Jack White
Global ID56171
birthdate 1890-05-25
height5′ 5″   /   165cm
aliasKid / Young White
country USA
residenceChicago, Illinois, USA
birth placeLiverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
won 25 (KO 17) + lost 32 (KO 18) + drawn 18 = 76
rounds boxed 618
Newspaper Decisions won 13 : lost 12 : drawn 9
rounds boxed 251
Total Bouts 110 KO% 15.45

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1922-08-11Young Alexander1-2-1
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWKO3
1921-09-15Patsy Cline19-6-4
Queensboro Stadium, Long Island City, Queens, New York, USALKO210
time: 1:45 | referee: Billy West
1918-07-27Benny Becker7-2-2
Federal League Baseball Park, Harrison, New Jersey, USADNWS33
Shortened for time so the main event could start on time (Chicago Tribune).
1918-06-10Bertie Coxhill3-0-2
Exact date & location unknown. Source: July 9, 1919 El Paso Herald
1918-02-28Johnny Donahue3-0-0
Rock Island, Illinois, USALKO2
1917-10-26Charley Metrie3-2-1
Waterloo Theatre, Waterloo, Iowa, USALTKO610
The card was headlined by a 4-round exhibition between Fred Fulton and his sparring partner Jack Reed.
1917-07-04Billy Nelson17-3-6
Post Gymnasium, Vancouver, Washington, USALKO2
1917-04-12Gus McDonald1-0-1
Post Gymnasium, Vancouver, Washington, USALKO36
1917-03-31Joe Golindo13-9-10
Mexicali, Baja California, MexicoLTKO1425
1917-01-01Frankie Sullivan9-11-11
Elks Club, Seattle, Washington, USALPTS44
referee: Adolph Schacht
1916-12-19Walter Knowlton6-4-9
Rose City A.C., Portland, Oregon, USALPTS66
1916-10-08Heinie Orchard3-1-2
Tijuana, Baja California, MexicoLKO3245
"White showed superior ring generalship for 20 rounds and had the contest been limited to that period, might have won on points." (Nevada State Journal)
1916-07-17Joe Thomas17-6-7
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1515
1916-06-01Frankie Tucker7-4-4
Southern Oklahoma A.C., Ardmore, Oklahoma, USALPTS1010
referee: Nate Jackson
(The Daily Ardmoreite)
1916-05-26Sailor Davis1-0-0
Panther City A.C., Fort Worth, Texas, USALKO210
1916-05-02Bobby Anderson
Saint Louis, Missouri, USALNWS88
1916-04-03Arlos Fanning8-2-5
Academy A.C., Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1212
1916-03-17Jimmy Bibbs0-1-0
Fort Worth, Texas, USAWKO7
1915-11-12Eddie Wallace11-0-0
Elmwood Music Hall, Buffalo, New York, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision in favor of Wallace from the Buffalo Evening News (Paul Zabala).
1915-10-26George KO Chaney43-5-3
Monumental Theater, Baltimore, Maryland, USALTKO110
From the Baltimore Sun (Jack Kincaid).
1915-09-07Andy Dans1-0-0
Rock Island, Illinois, USADPTS?
1915-09-02Billy Bennett0-6-0
Sharkey A.C., New York, New York, USALKO2
1915-08-25Freddie Enck1-0-1
Aurora, Illinois, USADPTS1515
1915-07-15Jimmy Travers0-0-1
Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS66
1915-07-05Ruby Hirsch1-2-0
Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS88
1915-04-09Billy DeFoe3-0-0
Arcadia Rink, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Free Press
1915-03-24Jimmy Kelly1-2-0
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USAWKO2
1915-03-08Tickle Sanders4-4-2
Nashville, Tennessee, USADPTS88
1915-02-26Cleve Atwell
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USADPTS88
1915-02-09Frank Whitney17-8-7
Bijou Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, USALTKO810
1914-12-09Patsy McMahon15-0-1
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1515
A win for McMahon according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid), not a loss as previously shown here.
1914-11-30Frankie Callahan15-0-0
Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
Callahan gave White "the beating of his life." (Daily Northwestern)
1914-11-23Ernest Lucien11-6-4
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWPTS1515
A win for White according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid).
1914-06-19Bobby Waugh22-5-2
Dallas, Texas, USAWNWS88
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
1914-05-19Matt Brock11-3-6
Lyceum Theatre, Toledo, Ohio, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Toledo News-Bee
1914-03-24Stanley Yoakum29-4-20
Denver, Colorado, USALKO10
1914-03-02Gene Delmont6-4-1
Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
1914-02-10Matty McCue15-0-0
Racine, Wisconsin, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Free Press
1914-01-05Frankie Russell18-5-3
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWPTS88
"The busiest eight sessions of gloving seen here in some seasons." (Stevens Point Daily Journal)
1913-12-15Cleve Bridges1-0-0
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWKO7
1913-11-01Joe Bayley16-1-5
Steveston, British Columbia, CanadaLKO915
referee: Hugh McDonald
1913-08-12Johnny Dundee9-0-2
Arena, Vernon, California, USALTKO920
1913-06-17Johnny Dundee7-0-2
Arena, Vernon, California, USALPTS2020
Dundee was an "easy winner." (Reno Evening Gazette)
1913-05-16Tommy McFarland15-9-10
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USADPTS44
referee: Harry Foley
1913-05-02Eddie Dennis8-3-3
Pavilion Rink, San Francisco, California, USAWPTS44
referee: Eddie Hanlon
1913-03-28Sally Salvadore3-2-3
Sacramento, California, USADPTS2020
1913-03-14Johnny O'Leary11-2-9
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USALPTS44
referee: Teddy Wolff
"The referee's decision came as a shock to the crowd." SF Call
1913-01-01Johnny Griffiths5-1-2
Akron, Ohio, USALNWS1212
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post.
