Matt Brock
Global ID56627
birthdate 1889-03-05
death date 1977-06-00 (88)
height5′ 2″   /   157cm
country USA
residenceCleveland, Ohio, USA
birth placeRussia
won 31 (KO 24) + lost 9 (KO 2) + drawn 6 = 48
rounds boxed 352
Newspaper Decisions won 19 : lost 14 : drawn 9
rounds boxed 367
Total Bouts 90 KO% 26.67

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1922-02-11Joe Nelson13-13-9
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USANCND1010
(New Orleans Times-Picayune)
1920-11-25Willie Jackson21-5-4
Olympia A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALTKO48
The referee stopped the bout. Result from Philadelphia newspapers.
1920-11-23Bobby Ward6-7-2
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USANCND1010
Ward won the newspaper decision
1920-11-22Bobby Ward6-7-2
Auditorium, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Winona Republican-Herald
1920-11-19Young Chakas8-9-12
Flower City A.C., Rochester, New York, USAWPTS?
(Syracuse Herald)
1920-06-09Rocky Kansas30-4-4
Navin Field, Detroit, Michigan, USALNWS1010
referee: Al Day
Newspaper decision from Detroit Free Press and Buffalo Courier
1920-04-14Teddy Murphy0-0-0
Gray's Armory, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1920-04-06Nick Michaels7-4-0
Arena, Syracuse, New York, USALNWS1010
referee: Jack Lewis
(Syracuse Herald)
1920-03-10Babe Picato20-5-8
Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO310
Picato reportedly is from Chicago. New York Times
1920-01-16Benny Valger24-3-1
Albaugh Theater, Baltimore, Maryland, USALPTS1212
Sun (Baltimore, MD)
1920-01-06Frankie Brown7-7-6
Globe Theater, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
Brock won the "newspaper decision." (Chicago Tribune)and Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)
1919-09-26Benny Valger20-3-1
Gray's Armory, Cleveland, Ohio, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision for Valger from Cleveland Plain Dealer, Evening State Journal, AP. Brock weighed below 130 pounds at 3 PM.
1919-07-04Joe Leopold9-6-4
Wallace, Idaho, USAWKO920
(Pueblo Chieftain)
1919-06-04Harry Pierce17-2-1
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
Newspaper decision from three Philadelphia newspapers, all in favor of Pierce: Ledger, Record, Inquirer.
1919-03-17Red Dolan15-9-5
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USADNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1919-02-10KO Mars16-4-0
Tulane Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1515
According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Mars used his superior height and reach to win in 15 fast rounds.
1919-02-04Frankie Britt56-13-16
Armory, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post and the Philadelphia Record.
1919-01-01Phinney Boyle43-17-14
Crescent Rink, Lowell, Massachusetts, USAWKO312
1918-11-27Frankie Britt53-13-16
Cleveland, Ohio, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post. Britt won decisively but Brock landed a knockout punch just after the final bell sounded and a near riot ensued.
1918-09-21Texas Kid1-4-2
Fairgounds, Elyria, Ohio, USAWNWS44
Newspaper decision from the Elyria Evening Telegram
Part of a patriotic boxing carnival, attended by more than 5,000 men, women and children, to help put Lorain county over the top in the war savings stamp drive

1918-08-20Frankie Britt52-12-14
Armory, Boston, Massachusetts, USALDQ712
1918-07-18Harry Bramer5-4-1
Denver, Colorado, USAWKO115
(Kansas City Star)
1918-02-08Monk Fowler34-6-10
Gray's Armory, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWKO6
Saturday, February 9, 1918 Paper: Plain Dealer
1918-01-14Babe Picato17-4-8
Moose Club, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
Result Calgary Daily Haerald (wire report)
1918-01-01Monk Fowler32-6-10
Denver, Colorado, USALPTS1515
1917-11-27Johnny Schultz7-4-5
Coliseum, Toledo, Ohio, USAWKO112
While Schultz claimed to have been hit low, the referee stated that Brock out his opponent with a punch to the pit of the stomach.
1917-10-25Roger O'Malley12-4-6
Coliseum, Toledo, Ohio, USAWTKO810
Brock stopped O'Malley in the eighth round according to writer Dick Meade in the Toledo News-Bee (Herb Goldman).This fight did not go to a decision, as shown here previously.
1917-07-04Joe Bishop4-2-2
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWKO1
1917-04-19Johnny Kilbane44-3-7
Cleveland, Ohio, USALNWS1010
Kilbane was better (Chicago Tribune).
1917-02-08Battling Barrere10-2-1
Lyric Theater, New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWKO515
From the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid). Wire reports had Brock winning by 15-round knockout, but the Times-Picayune said that it was a 5-round knockout.
1916-11-30Willie Jackson7-1-1
Olympia A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
Newspaper decisions in favor of Jackson from the Philadelphia Record and the Philadelphia Record.
