Nate Jackson
Global ID53365
birthdate 1893-10-10
death date 1976-11-12 (83)
height5′ 5″   /   165cm
country USA
residenceOklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
birth placeAberdeen, South Dakota, USA
birth nameNathan William Jackson
won 32 (KO 8) + lost 12 (KO 0) + drawn 21 = 66
rounds boxed 553
Newspaper Decisions won 5 : lost 7 : drawn 6
rounds boxed 173
Total Bouts 84 KO% 9.52

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1922-10-27Mutt McKee29-11-19
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
1922-07-28California Kid1-1-2
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS?
Unpopular decision (Oklahoma Leader).
1922-03-17Cowboy Eddie Anderson17-3-4
Auditorium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
referee: Jimmy Keating
(Oklahoma Leader)
1922-01-27Earl Puryear20-14-19
Liberty Theater, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
referee: Jimmy Keating
1920-09-06Jimmy Murphy1-7-2
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1920-07-27Mutt McKee25-4-11
Auditorium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
This was the first night of fights in Oklahoma City since Jackson had been arrested at the Kid Regan fight.
1920-04-26Jimmy Murphy1-6-2
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USAWNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1920-03-15Eddie Coulon29-10-9
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USALNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1920-02-23Harry Bramer13-11-5
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USALNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1919-08-11Bobby Hughes6-4-4
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWNWS88
(Chicago Tribune)
1919-05-16Young K.O. Brown9-8-1
Fort Worth, Texas, USAWPTS1010
Brown was a New Orleans bantam who had been the Allied Armies Flyweight Champion in World War I.
1919-04-14Young Zulu Kid15-14-9
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USADNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1918-06-22Pete Herman42-8-7
Louisiana Auditorium, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1010
Reported in the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid).
1918-03-06Dick Griffin3-2-0
Fort Worth, Texas, USAWNWS1515
(Dallas Morning News)
1918-02-08Young Zulu Kid15-13-7
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USALNWS88
Zulu won: source Illustrated Boxing Record
1918-02-01Young Zulu Kid15-13-6
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USADPTS1010
1918-01-23Kid Regan1-0-0
Auditorium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1415
Fight scheduled for 15, but ended in 14th and Jackson declared winner when the police showed up. This would be the last prize fight in Oklahoma City for several years due to police crack downs
1917-11-01Earl Puryear15-4-13
Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USADNWS1515
referee: Al Venn
Newspaper decision from the Tulsa Daily World
1917-10-17Earl Puryear15-4-13
Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USADNWS1010
referee: ? Fitch
This was their 4th meeting. Tulsa Daily World
1917-09-24Benny McNeil7-3-1
Business Men's A. A., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1917-09-03Pete Herman40-8-7
Baseball Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USALNWS1010
referee: Sammy Goldman
Herman won the newspaper decision per Tulsa Daily World.
1917-08-08Earl Puryear15-4-13
Grand Theater, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USADNWS1515
Newspaper decision from the Tulsa Daily World (which reported that Puryear had some 200 career bouts)
1917-05-16Earl Puryear14-4-12
Business Men's A. A., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
1917-04-23Jimmy Murphy0-4-1
Business Men's A. A., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1917-03-23Eddie Coulon25-10-9
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USADNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1917-03-12Eddie Coulon25-10-9
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USADNWS1010
referee: Frank Gotch
(Chicago Tribune, Drumright Evening Derrick)
1917-02-20Earl Puryear10-4-11
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USALNWS1010
Exact date in early 1917 unknown. Source: 15 July 1917 Tulsa Daily World, p. 19
1917-02-09Joe Leopold2-0-1
Convention Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1515
1917-01-10Earl Puryear8-4-10
Joplin, Missouri, USALNWS?
Exact date in late 1916/early 1917 & number of rounds unknown. Source: 15 July 1917 Tulsa Daily World, p. 19
1916-12-28Roy Moore23-11-17
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USALPTS1010
According to The Daily Oklahoman Jackson was 68-5-25 and Moore 64-3-22 going into this fight.
