Frenchy Belanger
Global ID41826
birthdate 1906-12-04
death date 1969-05-27 (62)
height5′ 4″   /   163cm
country Canada
residenceToronto, Ontario, Canada
birth placeToronto, Ontario, Canada
birth nameAlbert Belanger
won 40 (KO 15) + lost 20 (KO 2) + drawn 10 = 70
rounds boxed 497 KO% 21.43

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1932-06-17Frankie Wolfram5-2-2
Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaLTKO710
1932-06-13Mike Barrett
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO14
time: 0:59
1932-05-16Pancho Linda0-2-0
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS66
This is Belanger's first start in over a year. Toronto Globe
1931-08-14Billy Passan4-2-1
Utica Stadium, Utica, New York, USALPTS66
Passan had recently fought two 4-round amateur fights with Tommy Perren in Syracuse, winning by 1st round KO on June 8 and by decision on June 22.
1931-01-11Luis Carpentero13-11-10
Queen's Gymnasium, Kingston, Ontario, CanadaLPTS1010
1930-12-02Frisco Grande23-47-5
Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLPTS66
referee: Lou Marsh
1930-10-27Marty Gold42-35-9
Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLUD88
referee: Herschel Osbourne
Gold's seventh consecutive win. The Globe. "Gold stepped in there last night, and by good, sharp, clean hitting punched himself out a decision over Frenchy Belanger - a Belanger at his best in two years." - Toronto Star
1930-10-15Frisco Grande23-46-5
Stratford, Ontario, CanadaWPTS88
1st professional boxing show staged in the city of Stratford.
1930-09-29Matty Mathewson14-5-1
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS1010
referee: Herschel Osbourne
"The decision was booed lustily by the fans." Buffalo Times. Despite the crowd's reaction, The Star & The Globe felt that Belanger deserved the decision.
1930-08-15Bobby Clary19-11-2
Agricultural Park, Goderich, Ontario, CanadaWPTS88
referee: Herschel Osbourne
1930-06-10Frankie Genaro66-14-6
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLUD1010
referee: Lou Marsh
National Boxing Association World flyweight title
IBU World (1913 - 1946) flyweight title
"Genaro was too cagey and retained the title on the unanimous verdict of all three judges. It was close, but there is no room for argument or dispute." - Toronto Star
1930-05-12Franklyn Young3-5-2
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS1010
Young was down twice for no count.
1930-04-15Quina Lee8-19-4
Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaWUD1010
1930-02-24Kid Lencho16-19-6
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO210
Belanger's first bout in three months. The Globe
1929-10-18Eugene Huat30-7-2
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLTKO610
Belanger down in the 2nd, twice in the 3rd, and twice in the 6th. The referee stopped the bout without a count after the final knockdown.
1929-05-13Harry Hill42-33-16
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO610
Canada flyweight title
Hill was knocked down eight times--for a three-count in the 1st, six and seven counts in the 2nd, a six-count in the 3rd, an eight-count in the 5th, saved by the bell, and a two count in the 6th, and the final toll--before the towel was tossed into the ring. Belanger gave Hill "the worst beating a boxer of class has received in a Toronto ring in years." (Hill claimed that he had never been KO'd in 400 bouts.) The Globe
1929-04-17Harry Hill40-33-16
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLUD1010
Canada flyweight title
Hill claimed three times that he had been fouled. Montreal Herald
1929-03-12Corporal Izzy Schwartz60-27-11
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLPTS1212
referee: Lou Marsh
NYSAC World flyweight title
1929-02-08Corporal Izzy Schwartz59-27-11
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLPTS1010
referee: Lou Marsh
A record capacity crowd of 11,500 attended, reported the Toronto Globe newspaper--which apparently forgot about the Nov. 28, 1927, 12,000-13,000 record crowd.
1929-01-04Steve Rocco9-1-1
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS1010
referee: Lou Marsh
Canada flyweight title
1928-12-03Willie Davies72-9-12
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWSD1212
referee: Lou Marsh
Kid Chocolate & Ted (Kid) Lewis were introduced. The Globe
1928-10-15Frankie Genaro57-11-6
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLPTS1010
referee: Elwood Hughes
National Boxing Association World flyweight title
1928-10-03Marty Gold37-21-8
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS1010
1928-06-25Johnny McCoy50-14-11
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLSD1010
referee: Lou Marsh
Marsh ordered McCoy to remove his rubber mouth-guard at the end of the second round. The Globe
1928-06-05Steve Rocco7-0-0
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLUD1010
referee: Alex Sinclair
Canada flyweight title
It was "one of the greatest bouts, any weight, ever seen in a Toronto ring...." The Globe
1928-05-11Frisco Grande16-16-3
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS1010
1928-04-27Clovis Durand13-13-0
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS1010
referee: Elwood Hughes
Canada flyweight title
Belanger's first bout after a two-month layoff, per the Montreal Herald (which appears incorrect).
