Waldemar Holberg
Global ID52895
birthdate 1883-05-29
death date 1947-03-16 (63)
height5′ 5″   /   165cm
aliasValdemar Holberg
country Denmark
birth placeCopenhagen, Denmark
won 39 (KO 28) + lost 27 (KO 7) + drawn 4 = 70
rounds boxed 665 KO% 40

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1921-08-29Hans Hirschberger12-9-5
Sportplatz, Vienna, AustriaLTKO915
1921-07-07Willi Spoerl16-7-3
Sportplatz, Vienna, AustriaLTKO710
1921-02-22Holger Hansen2-6-5
Circus, Stockholm, SwedenWPTS1212
referee: Verner Leijon
1919-09-13Emanuel Jacobsen8-3-2
Cirkus Variete, Copenhagen, DenmarkLDQ515
1919-08-01Johan Ekeroth3-5-2
Copenhagen, DenmarkWDQ1520
1919-05-26Georg Brustad1-0-1
Trondheim, NorwayLPTS1515
1919-02-02Johan Ekeroth2-4-2
Oslo, NorwayWPTS1010
Date Unknown
1918-12-15Holger Hansen2-5-5
Oslo, NorwayWTKO7
1918-11-02Fred Boston
Oslo, NorwayWKO6
1918-04-09Dick Nelson88-17-18
Turnhallen, Oslo, NorwayWPTS1515
referee: Knut Langaard
1918-02-26Frithjof Hansen4-1-1
Turnhallen, Oslo, NorwayWKO315
referee: Lerche Dahl
1918-01-22Sam Brown0-1-0
Turnhallen, Oslo, NorwayWKO11
referee: Lerche Dahl
1917-11-18Willy Carlsen
Oslo, NorwayWKO2
1917-06-06Johan Ekeroth2-2-1
Oslo, NorwayWTKO11
1916-09-24Calle Svensson1-1-0
Stockholm, SwedenWTKO7
1916-09-10Calle Svensson1-0-0
Stockholm, SwedenWPTS1010
1916-08-11Emil Kjellberg2-0-2
Stockholm, SwedenWTKO7
1916-02-21Jack Greenstock11-5-4
Golder's Green Hippodrome, Golder's Green, London, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
1916-01-03Willie Farrell7-4-1
Hoxton, London, United KingdomLKO7
1915-10-07Willie Farrell5-4-1
Liverpool, Merseyside, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
1915-07-19Billy Williams2-3-1
London, United KingdomLPTS2020x3
1915-06-12Jim Prendy47-9-8
The Ring, Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, United KingdomLPTS1515x3
Boxing June 16, 1915 P 91
1915-04-24Dai Roberts10-3-1
London, United KingdomLKO7
1915-04-12Charlie Y N Woods1-0-0
London, United KingdomWPTS1515x3
1915-03-20Sapper McNeil
London, United KingdomLDQ13
1915-02-14Dick Nelson80-14-17
Cirkus Bech-Olsen, Copenhagen, DenmarkLKO1520
Scandinavian Welterweight Title
1914-12-06Dick Nelson79-14-17
Cirkus Bech-Olsen, Copenhagen, DenmarkLPTS2020
1914-01-24Tom McCormick12-0-2
Baker's Pavilion, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaLDQ620
referee: Ernie Fullalove
World Welterweight Title
Australian Version
McCormick takes over Holberg's World Welterweight title claim. Holberg gave "an unpleasant an example of foul fighting as has ever been seen in Melbourne". (Sydney Morning Herald).

1914-01-01Ray Bronson48-8-22
Baker's Pavilion, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaWPTS2020
World Welterweight Title
Australian Version
Holberg takes over Bronson's World Welterweight title claim. Bronson had recently arrived in Australia with Eddie McGoorty and Young Saylor. Nov. 18, 1913 Tacoma Daily News.

1913-12-20Alf Goodwin13-6-2
Baker's Pavilion, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaLDQ1420
1913-11-29Frank Picato21-12-3
Baker's Pavilion, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaWTKO1120
1913-11-15Len Porter7-4-3
Baker's Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWTKO820
Reference Brisbane Courier
1913-11-01Charlie Y N Woods
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLPTS2020
1913-10-18Hock Keys45-26-9
Olympic Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaLPTS2020
1913-10-01Harry Puie5-1-1
Baker's Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO620
1913-09-13Harry Thomas15-6-1
Baker's Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaLDQ2020
Holberg disqualified for hitting and holding.
1913-08-30Herb (Kid) McCoy29-8-3
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLPTS2020
1913-07-12Hughie Mehegan50-14-2
Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaLKO1720
Australian lightweight title
1912-12-20Paul Brevieres4-3-0
Premierland, Paris, Paris, FranceLDQ6
1912-12-16Bill Johnson1-2-0
Birmingham, West Midlands, United KingdomLDQ11
1912-11-04Bill Johnson0-2-0
Sparkbrook Stadium, Birmingham, West Midlands, United KingdomLDQ10
1912-09-30Jack Ward8-3-2
Birmingham, West Midlands, United KingdomWKO1
1912-08-24Dick Lee15-17-5
Premierland, Whitechapel, London, United KingdomDPTS1010x3
1912-06-30Dick Nelson67-7-16
Cirkus Bech-Olsen, Copenhagen, DenmarkLPTS2020
1912-02-03Bobby Dobbs113-43-34
Vienna, AustriaWPTS2020
1911-12-09Jerry Petersen
Vienna, AustriaWKO10
1911-09-17Billy Gordon2-2-0
Copenhagen, DenmarkWKO15
1911-09-03Holger Hansen2-3-4
Copenhagen, DenmarkWKO4
1911-08-22Jack Slim
Berlin, GermanyDPTS1515
1911-08-20Jimmy Butler0-1-0
Copenhagen, DenmarkWKO4
1911-07-23Paul Mond
Berlin, GermanyWKO4
1911-04-23Kid McGordon
Vienna, AustriaWPTS1515
1910-12-19Eugen Legard
Berlin, GermanyWKO7
1910-12-15Erik Mosuk
Berlin, GermanyWKO2
1910-12-05H Paullian
Location unknown
1910-09-12Alf Elreich0-1-0
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWKO6
1910-09-09M Lechleitner
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWKO2
1910-09-04Alf Elreich
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWKO4
1910-04-28M Müller
Hamburg, GermanyWKO3
1910-04-07E Van Dyk
Amsterdam, NetherlandsWKO5
1910-01-27Billy Jackson
Budapest, HungaryWKO5
1909-06-25Dick Nelson47-3-13
Copenhagen, DenmarkLKO515
1909-05-29? Frank
Copenhagen, DenmarkWKO1
1909-05-29Emil Hemming Hansen0-1-0
Copenhagen, DenmarkWKO5
1909-04-25Holger Hansen1-2-3
Copenhagen, DenmarkDPTS1010
1909-02-21John Jordan
Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS1010
1908-12-15Jim Smith8-0-4
Copenhagen, DenmarkLPTS?
date in december 1908 unknown
1908-12-05Johannes Hindsberg4-0-1
Copenhagen, DenmarkWPTS?
Excact result unknown
1908-12-02Holger Hansen1-1-2
Copenhagen, DenmarkDPTS?
1908-12-01Jim Smith6-0-4
Copenhagen, DenmarkLPTS?
date in december 1908 unknown


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