Bobby Garcia
Global ID504
birthdate 1903-07-04
death date 1943-08-12 (40)
height5′ 6″   /   168cm
aliasMexican Wildcat
country USA
residenceBaltimore, Maryland, USA
birth placeEl Paso, Texas, USA
birth nameRobert Garcia
won 69 (KO 35) + lost 51 (KO 11) + drawn 13 = 133
rounds boxed 1056
Newspaper Decisions won 2 : lost 6 : drawn
rounds boxed 80
Total Bouts 141 KO% 24.82

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1932-08-08Al Tendler12-9-1
Leiperville Arena, Leiperville, Pennsylvania, USALPTS66
1932-07-25Billy Ritchie29-16-7
Open Air Arena, Leiperville, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS66
1929-10-16Arthur DeBeve20-18-10
Armory, Silver Spring, Maryland, USALKO610
From Washington newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1929-10-10Phil Raymond30-12-2
Embassy Theater, Baltimore, Maryland, USALPTS88
From Baltimore results (Laurence Fielding).
1929-09-23Sid Lampe26-5-2
104th Medical Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USALPTS88
1929-08-19Sid Lampe26-4-2
Carlin's Park, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWPTS88
1929-08-05Phil Raymond30-11-1
Carlin's Park, Baltimore, Maryland, USADPTS88
1929-07-12Young Nationalista53-35-20
Phoenix, Arizona, USALTKO710
1929-05-13Sid Lampe25-4-2
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USALPTS1212
1929-03-25Buster Brown38-6-5
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USALPTS1212
1929-01-14Kid Williams95-16-8
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USALPTS1010
referee: Charley Baum
Williams floored in the first round and Garcia floored in the ninth. From Maryland materials of Laurence Fielding.
1928-12-11Andy Kelly5-11-3
Armory, Hagerstown, Maryland, USAWPTS88
1928-11-12Tommy Grogan35-8-4
Auditorium, Omaha, Nebraska, USALTKO210
referee: Harry Reed
1928-10-15Henri DeWancker31-7-5
104th Medical Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USALTKO310
From Baltimore newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1928-08-28Tony Canzoneri48-4-7
Velodrome, Newark, New Jersey, USALKO110
NOTE: The supposed 4-round fight for Canzoneri, 9/10/28 in New Castle, Penn., previously included here, has been eliminated. That fight belonged to a preliminary fighter named Tony Canzoni and stems from an old mistake in the 1928 EVERLAST BOXING RECORD.
1928-08-20Jack Portney13-1-1
Maryland Baseball Park, Baltimore, Maryland, USALPTS1212
From Baltimore newspapers (Laurence Fielding). Portney and Garcia did not box on September 20, 1928; that entry was a duplication of this one.
1928-07-09Leo (Kid) Roy63-15-2
Velodrome, Hartford, Connecticut, USALTKO710
Garcia was unable to come out for round 7.
1928-06-13Bert Brown15-8-1
Baseball Stadium, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1928-04-16Johnny Filucci37-10-1
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USADPTS1212
1928-03-19Eddie Shea19-7-2
Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USALTKO1112
1928-03-12Billy Grime76-18-8
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWPTS1212
Reported as being Billy Bryan by Self-Defense Sporting Annual 1929, p. 62.
1928-02-20Billy Grime76-18-7
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USADPTS1212
From Baltimore newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1928-02-07Mike Dundee43-10-6
Memorial Hall, Dayton, Ohio, USADPTS1212
Garcia's opponent was reported by Self-Defense Sporting Annual 1929, p. 62, as being Jackie Feldman, and the bout occurring at Pontiac, Michigan. But Feldman was fighting Tommy Meekins at Pontiac and Dundee drew with Garcia at Dayton according to other contemporary sources.
1928-01-27Phil Raymond23-7-1
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO412
From Baltimore newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1928-01-10Al Bryant13-5-0
Newark, New Jersey, USALNWS1010
A slow fight--Newark Star-Eagle.
1927-12-19Johnny Hill40-7-7
Detroit, Michigan, USAWTKO810
1927-12-05Jesse Goss6-2-0
Arena, Trenton, New Jersey, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from Trenton Times
1927-11-26Johnny Filucci36-8-1
Olympia Boxing Club, New York, New York, USALPTS1010
1927-11-14Al Bryant13-5-0
Newark, New Jersey, USALNWS1010
(Newark Star-Eagle)
1927-10-29Bruce Flowers37-4-7
Olympia Boxing Club, New York, New York, USALPTS1010
1927-10-24Marty Silvers49-27-15
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO810
Silver broke his hand in the eighth round. Spokane Spokesman Review Result also from Baltimore newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1927-10-21Al Delmont8-9-0
Newark, New Jersey, USAWKO110
1927-10-10Joe Glick84-23-16
Broadway Arena, Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS1010
1927-10-04Billy White15-8-2
Jersey City, New Jersey, USAWKO610
1927-09-20Sollie Castellane21-3-0
National A.C., Newark, New Jersey, USALDQ510
This is the correct date--result from the Newark Evening News. Castellane broke two knuckles in his left hand and did not fight again until January of 1928. Low blow in the fifth round and not the fourth round as previously entered cost Garcia the fight.
1927-09-06Jimmy Britt3-3-0
Jersey City, New Jersey, USAWNWS1212
Garcia won the newspaper decision.
1927-08-22Joe Glick82-22-16
Dexter Park Arena, Woodhaven, Queens, New York, USALPTS1010
Reported by some as "Joe Click of Brooklyn."
1927-08-09Jimmy Britt3-2-0
Jersey City, New Jersey, USAWKO710
1927-07-30Marty Silvers49-26-13
Ridgewood Grove, Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS66
1927-07-18Sammy Offerman19-13-13
Valley Arena, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
referee: Jack Dekkers
1927-06-13Johnny Ceccoli26-18-8
Carlin's Park, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWKO112
1927-06-06Tommy Herman22-5-3
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALKO310
Herman floored Garcia thirteen times, ten times in the third round before he stayed down for the count.
1927-05-06Freddie Mueller28-10-3
Arena, Syracuse, New York, USALPTS1010
referee: Joe Morrison
1927-03-14Al Winkler23-3-3
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
1927-03-01Mike Dundee37-8-6
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS1010
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman). Dundee won 7 of the 10 rounds and scored a knockdown in round 3.
1927-02-21Johnny Ceccoli25-14-8
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USALPTS1212
1927-02-14Tommy Herman22-4-3
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWKO1010
1927-02-05Jackie Snyder45-13-6
Ridgewood Grove, Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS1010
1927-01-28George McKenzie14-5-2
Buckingham Hall, Waterbury, Connecticut, USAWTKO410
referee: Bill Conway
From the Hartford Courant (Laurence Fielding).
1927-01-17Ruby Stein25-32-7
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO910
From Baltimore newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1927-01-10Lew Mayrs34-13-8
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO312
1926-12-20Jackie Snyder44-13-6
Broadway Arena, Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS1010
1926-11-20Jose Lombardo33-10-4
Ridgewood Grove, Brooklyn, New York, USAWTKO910
1926-11-08Charley Goodman33-20-8
Broadway Arena, Brooklyn, New York, USALDQ910
1926-08-23Danny Kramer81-22-18
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALTKO110
Garcia was floored four times, the last at 1:57 of round one.
1926-06-28Louis 'Kid' Kaplan57-12-13
Hurley Stadium, Hartford, Connecticut, USALTKO1015
World Featherweight title
Hurley Stadium was constructed for this bout -- it was torn down in 1933
On July 6, 1926, Kaplan renounced the Featherweight World Title, admitting that he could no longer reduce to 126 pounds without harming his health.
Dick (Honeyboy) Finnegan won a version of the Featherweight Crown November 15, 1926.

