Nicolas Petit-Biquet
Global ID47211
birthdate 1907-07-16
death date 1959-03-31 (51)
country Belgium
residenceLiege, Liege, Belgium
birth placeLiege, Belgium
won 59 (KO 14) + lost 32 (KO 8) + drawn 16 = 107
rounds boxed 1134 KO% 13.08

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1938-05-11Roger 2-3-0
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumDPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1938-02-16Albert Legrand3-2-0
Palais des Sports, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1937-10-18Tiny Bostock65-13-4
Granby Halls, Leicester, Leicestershire, United KingdomLKO612x3
1937-06-28Peter Kane40-0-0
Earls Court Empress Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomLRTD915x3
referee: Moss Deyong
Biquet retired from contest. "Biquet stated afterwards that the thumb of Kane's right glove was poked accidentally into his eye and blinded him." The Scotsman, 29th June 1937.
1937-03-03Georges Bataille22-10-4
Palais des Sports, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1937-02-03Maurice Huguenin59-15-6
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1515
vacant EBU (European) bantamweight title
1936-11-25Kid David24-4-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1212
referee: Marcel Falony 240-226 | judge: Gustave Demunter 240-232 | judge: Mathieu Borre 240-219
Belgium bantamweight title
1936-02-13Johnny McGrory41-5-2
Adelphi Club, Glasgow, Scotland, United KingdomLTKO912x3
Boxing February 19, 1936
1936-02-07Jackie Brown80-16-8
King's Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomLKO612x3
referee: Gus Platts
Boxing February 12, 1936
1935-12-29Alfred Famechon2-2-0
Maubeuge, Nord, FranceLPTS1010
1935-10-26Achille Wimme2-2-0
Oostende, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1935-08-31Baltasar Sangchili60-10-10
Stade Municipal, Algiers, AlgeriaLTKO1115
1935-05-11Maurice Dubois23-4-0
Palais des Expositions, Geneva, SwitzerlandLTKO1115
referee: Robert Vaisberg | judge: Servais | judge: Roger Nicod
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1935-03-27Joe Mendiola53-27-22
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1935-03-04Len (Nipper) Hampston62-13-3
Town Hall, Leeds, Yorkshire, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
1935-01-22Carlos Flix56-11-5
Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BelgiumWPTS1515
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1934-12-30Frank Harsen10-1-1
Lille, Nord, FranceDPTS1515
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1934-10-19Hans Schiller17-6-9
Neue Welt, Neukoelln, Berlin, GermanyDPTS1010
1934-08-18Baltasar Sangchili52-9-9
Stade Municipal, Algiers, AlgeriaWPTS1515
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1934-07-28Joseph Decico16-4-3
Lyon, Rhône, FranceDPTS1515
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1934-06-30Joseph Decico15-4-3
Lyon, Rhône, FranceLPTS1212
1934-03-17Domenico Bernasconi43-19-5
Milan, Lombardia, ItalyWPTS1515
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1934-03-02Maurice Dubois15-1-0
Zurich, SwitzerlandLPTS1010
1934-02-18Gaston Maton12-2-1
Palais de la Boxe, Lille, Nord, FranceWPTS1010
1933-12-10Junior Gilbert
Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BelgiumWPTS1010
1933-12-03Young Perez67-9-13
Palais de la Boxe, Lille, Nord, FranceWPTS1212
1933-09-17Petit Fievet0-1-0
Jolimont, Hainaut, BelgiumWPTS1010
1933-07-15Baltasar Sangchili40-9-7
Plaza de Toros, Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, SpainDSD1515
referee: Desmet 297-297 | judge: Juan Casanovas 286-298 | judge: Francis Soulie 148½-147½
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1933-04-04Young Perez63-8-11
Tunis, TunisiaDPTS1010
1933-03-15Willi Metzner19-25-13
Verviers, Liege, BelgiumWKO410
1933-02-25Lucian Popescu31-5-6
Palais des Sports, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1932-12-07Carlos Flix47-7-4
Palais des Sports, Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1515
vacant EBU (European) bantamweight title
Title vacated by Domenico Bernasconi
1932-10-23Panama Al Brown93-11-11
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumLPTS1010
1932-08-12Mariano Arilla34-10-10
Casino de Port Deleau, Algiers, AlgeriaDPTS1010
1932-06-26Young Perez53-4-10
Stade Communal de Saint Eugène, Algiers, AlgeriaLPTS1010
1932-06-19Albert Biesmans11-11-3
Verviers, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1932-04-16Mariano Arilla33-9-9
Paris-Ring, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1932-01-24Domenico Bernasconi39-14-5
Palazzo Dello Sport, Milan, Lombardia, ItalyLPTS1010
referee: Anselmo Villa
1932-01-13Leopold Cortvriendt1-7-2
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1931-12-15Francois Machtens18-18-2
Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BelgiumDPTS1010
1931-11-13Willi Metzner9-20-12
Hamburg, GermanyWTKO610
1931-10-05Johnny King73-14-8
King's Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
1931-09-24Emile Degand18-7-5
Charleroi, Hainaut, BelgiumDPTS1212
1931-09-07Johnny King72-14-8
King's Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
1931-07-05Georg Pfitzner13-3-4
Dirt-Track Bahn, Hamburg, GermanyDPTS1010
1931-06-06Lucian Popescu20-2-3
Bucharest, RomaniaLPTS1010
1931-04-12Dick Corbett59-12-8
The Ring, Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
1931-03-03Marcel Sartos1-0-2
Charleroi, Hainaut, BelgiumWPTS1515
1930-11-23Achille Negri5-1-2
Palazzo Dello Sport, Milan, Lombardia, ItalyDPTS1010
1930-10-18Emile Pladner51-7-3
Velodrome d'Hiver, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1930-09-01Kid Socks68-48-18
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
Bout took place some time in September.
1930-06-21Achille Negri2-0-2
Bologna, Emilia Romagna, ItalyWPTS1010
1930-06-04Carlos Flix32-4-3
Plaza de Toros de Las Arenas, Barcelona, Cataluña, SpainLPTS1515
referee: ? Broccard | judge: Juan Casanovas | judge: Maurice Collard
EBU (European) bantamweight title
1930-04-16Eugene Huat32-11-2
Salle Wagram, Paris, Paris, FranceLTKO810
1930-03-22Victor Steverlinck1-8-0
Meenen, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumWTKO1415
Belgium bantamweight title
1930-03-06Anders Petersen16-10-4
Stadion, Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS1212
1930-02-26Leo Hermal3-1-1
Verviers, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1010
1930-02-19Kid Francis75-6-4
Salle Wagram, Paris, Paris, FranceLPTS1010
1930-01-28C Degraeve
Jolimont, Hainaut, BelgiumWPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1930-01-10? Van Daele0-1-0
Verviers, Liege, BelgiumWTKO410
1929-12-20Joseph Bodson0-1-1
Verviers, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1515
1929-12-03Jerome Van Paemel0-5-1
Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BelgiumWPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1929-11-10Achille Wimme0-1-0
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1010
1929-04-23Gideon Potteau2-5-0
Charleroi, Hainaut, BelgiumWPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1929-04-06Praxille Gyde2-4-3
Lille, Nord, FranceWTKO210
1929-03-21Nipper Pat Daly63-5-5
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
referee: Matt Wells
"We know what Biquet has done to some of our best, before Daly arrived, and yet it is a fact that none of them did with Biquet what this 16-year-old boy did last night. There was not a phase of the game of boxing at which Daly was not superior. When he consented to remain in at close quarters (Biquet’s game) people murmured or shouted warnings to him. But they soon left him to his own resources, for he was beating Biquet at the latter’s game... Biquet did not know what to do... It was a great win, on points, for the youngest boxer of the evening." The Daily Chronicle, 22/03/1929
"Biquet strove his hardest to punch holes in the frail-looking little lad from Marylebone, but the Nipper refused to be flurried. He blocked the Belgian’s body blows with his arms and elbows, and then scored at every opportunity... One or two more fights like this, and Nipper will find himself as big a draw as Jimmy Wilde used to be. Promoters who heard the roars which greeted his entry into the ring must now be aware that they need have no hesitation whatsoever in billing the Nipper as a star attraction. He is all that already." Boxing, 27/03/1929

