07Mitsuo Hatano5-0-0
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO810
time: 2:21 | referee: Takeo Ugo
Japanese light middleweight title
Hatano down twice in 8th
1985-07-20Mugen Kawasaka14-5-0
City Gymnasium, Hachinohe, Aomori, JapanWKO210
time: 0:53
Japanese light middleweight title
1985-01-10Ki-Chang Park
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO5
1984-10-11Ki-Keum Son
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO310
time: 1:04 | referee: Ken Morita
1984-07-30Junya Kushikino27-13-0
Prefectural Gymnasium, Osaka, Osaka, JapanLTKO610
time: 1:41 | referee: Ryoji Kashiwagi
Japanese welterweight title
1984-04-05Byung-Sun Yuh2-2-0
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO5
1984-02-03Young de la Cruz12-14-1
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, JapanWKO1
1983-11-19Chung-Jae Hwang26-2-0
Daejeon, South KoreaWKO2
1983-09-02Wan-Ki Chung1-1-2
Tokyo, JapanWKO4
1983-06-21Nobuyuki Chisaka6-10-0
Hachinohe, Aomori, JapanWKO2
1983-03-04Masashi Yoshida
Tokyo, JapanWTKO2


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