Hi-Sup Shin
Global ID46551
birthdate 1964-07-29
country South Korea
residenceSeoul, South Korea
birth placeSeoul, South Korea
won 37 (KO 22) + lost 3 (KO 2) + drawn 1 = 41
rounds boxed 252 KO% 53.66

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1987-02-22Dodie Boy Penalosa19-1-1
Indoor Gymnasium, Incheon, South KoreaLKO515
time: 2:10 | referee: Abraham Pacheco | judge: Louis Race 37-39 | judge: Tom Evaristo 38-40 | judge: Wan-Soo Yuh 39-39
IBF World flyweight title
1986-11-22Henry Brent9-4-0
City Gymnasium, Chuncheon, South KoreaWTKO1315
time: 1:37 | referee: Waldemar Schmidt | judge: Tom Evaristo 120-105 | judge: John Cauchi 119-107 | judge: Chung-Won Chung 120-106
IBF World flyweight title
1986-08-02Bi-Won Jung19-4-2
Indoor Gymnasium, Incheon, South KoreaWTKO1515
time: 1:20 | referee: John Wheeler | judge: Kwang-Soo Kim 137-130 | judge: Dae-Eun Jung 139-126 | judge: Wan-Soo Yuh 138-130
IBF World flyweight title
1986-03-15Titing Dignos5-4-0
Seoul, South KoreaWTKO412
OPBF flyweight title
1985-12-15Nongberd Naphataya23-4-1
Haenam, South KoreaWKO312
OPBF flyweight title
1985-07-13Sakdisamuth Singsamang24-5-0
Chungju, South KoreaWTKO512
OPBF flyweight title
1985-03-10Kid Kanashiro5-2-0
Daegu, South KoreaWKO1
1984-12-08Nongberd Naphataya18-3-1
Indoor Gymnasium, Chongju, South KoreaWKO612
OPBF flyweight title
1984-07-17Rene Busayong14-10-0
Mokpo, South KoreaWTKO312
vacant OPBF flyweight title
1984-04-28Al Tan Lee3-2-1
Gwangju City, South KoreaWKO3
1984-02-26Ruben De La Cruz7-1-0
Namhae, South KoreaWPTS1010
1983-11-20Chalao Muangsurin6-1-0
Jeju, South KoreaWKO612
OPBF flyweight title
1983-07-17Santos Benigno Laciar52-6-10
Halla Gym, Jeju, South KoreaLTKO115
time: 1:19 | referee: Zach Clayton | judge: Gordon Volkman | judge: Rudy Jordan
WBA World flyweight title
1983-06-05Allan Makitoki19-2-0
Chinju, South KoreaWKO812
OPBF flyweight title
1983-04-30Edward Bucton7-2-1
Munhwa Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWTKO910
1983-01-29Hong Soo Yang26-7-5
Seoul, South KoreaWKO912
OPBF flyweight title
1982-12-18Wonchai Singchatvan1-0-0
Daejeon, South KoreaWKO4
1982-10-09Siony Carupo21-13-6
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS1010
1982-09-18Jun Resma13-3-3
Chonju Gymnasium, Chongju, South KoreaWKO710
1982-08-07Rodrigo Saonoy1-11-1
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS1010
1982-06-19Ramon Chan3-1-1
Munhwa Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWTKO7
1982-05-07Andy Balaba7-5-4
Changchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWTKO1010
time: 2:35
Balaba, 28, dies as a result of injuries sustained in this fight. The WBA #2 ranked flyweight, Balaba, lost consciousness in his locker room following the bout, fell into a coma, and underwent a 4 hour brain surgery the following day, but died due to a serious hemorrhage in the left side of his brain. Balaba was floored once in the 9th Round and the referee awarded two mandatory eight-count during the 10th and final round before he finally stopped the bout.
1982-04-18Hyung-Shik Lim2-0-0
Jonjoo, South KoreaWKO10
1982-04-04Chi-Mal Oh1-0-0
Busan, South KoreaWKO10
1982-02-20Chul-Yong Park0-5-0
Kudok Gymnasium, Busan, South KoreaWUD1010
1982-01-24Suriya Patumwadee4-7-0
Daejeon, South KoreaWKO10
1981-12-16Hiroyuki Tada10-3-0
Miyagi Sports Center, Sendai, Miyagi, JapanWPTS1010
1981-10-31Young-Chul Hong1-0-0
Changchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWTKO18
1981-08-31Rord Mitsuru6-0-0
Munhwa Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWPTS66
1981-05-24Min-Wong Kim
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS44
1981-05-22Bok-Young Kim1-0-0
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS44
1981-05-17Young-Hyun Han0-0-1
Munhwa Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaWPTS44
1981-05-09Young-Jun Ahn
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS44
1981-05-06Chong-Hwan Kim1-0-0
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS44
1981-03-29Young-Hyun Han
Seoul, South KoreaDPTS44
1981-01-23Kyun-Jae Lee0-1-0
Busan, South KoreaWPTS44
1980-11-29Jung-Koo Chang4-0-0
Munhwa Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaLPTS44
1980-11-23Yong-Hyun Kim
Seoul, South KoreaWKO2
1980-11-22Sang-Kyu Oh
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS44
1980-11-19Sae-Bong Kim
Seoul, South KoreaWPTS44
1980-11-17Chong-Kyu Kim
Seoul, South KoreaWDQ4


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