Rube Smith
Global ID56890
birthdate 1884-00-00
country USA
residenceDenver, Colorado, USA
won 20 (KO 11) + lost 10 (KO 8) + drawn 9 = 39
rounds boxed 386
Newspaper Decisions won : lost 1 : drawn 2
rounds boxed 40
Total Bouts 42 KO% 26.19

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1913-06-06Lou Bodie0-1-0
Butte, Montana, USAWPTS?
Manner of win and date unknown. Source: April 12, 1915 Tacoma Daily News
1912-11-01Pete Shaughnessy13-7-3
Clovis, New Mexico, USAWTKO510
Shaughnessy broke his wrist (Salt Lake Tribune).
1912-07-04Tom Abbott1-0-2
McAlester, Oklahoma, USADNWS1515
Newspaper decision from the Daily Ardmore
1912-02-06Frank Carson
Yeomans Club, Dallas, Texas, USADNWS1515
(Dallas Morning News)
1912-01-10Charley Pierson1-1-2
Dallas, Texas, USALKO1515
Date approx.
1911-11-29Tony Caponi21-11-18
San-Gym, Salt Lake City, Utah, USALTKO1010
referee: Willard Bean
1911-09-25Lou Bodie
Pueblo, Colorado, USAWTKO?
"Lou Boudecker, a Pueblo heavyweight, was saved from a knockout at the hands of Rube Smith of Denver, at Pueblo, when Mayor John T. West ordered that the battle be stopped." (Bayfield Blade)
Number of rounds unknown / Date approx.

1910-09-05Dick Gilbert3-4-1
B&B Rink, Silverton, Colorado, USADPTS2020
"On points Rube had a long way the better of the encounter, but as it was understood that either man should have to score a decisive victory to gain the decision, there was nothing left for the referee to do but declare it a draw which was received with satisfaction by nearly all who witnessed the bout." (Silverton Standard)
1910-07-07Dick Gilbert2-3-0
Exact date in 1910 unknown. Source: 23 Nov 1911 Salt Lake Tribune, p. 12
1910-01-11Jimmy Perry1-2-0
Denver A.C., Denver, Colorado, USADPTS88
Wednesday, January 12, 1910 Paper: Denver Rocky Mountain News
1909-04-30Frank Mantell16-3-6
Sacramento, California, USALKO1620
1909-02-09Frank Mantell14-3-6
Buffalo A.C., Sacramento, California, USALKO1220
1908-07-04Frank Fields28-5-6
Hippodrome, Goldfield, Nevada, USAWPTS2020
1908-05-30Larry Gordon
Goldfield, Nevada, USAWKO36
1908-03-13Russell Van Horn1-1-1
Naud Junction Pavilion, Los Angeles, California, USALNWS1010
Van Horn, who shattered his wrist during this bout, "had the shade" on Smith. Los Angeles Herald
1908-01-01Charles Williams13-2-5
Lagoon Park, Ogden, Utah, USAWTKO920
referee: Tom Painter
Williams refused to continue when the gong sounded for round 10.
1907-08-19Frank Mantell9-0-5
Glenwood Park, Ogden, Utah, USAWPTS2020
Salt Lake Tribune: "At the end of the fight Rube's right hand was found to be broken."
1907-01-22Harry Lewis17-6-3
Denver, Colorado, USALKO8
1906-12-11Jimmy Gardner41-5-19
Coliseum, Denver, Colorado, USALPTS1010
1906-08-15Mike Twin Sullivan16-2-12
Denver, Colorado, USADPTS2020
1906-07-03Mike Twin Sullivan16-2-11
Pueblo, Colorado, USADPTS1010
referee: Shorty Adams
1906-04-18Mike Twin Sullivan15-2-11
Pueblo, Colorado, USALKO1820
1906-01-26Joe (Spider) Welsh5-8-1
Democratic Club, Denver, Colorado, USAWTKO3
1905-11-24George Memsic9-4-9
Denver, Colorado, USADPTS1010
1905-04-28Kid McPartland40-14-12
Democratic Club, Denver, Colorado, USAWKO410
McPartland knocked down repeatedly in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
1905-03-31Martin Judge23-25-18
Democratic Club, Denver, Colorado, USAWTKO7
1905-03-03Clarence English7-3-2
Democratic Club, Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1010
1905-01-27Charles Berry6-2-6
Democratic Club, Denver, Colorado, USAWDQ410
"Smith had knocked Berry down several times and had the best of the battle when the Referee stopped the fight because of Berry's apparently deliberate fouling." (Durango Democrat)
1904-11-18Jimmy Gardner32-3-17
Denver, Colorado, USALKO5
1904-09-09Tom Schumacher2-0-0
Democratic Club, Denver, Colorado, USAWDQ?6
referee: Nethercote
1904-07-22Johnny Gilsey0-2-0
Democratic Club, Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS44
1904-05-16Billy Otts6-3-0
Reliance A.C., Oakland, California, USALKO715
referee: Eddie Smith
"It was a fierce slugging match from start to finish with Smith doing most of the leading, but he was no match in strength for Otts."--Butte (Mont.) Miner, 5/17/1904
1904-04-27George Brown3-0-0
Reliance A.C., Oakland, California, USAWKO315
referee: Eddie Smith
1904-03-29Young McConnell2-1-2
Reliance A.C., Oakland, California, USAWPTS1010
referee: Jim Griffin
1903-04-21Johnny Gilsey
Rover's A.C., Pueblo, Colorado, USAWKO6
1903-02-27Jack O'Keefe8-8-10
Rover's A.C., Pueblo, Colorado, USAWKO13
1902-12-29Kid Bennett4-4-5
Pueblo, Colorado, USAWKO610
1902-07-03Eddie Toy5-3-4
Wheel Club, Denver, Colorado, USADPTS1010
1902-05-23Eddie Toy4-3-4
Coliseum, Denver, Colorado, USALPTS66
1902-05-09Kid Bennett3-4-4
Denver, Colorado, USADPTS1010
1902-04-18Eddie Toy4-2-4
Centennial Club, Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1010
1902-03-01Eddie Toy4-2-3
Denver, Colorado, USADPTS66


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