1916-10-30Benny McNeil3-2-0
Business Men's A. A., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
1916-10-02Bobby Burns3-12-6
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
Jackson had recently lost two controversial newspaper decisions to Burns in Dallas. (The Daily Oklahoman)
1916-09-25Jack Douglas14-11-7
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1916-08-21Chick Hayes6-7-1
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USAWPTS1010
1916-08-11Roy Moore23-11-16
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USADPTS1515
1916-07-30Jay Mayse2-7-2
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1916-07-24Mike Orrison4-1-5
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USADPTS?
This was reported as the 8th meeting between the two and the 7th draw
1916-07-04Mike Orrison4-1-4
Dewey, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
1916-06-14Frankie Sanders2-1-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
(The Daily Ardmoreite)
1916-06-01Frankie Manilla0-2-1
Southern Oklahoma A.C., Ardmore, Oklahoma, USAWNWS66
(The Daily Ardmoreite)
1916-05-22Benny Kaufman22-10-5
Olympia A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Philadelphia Public Ledger in favor of Jackson.
1916-04-07Joe Lynch
Harlem S.C., New York, New York, USALNWS1010
Lynch won the newspaper decision per the New York Times
1916-03-25Peter Slaight
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS44
1916-03-04Benny McCoy9-6-6
Broadway Arena, Brooklyn, New York, USAWPTS1010
1916-01-17Jay Mayse0-3-2
Business Men's A. A., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS66
1915-09-13Pete Herman27-7-5
Denver, Colorado, USALPTS1515
1915-09-06Pete Herman27-6-5
Denver, Colorado, USAWDQ315
From the PuebloStar-Journal (Herb Goldman).
1915-04-20Memphis Pal Moore21-2-5
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USALPTS2020
1915-03-19Bobby Burns2-7-3
Grand Opera House, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1515
1915-03-05Bobby Burns2-6-3
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1515
1914-11-13Mike Orrison4-1-3
B.M.A.C., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
(Tulsa Daily World)
1914-11-09Memphis Pal Moore14-2-3
Memphis, Tennessee, USADPTS88
1914-11-06Spider Moffat2-1-1
B.M.A.C., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWKO810
referee: Harry Pouder
(Tulsa Daily World)
1914-10-22Young Carsey2-0-2
B.M.A.C., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
referee: Jimmy Kelley
As Young Carsey of Oklahoma City (The Tulsa Democrat).
1914-07-27Jay Mayse0-2-2
Broadway Athletic Club, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWTKO910
1914-07-03Bobby Burns1-4-2
Association Park, Kansas City, Missouri, USADPTS1010
referee: Walter Bates
(Kansas City Times)
1914-06-22Memphis Pal Moore11-1-2
Phoenix A.C., Memphis, Tennessee, USADPTS88
referee: Billy Haack
1914-04-27Pete Herman16-5-4
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1010
1914-04-01Mike Orrison4-1-2
Kansas City, Missouri, USADPTS1010
1914-03-10Memphis Pal Moore9-0-0
Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
Exact date unknown.
1914-02-05Mike Orrison3-1-2
Grand Avenue A.C., Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1010
1913-10-13Pete Herman12-5-4
Phoenix A.C., Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
1913-09-15Pete Herman11-5-3
Phoenix A.C., Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
referee: Billy Haack
1913-08-08Eddie Coulon6-3-6
Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
1913-05-07Arlos Fanning1-0-1
Twilight League Park, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USAWDQ?10
(Bartlesville Daily Enterprise)
1913-04-04Bobby Burns0-2-1
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USAWKO2
1913-01-14Bobby Dibbons
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1515
Dibbons was English but fought out of Kansas City. DAILY OKLAHOMAN
1912-11-12Bobby Burns0-2-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
1912-09-27Bobby Burns0-1-0
Auditorium, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
Burns claimed the Southern Bantamweight Championship, per the DAILY OKLAHOMAN.
1912-09-12Kid Bartles
Grand Opera House, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWPTS?
1912-09-04Joe Maybe2-0-1
El Reno Theater, El Reno, Oklahoma, USADPTS1010
(The El Reno Democrat)
1912-08-14Jay Mayse0-1-1
El Reno, Oklahoma, USAWPTS44
1911-10-20Eddie Lennon0-7-0
McAlester, Oklahoma, USADPTS1515
1911-08-23Jockey Trent
Convention Hall, Shawnee, Oklahoma, USAWTKO48
(The Shawnee Herald)
1911-05-15Kid Edwards
Outdoor Arena, near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWTKO2
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