1928-02-17Joey Ross22-17-9
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USALPTS88
1928-02-06Frankie Genaro52-10-5
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLPTS1010
National Boxing Association World flyweight title
1928-01-16Frisco Grande14-15-3
Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USALDQ510
referee: Dick Nugent
Accidental Low Blow
1927-12-19Ernie Jarvis81-31-17
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWUD1212
referee: Lou Marsh
National Boxing Association World flyweight title
Belanger floored Jarvis in the first round and was knocked down himself in the 11th. (Reported as being Toronto's first world title bout in 20 years. The Globe) Meanwhile, the NYSAC recognized Izzy Schwartz as the title-holder; Schwartz had informed authorities he would meet the winner of this bout to settle the matter of supremacy.
1927-11-28Frankie Genaro52-9-5
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWSD1010
referee: Les Black
This was an NBA eliminator bout, with a right to meet Ernie Jarvis for the vacant flyweight title
Attendance: 12,000-13,000--the largest indoor crowd in Toronto history to date, per the Toronto Globe.

1927-10-28Newsboy Brown28-2-4
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS1010
referee: Lou Marsh
Reported as Belanger's first 10-rounder. He scored two nine-count knockdowns in the fourth round. Brown was cautioned for hitting when told to break; twice in the ninth and once in the tenth, he was warned for kidney punching. The Globe
1927-09-22Ray Schauer3-20-9
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO56
referee: Les Black
Belanger substituted for Alex Burlie on a day's notice.
1927-09-12Bobby Leitham1-1-0
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO56
referee: Alex Sinclair
Leitham "made an excellent showing in the first four rounds, and was well applauded for his cleverness. He kept Belanger quite busy for a while, and with more experience in the professional ranks will be hard to beat." The Globe
1927-08-30Bobby Clary
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO36
referee: Lou Marsh
Belanger dropped Clary twice in the second round, for counts of 5 (left to the stomach) and 9 (right to the jaw). The bout was “mercifully stopped” in the third round.
1927-08-19Spider Ryan11-17-10
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS66
referee: Les Black
"This Ryan is a real smart flyweight but Frenchy took the track from him when the barrier went up and won as he pleased." - Toronto Star. "Belanger, the harder hitter, did not at any time appear to be in danger of suffering defeat, but neither did he at any stage of the bout hold any great lead over his active opponent." - Globe & Mail.
1927-08-05Harry Martin16-10-7
Maple Leaf Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO26
referee: Les Black
Martin was a last minute substitute for "Spider" Ryan. Belanger gave away 10 pounds in weight according to Star, though no actual totals given. Martin knocked down twice.
1927-05-18Harry Goldstein21-8-2
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWMD1010
1927-05-06Jack Silver0-1-0
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO26
referee: Les Black
Silver was a substitute for "Chappie" Brewer. "After pummelling Silver's body during the first round, Belanger ended hostilities with a hard right to the jaw in the second." - Globe & Mail
1927-04-29Hank Jarvis1-6-1
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO36
referee: Les Black
"Referee Black halted the carnage in the third. Belanger was as cool as a polar bear's nose all the way... his left hook and jab did the trick." - Toronto Star
1927-04-18Lou Passavanti
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO46
referee: Alex Sinclair
The referee stopped the bout before the start of the fifth round. Passavanvi is the former Ohio state amateur champion. The Globe
1927-03-18Scotty McKeown7-7-2
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO56
referee: Les Black
Belanger was dropped by a left hand early in the fifth, before rallying to knock out McKeown with a right hand later in the round.
1927-02-21Scotty McKeown6-7-1
Standard Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaDPTS66
referee: Alex Sinclair
"...decision of a draw proved satisfactory to most of those present. Belanger was the harder hitter, but was made to miss often by McKeon's body weaving." - Globe & Mail. Belanger scored a knockdown in the fourth round. McKeown fined $10 for a kidney punch in round 2.
1926-11-15Alex Hellman
Standard Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO110
referee: Alex Sinclair
Belanger's opponent, "an unknown youngster from Cleveland" was a late sub for Hughey Manson.