1916-10-10Eddie Campi41-6-5
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAWKO210
1916-05-19Tickle Sanders5-6-3
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAWNWS1010
referee: Billy Hoke
Minneapolis Journal
1916-05-03Kid Julian11-6-1
Cleveland, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
Buffalo Express
1916-02-25Alvie Miller12-4-2
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAWDQ9
1916-01-10Tickle Sanders4-5-3
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWPTS1515
1915-11-29Johnny Ray11-2-1
Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post. This was a "sensational battle" which was clearly won by Brock.
1915-10-22Charles Aronson7-4-0
Armory, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAWKO310
1915-10-01Bobby Ward1-1-1
Armory, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAWKO610
Results from the Racine Journal News.
1915-09-02Billy DeFoe3-0-0
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAWKO710
1915-06-29Alvie Miller11-4-2
Chernoff A.C., Akron, Ohio, USALPTS1010
1915-03-22George KO Chaney43-5-2
Akron, Ohio, USALNWS1212
There are completely different results for this fight--the Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune have Chaney winning by decision, not a KO. The Indianapolis Star has Brock winning by KO in the 12th round. However, the Pittsburgh Post reported Chaney the winner on points, winning 11 rounds of the 12. Also, the Philadelphia Record lists Chaney as winner on points. Evidently the Indianapolis Star was in error.
1915-02-27Joe Harang11-6-1
Dauphine Theater, New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWKO410
From the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid).
1915-02-12Bobby Reynolds4-2-3
Tommy Burns Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWTKO1220
Reynold's seconds gave up the fight. Reported in the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid).
1915-01-18Patsy McMahon16-0-1
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWTKO1215
From the New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jack Kincaid). The Boston Globe reported the same result.
1915-01-11Joe Harang11-5-1
Steubenville, Ohio, USAWKO410
From the Pittsburgh Post.
1914-10-12Banty Sharpe
Steubenville, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post.
1914-09-07Cal Delaney16-0-4
League Park, Canton, Ohio, USALNWS1515
Newspaper decision from the Massillon Evening Independent
1914-05-19Jack White21-13-12
Lyceum Theatre, Toledo, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Toledo News-Bee
1914-05-11Gene Delmont8-4-1
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWDQ48
referee: Billy Haack
1914-03-02Chip Murphy0-0-1
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USAWTKO410
referee: Frankie Schorr
1914-01-06Cal Delaney16-0-4
Grand Opera House, Youngstown, Ohio, USALNWS1212
Newspaper decision from the Youngstown Vindicator
1913-11-27Gene Delmont4-3-1
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWPTS88
1913-09-01Leo Finneran0-1-0
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWKO110
From the Pittsburgh Post.
1913-07-02Al Delmont82-16-42
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USAWNWS1010
New York Times
1913-06-18Tommy Houck12-4-1
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USAWNWS1010
New York Times
1913-04-28Eddie O'Keefe13-3-2
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO410
referee: Walter C Kelly
Cleveland Leader.
1913-03-11Cal Delaney14-0-4
Youngstown, Ohio, USADNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post.
1912-11-14Cal Delaney14-0-4
Tuxedo Club, Cleveland, Ohio, USADNWS1212
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
1912-10-21Johnny Dundee5-0-1
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1010
1912-09-30Willie Gibbs12-8-4
Orleans A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWPTS1010
1912-09-03Cal Delaney14-0-3
Cleveland, Ohio, USADPTS1212
1912-08-13Johnny Dundee5-0-0
Luna Park Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USADPTS1212
Results from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which stated that Dundee won 7 of 12 rounds and should have been awarded the decision from hometown boy Brock.
1912-06-27Johnny Whittaker9-7-9
Coliseum, Niagara Falls, New York, USAWKO210
referee: Jack Malone
1912-06-17Tommy Bresnahan3-4-7
New Castle, Pennsylvania, USADNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post.
1912-03-11Young Hogan
Old City Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
referee: Jack McClelland
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post, according to which Brock handed Hogan "a thrashing." This was a 6-rounder, not 10 rounds, as shown here previously.
1912-03-04Kid Julian7-1-1
Moose Club, Cleveland, Ohio, USALTKO612
From the Pittsburgh Post.
1912-01-01Johnny Creeley7-2-0
Cleveland, Ohio, USADPTS1212
Pittsburgh Post. Official decisions were given in Cleveland at this time.
1911-12-28Otto Yacknow6-2-6
Cleveland, Ohio, USADPTS1212
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
1911-12-05Tony Pastorius2-1-0
Labor Temple, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post. Pastorius suffered a drubbing.
1911-10-25Johnny Moran2-7-0
Cleveland, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Indianapolis Star
1911-09-12Kid Julian7-1-0
Cleveland, Ohio, USALNWS1010
referee: Walter C Kelly
Buffalo Times
1911-09-06Johnny Creeley7-2-0
Auditorium, Indianapolis, Indiana, USADNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Indianapolis Star
1911-05-20Johnny Creeley5-2-0
Pittsburgh A.A., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
Results from the Pittsburgh Press.
1911-05-09Otto Yacknow5-1-2
Eagles Club, Cleveland, Ohio, USADPTS1010
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
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