1929-03-10Domenico Bernasconi29-6-3
Palazzo Dello Sport, Milan, Lombardia, ItalyLPTS1515
referee: M Duvernaz | judge: Antonio Villa | judge: Sirvain
vacant EBU (European) bantamweight title
Western Daily Press - Monday 11 March 1929
1929-02-02Andre Gleizes26-18-6
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1010
1929-01-23Michel Montreuil53-24-14
Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, BelgiumWPTS1515
Belgium bantamweight title
1928-12-15Francois Moracchini19-17-4
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1212
1928-12-06Bert Kirby45-6-5
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
referee: Matt Wells
‘This return affair left no room for doubt that on his night’s work Kirby was outpointed. For orthodox boxing and ring technique Kirby was never beaten, but for strength and fire of attack and initiative he was only second best… The Belgian lad was returned a just and popular winner.’
Western Daily Press - Friday 07 December 1928

1928-11-08Jerome Van Paemel0-3-1
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1010
1928-10-25Bert Kirby43-5-4
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, United KingdomWPTS88x3
referee: Matt Wells
‘Kirby had to concede well over half a stone. Even at that we were unable to agree with the referee when he announced that the Belgian was the winner. According to our reckoning the little Brum had a clear lead on points.’ Western Daily Press - Friday 26 October 1928
1928-09-29Francois Biron12-10-7
Liege, Liege, BelgiumWPTS1010
1928-08-21Billy Hindley75-24-13
White City, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
referee: Bert O'Neil
"...the referee, Bert O'Neil, pointed to Hindley as the winner. The whole crowd then rose in angry protest against the ruling and Biquet alone succeeded in preventing a riot." Boxing, Racing, and Football, 28th August 1928.
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