1926-10-20Harry Goldstein17-6-1
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDPTS88
1926-09-29Willie Woods18-45-3
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
referee: Georges Rivet
1926-09-23Whitey Moret1-4-0
K. of C. Auditorium, Windsor, Ontario, CanadaWPTS88
1926-09-10Hugh Manson7-9-5
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO910
1926-06-25Charley Stevenson0-1-0
Syracuse, New York, USADPTS1010
1926-04-23Manny Wexler21-12-2
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLPTS88
referee: Hugh Hayes
"On the whole it was a tame scrap, and the worst that Belanger should have received was a draw. There was a near riot when the decision in favor of Wexler was announced." - Toronto Star
1926-04-12Ty Coleman26-6-3
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaDPTS88
1926-03-30Ty Coleman26-5-3
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS88
referee: Hilliard Lang
"There was not much between the pair but Belanger certainly deserved the award." - Toronto Star. Coleman dropped by a right hand body shot in round 2.
1926-03-19Hal Stevenson19-1-1
Arena, Syracuse, New York, USAWPTS66
1926-02-19Hal Stevenson18-1-1
Arena, Syracuse, New York, USALPTS66
referee: Louis Marks | judge: Casper Wells | judge: William Gray
1926-02-15Charlie Pinto11-7-5
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaDPTS66
"Frenchy Belanger didn't get any the best of it when a draw decision was handed out in his six-rounder with Charlie Pinto of Buffalo. On his leading and general aggressiveness the local lad was entitled to the verdict." - Toronto Star
1926-02-05Ty Coleman25-5-3
Arena, Syracuse, New York, USALPTS66
1926-01-25Charlie Pinto11-6-4
Standard Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS66
referee: Hilliard Lang
"The decision... aroused enthusiasm of a reverse nature. Pinto outboxed the stocky local 114 pounder but he fought a rear guard scrap throughout letting Belanger carry the fight to him. This fact coupled with Belanger's nice left-handing undoubtedly influenced Referee Lang in giving his award." - Toronto Star
1925-12-11Teddy Beardwood4-1-0
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaDPTS66
referee: Hugh Hayes
"Referee Hayes got a mild panning for calling the bout a draw. Those who worried about it thought that Belanger had won. I guess he did have a margin, but the boys put up such a ding dong fist festival that it was almost a shame to give it to either one." - Toronto Star
1925-10-30Allan Holmes6-22-2
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaDPTS44
referee: Alex Sinclair
"It looked like Herman's bout." - Toronto Star
1925-10-01Tiger Joe Herman6-2-5
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaDPTS44
Exact date unknown.
1925-05-22Victor St. Onge14-7-10
Arena, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO56
"... the Buffalo lad, wheeling to avoid one of Belanger's peppery rushes, sprained his ankle and fell to the floor. he was unable to rise and the bout was awarded to the beady-eyed Toronto youngster... The fortunes of war see-sawed, but it looked as if the aggressive Toronto lad was a bit out in front when Vick twisted his ankle. He was the stranger and was forcing the issue." - Toronto Star
1925-05-11Alex Burlie12-2-4
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLPTS66
1925-04-11Ken Raifman0-1-0
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS66
referee: Alex Sinclair
"The Montrealer lost a tooth somewhere along the route but he was in there trying to the bitter end." - Toronto Star
1925-03-19Dick Ray
Standard Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS66
referee: Lou Marsh
"Belanger took the first five round, but Ray had a margin in the final round, when he left his defense beside the water bucket and just tossed gloves." - Toronto Star
1925-02-23Ken Raifman
Standard Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWUD66
referee: Alex Sinclair
The Toronto Star had Belanger up 4-2, but mentioned that Raifman had won over the crowd with a strong finish. Raifman's professional debut.
1925-02-09Willie Davies13-2-1
Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaDPTS66
Davies down in round 2 from a right hand to the jaw. "The draw verdict suited was a fierce little mill." - Toronto Star
1925-01-01Billy Barnicott0-0-1
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWTKO46
referee: Lou Marsh
1924-12-15Allan Holmes5-17-2
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWPTS66
referee: Lou Marsh
"a sizzling curtain opener" - Globe & Mail
1924-11-21Billy Barnicott
Grand Opera House, Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaDPTS44
Belanger's pro debut
“Frenchy Belanger, the clever Toronto amateur flyweight broke into pro ranks with a draw with Billie Barnicott. The youthful Belanger looked like an infant beside Barnicott, but there was only 8 1/4 pounds difference in the weights. He had the Hamilton boy outpointed until the last round, when he fell through the ropes against the press table and injured his back. Barnicott rushed his injured adversary then and earned himself a draw.” – Toronto Star, Nov 22, 1924


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