Rough House Ware
Global ID54506
aliasWilliam Ware
country USA
residenceNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
birth nameCharles Ware
won 11 (KO 8) + lost 26 (KO 17) + drawn 5 = 42
rounds boxed 366
Newspaper Decisions won : lost 2 : drawn 1
rounds boxed 42
Total Bouts 45 KO% 17.78

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1925-06-16Battling Owens5-6-0
Coliseum Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1515
From the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid).
1923-12-07George Godfrey11-5-1
Golden Gate A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALKO110
From the Philadelphia Inquirer (Jack Kincaid).
1923-11-13Ray Bennett2-3-1
47th Regiment Armory, Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS1212
1923-01-15Clem Johnson11-13-2
Brighton S.C., Staten Island, New York, USALTKO1012
1922-06-05Billy Hooper16-7-0
Ponce de Leon Ballpark, Atlanta, Georgia, USALPTS?
1922-05-24Mack House
Madison Square Garden B.C., Los Angeles, California, USALKO24
Attributed to "Rough House Wier" by The Los Angeles Times.
1922-04-17Tut Jackson29-1-2
Dayton, Ohio, USALKO112
1922-03-20Bill Tate17-15-1
Columbus, Ohio, USALTKO212
1922-03-10Ray Bennett1-2-1
15th Regiment Armory, New York, New York, USALTKO1012
1922-02-03Ray Bennett1-2-0
15th Regiment Armory, New York, New York, USADPTS1010
Ware fell from the ring and was unable to continue. Pittsburgh Post
1921-12-05Young Jack Johnson13-18-8
Auditorium, Freeport, New York, USALPTS1010
1921-10-20John Lester Johnson17-8-0
Jamaica A.C., Jamaica, Queens, New York, USALKO315
Ware was battered through the ropes and counted out while he was prostrate on the floor.
1921-10-18Billy Hooper15-7-0
Business Men's A.C., Atlanta, Georgia, USALPTS1010
1921-09-14Jack Leslie2-1-0
Covington, Kentucky, USALNWS1212
(Lexington Herald)
1921-09-08Mexican Joe Lawson1-2-0
Jamaica A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWKO210
1921-07-04Lee Anderson20-8-9
Arizona A.C., Phoenix, Arizona, USALPTS1010
Colored Light-Heavyweight Title
1921-02-22Fred Fulton59-8-0
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USALKO310
1921-01-29Battling Gahee8-5-2
Pilsbury Winter Gardens, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALNWS1515
The New Orleans Item wrote Gahee won "all the way." Draw from the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid).
1920-08-27Battling Gahee6-4-2
National Baseball Park, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1515
Gahee gave Ware a good drubbing. Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune.
1920-06-07Sam Langford121-19-29
Tulane Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALKO915
Langford down in first for count of 3 (Chicago Defender). Ware kept away from Langford until the sixth round, when he was hurt badly. A terrific left hook sent Ware down for the full count in round nine. Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune.
1920-05-03Battling Norfolk4-0-1
Dauphine Theater, New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWKO1015
From the New Orleans Times-Picayune.
1920-01-12Pinky Lewis3-10-6
Convention Hall, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
referee: Larry Dailey
Lewis was a last minute sub for Oscar Mortimer.
1918-08-19Sam Langford107-15-24
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USALKO915
1918-08-05Fast Black Preston
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWKO210
Reported in the Panama Star & Herald.
1917-02-09Harry Wallace1-8-3
New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWKO1420
1916-12-04Billy Ketchell1-0-0
Olympic A.C., New York, New York, USAWDQ910
'The semi-final bout between "Billy" Ketchell and "Young" Ware was stopped in the ninth round by the referee because both men violated all the rules of boxing.' (NY Herald)
1916-12-02Jim Smith7-13-0
Fairmont A.C., New York, New York, USAWKO6
1916-05-19George Kid Cotton7-10-1
Harlem S.C., New York, New York, USALTKO510
Result from May 20, 1916 Lima Daily News which stated Cotton's opponent as Kid Ware. Venue and name Roughhouse Ware from May 19, 1916 New York Times.
1916-03-12Kid Norfolk18-10-4
American Theater, Colon, PanamaLPTS2525
From the Panama Star & Herald.
1916-02-13Jack Livingstone2-8-1
Garden Theater, Colon, PanamaWTKO620
From the Panama Star & Herald. Livingstone was floored at the end of round five and couldn't come out for round six. Ware was down in round 4.
1915-09-11Jeff Clark76-3-10
Garden Theater, Colon, PanamaLTKO1120
Panamanian heavyweight title
From the Panama Star & Herald. Ware suffered a bad licking and the fight was stopped to save him. The results of the preliminaries were not given.
1915-07-11Jack Livingstone2-7-1
Garden Theater, Colon, PanamaWKO1220
Livingstone fought Ware on even terms for 10 rounds, but was floored just before the bell ending round 11. He was still dazed when round 12 started and Ware soon finished him off. No other results were given in the Panama Star & Herald.
1915-06-13Jeff Clark75-3-10
Vista Allegre Bull Ring, Panama City, PanamaLKO1520
Panamanian heavyweight title
Ware almost knocked out Clark in the first round, but didn't win another round, although a couple were even. Roughhouse was down in round eleven and was knocked out of the ring in the 15th, hitting his head on a chair and could not return to the ring even though given a full minute o do so by the referee.
1915-04-17Jeff Clark74-3-10
Garden Theater, Colon, PanamaDNWS1515
Newspaper decision from the Panama Star & Herald. This was a prearranged draw, but would have been a good decision anyhow.
1915-03-14Kid Norfolk14-9-4
American Theater, Colon, PanamaLPTS2525
Panamanian heavyweight title
From the Panama Star & Herald.
1915-01-17Jack Livingstone1-5-0
Garden Theater, Colon, PanamaWPTS1515
From the Panama Star & Herald. This fight headlined one of the two programs held on this date at the Garden Theater.
1914-09-16Kyle Whitney27-8-11
National Baseball Park, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALRTD920
1914-04-20Sam Langford86-8-21
Memphis, Tennessee, USALTKO58
referee: Billy Haack
Previously listed as a points win for Langford. Ware went down three times in the first round and two more times in the fifth before the referee stopped the bout. Boston Globe
1914-02-07Harry Wills11-1-2
New Orleans, Louisiana, USALKO1020
Date uncertain
1913-12-23George Kid Cotton5-4-1
Madison Square A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USALKO610
1913-12-02Dave Mills5-3-4
Madison Square A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USADPTS1010
1913-06-09Jeff Clark57-3-7
Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
1912-08-07Young Jack Johnson10-7-6
Louisiana A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USADPTS1010
1912-05-01Battling Johnson0-0-1
Southern A.C., Chattanooga, Tennessee, USAWKO18
1912-02-13Nat Dewey18-7-10
Gate City A.C., Atlanta, Georgia, USADPTS88
Referee Burke.


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