Charley Anderson
Global ID54869
country USA
residenceFreesoil, Michigan, USA
won 3 (KO 2) + lost 13 (KO 9) + drawn 1 = 20
rounds boxed 104
Newspaper Decisions won 1 : lost 1 : drawn 1
rounds boxed 16
Total Bouts 23 KO% 8.7

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1931-06-29Russell Albright
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USALPTS66
1931-03-16Leon Bombo Chevalier19-12-5
Waltz Dream Arena, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USADPTS88
1930-08-28Mahogany Kid2-1-0
Culver Park, Ludington, Michigan, USANCND44
1929-11-29Willie Huffman2-2-0
Armory, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USALKO44
1929-09-16Benny Touchstone28-11-4
New Armory, Lima, Ohio, USALKO310
referee: Charles Maxwell
1929-05-13Chuck Wiggins62-31-12
Fairgrounds Auditorium, Jackson, Michigan, USALPTS1010
This was decided by the decision of Referee Earl Croshaw. It was a slow and uninteresting fight and Wiggins incurred the fans's displeasure by not scoring a knockout. He won 6 of the rounds and had Anderson in trouble in the latter part of the fight.
1929-03-22Willie Huffman1-0-0
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USALKO5
1928-10-05Andy Shanks3-0-0
Scottville, Michigan, USADNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Ludington Daily News
1928-08-03Battling Fritzler1-1-0
Culver Park, Ludington, Michigan, USANCND66
1928-07-25Emmett Curtice4-2-1
Muskegon, Michigan, USALKO2
1928-06-19Russ Haymaker0-0-0
Port Huron, Michigan, USAWPTS?
1928-04-20Battling Fritzler1-0-0
Armory, Muskegon, Michigan, USAWKO66
1928-02-10Stanley Darcy10-1-0
Armory, Muskegon, Michigan, USALNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Ludington Daily News
1927-08-16Chuck Wiggins45-22-11
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USALKO3
1927-02-25Tom Heeney26-7-3
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALTKO810
1926-12-02Arthur De Kuh7-1-0
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALTKO310
time: 0:36
Anderson suffered a dislocated shoulder. New York Times
1925-08-24Tut Jackson64-16-4
East Chicago, Indiana, USANCNC58
referee: Jimmy Gardner
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
1925-06-05Bill Reed19-25-10
East Chicago, Indiana, USAWKO78
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
1925-01-19Mickey Shannon
Muscatine, Iowa, USALDQ810
referee: Charles Henderson
Anderson was disqualified for clinching
1924-08-12Sully Montgomery16-5-0
Muscatine, Iowa, USALKO5
1924-06-16Cyclone Rogers
Open-air Arena, East Chicago, Indiana, USAWNWS44
Newspaper decision from the Logansport Pharos-Tribune
1922-08-05Knute Hansen1-0-0
Queensboro Stadium, Long Island City, Queens, New York, USALKO14
1922-06-01Tut Jackson36-1-2
Washington Court House, Ohio, USALPTS1010
Day in June 1922 unknown


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