1926-04-12Lew Mayrs32-10-8
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWPTS1212
1926-04-05Johnny Drew34-9-4
Foot Guard Hall, Hartford, Connecticut, USAWPTS1010
1926-03-08Ray Miller28-3-3
Valley Arena, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USALPTS1010
referee: Jack Dekkers
1926-02-22Phil Verdi20-12-8
Convention Hall, Rochester, New York, USAWTKO610
1926-01-25Babe Herman68-19-17
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALDQ710
1926-01-18Tommy Herman11-0-2
104th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWPTS1212
1925-12-18Dick Finnegan25-4-0
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALDQ68
1925-12-07Mike Dundee29-5-6
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
1925-11-12Johnny Kochansky39-6-6
Foot Guard Hall, Hartford, Connecticut, USAWKO610
1925-10-19Danny Kramer80-16-18
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS1010
1925-06-30Phil McGraw8-2-0
Taylor Bowl, Cleveland, Ohio, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post.
1925-06-23Danny Kramer78-14-18
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
1925-06-08Johnny Rogers0-2-0
Fort Monroe, Virginia, USAWKO28
1925-06-04Joe Glick63-13-10
Dexter Park Stadium, Woodhaven, Queens, New York, USALDQ710
Three times Glick appealed to the referee that Garcia was hitting low, in the fifth he went to one knee and took a count of six while making his plea, his claims went unheeded until the seventh when there was no mistake about the last blow of the battle. Incorrectly dated June 27 by some sources. New York Times
1925-05-29Steve Smith13-6-13
City Hall, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USALDQ910
referee: G. Edward Dixon
Garcia was disqualified for a low blow.
1925-05-18Frank Gonzales2-4-0
Langley Field, Virginia, USAWKO38
1925-04-27Babe Ruth7-1-0
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
The Philadelphia Inquirer (Jack Kincaid) stated that this was Ruth's 39th consecutive win.
1925-04-20Leo (Kid) Roy43-10-0
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLUD1010
referee: Georges Rivet
Attendance: 7,000
Roy fought the last two rounds with injured hands. The Montreal Herald reported he broke his right hand in two places on Garcia's head in the third round.
(Main event of the card that inaugurated professional boxing at the historic Montreal Forum, which had opened five months earlier, and would present world-class boxing for the next 70 years, with its last boxing show presented on December 15, 1995.)

1925-03-23Billy Petrolle20-2-2
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS1010
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