1912-11-27Battling Mantell2-0-0
Windsor, Ontario, CanadaWNWS88
(Chicago Tribune 12/29/1912)
1912-10-25Joe Coster8-5-1
Akron, Ohio, USADNWS1212
(Chicago Tribune 12/29/1912)
1912-10-08Willie Jones9-5-5
New Star A.C., New York, New York, USAWNWS1010
White won the newspaper decision. (Philadelphia Item)
1912-08-12Frankie Russell9-1-3
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1010
1912-07-20Owen Moran49-10-5
Arena, Vernon, California, USAWDQ920
referee: Charles Eyton
"After forcing whatever fighting there was for nine rounds of a scheduled 20-round bout today, Owen Moran, of England, was disqualified for using his elbow in clinches and the decision awarded by Referee Charles Eyton to Jack White, of Chicago. The abrupt ending of the fight was received with mingled cheers and groans. Moran did nearly all of the leading. Fully half of the time was spent in feinting and racing, Moran being the pursuer. White had the better of only one round, the seventh, when he landed three left swings to Moran's head. Moran was first warned in the fifth round, when a short left hook opened White's lip. The Chicagoan protested that Moran had used his elbow in striking the blow. Twice in subsequent rounds, Moran was warned and each time he protested that he was not using his elbow. Among the ringside spectators there was almost as much difference of opinion as at the Wolgast-Rivers decision, many asserting that it was because of White's method of defense in clinches that Moran seemed to be fighting unfairly. Moran dispayed much more cleverness than White, whose showing was disappointing." (Washington Post)
1912-06-08Harry Thomas12-1-1
Vernon, California, USAWPTS2020
referee: Charles Eyton
Thomas subbed for Owen Moran, who had broken his wrist.
1912-05-10Frankie Conley30-9-8
Arena, Vernon, California, USAWKO1220
1912-03-16Mexican Joe Rivers13-1-2
Arena, Vernon, California, USALTKO1220
referee: Charles Eyton
Referee Eyton refused to count and stopped the fight after 12th round knockdown.
1912-03-01Rocky Kansas9-1-0
Buffalo, New York, USALKO3
Precise date of bout unknown at this time.
1911-11-16Tommy Dixon9-11-8
Newburgh A.C., Newburgh, Ohio, USAWKO2
1911-10-30Patsy Kline20-6-3
Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1911-10-16Boyo Driscoll3-4-2
Memphis, Tennessee, USADPTS88
1911-10-04Tommy Dixon9-11-7
Dayton, Ohio, USADPTS1515
Ref's Decision (Boston Globe).
1911-06-14Tommy Bresnahan1-3-4
East Market St. Rink, Akron, Ohio, USAWTKO1015
From the Akron Beacon-Journal. The referee stopped the fight after Bresnahan was floored for the second time in round ten. (From Herb Goldman)
1911-05-23Eddie Dennis7-0-1
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USAWPTS1212
1911-05-08Joe Mandot18-4-4
Southern A.C., Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
1911-04-14Jimmy Larkin
Fairmount Club, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaLPTS33
referee: Jake Fullerton
A second 3-rd prelim between Billy Reid and Young Lawson was cancelled.
1911-02-24Tommy Gary0-3-2
Public Service Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO710
1911-02-14Johnny Kilbane20-2-4
Columbus, Ohio, USALPTS1212
"Hitting Jack White, of Chicago, at will, Johnny Kilbane, of Cleveland, won the decision in the bout at Columbus Tuesday." (Sandusky Star Journal)
1911-02-01Joe Homeland
Windsor A.C., Windsor, Ontario, CanadaWKO28
1911-01-19Johnny Schultz3-1-4
Shubert Theater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Free Press
1910-12-26Gene McGovern18-8-7
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Free Press
1910-12-12Tommy Kilbane11-3-8
Eagles Club, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
"John White of Chicago nearly knocked out Tommy Kilbane of Cleveland in the tenth round of the semi-final. A left hook sent Tommy shooting through the ropes into the crowd." (Indianapolis Star)
1910-12-02Sammy Trott5-1-9
Dayton, Ohio, USAWKO310
1910-10-10Abe Attell63-5-14
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaLNWS1515
Attell won the newspaper decision. (Indianapolis Star)
1910-09-26Eddie Carsey0-5-0
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaWKO515
White "outclassed" Carsey "in every way." (Reno Evening Gazette)
1910-06-25Tommy Bresnahan
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USADPTS2020
referee: John Williams
"Although Jack White of Chicago badly worsted Tommy Bresnahan of South Omaha in a twenty-round battle, the best Referee John Williams would give him was a draw." (Reno Evening Gazette)
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