Herb McKell
Global ID57723
birthdate 1874-01-01
death date 1902-02-04 (28)
divisionsuper lightweight
country Australia
residenceMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
birth placeNew South Wales, Australia
won 13 (KO 12) + lost 5 (KO 2) + drawn 9 = 29
rounds boxed 283 KO% 41.38

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1901-03-16Jack Everhardt24-4-13
Good Hope Hall, Cape Town, Western Cape, South AfricaNCNC1120
referee: D.C. Maturin
South African lightweight title
Referee stops fight and declares a no contest as McKell was not trying.
1900-06-11Jim Hiscutt
Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, New South Wales, AustraliaLPTS1010
1900-05-28Jack Dunne1-4-0
Crystal Theatre, Broken Hill, New South Wales, AustraliaDPTS88
1900-02-15Jim Dempsey
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWPTS1010
Date uncertain
1900-02-07Lucien Marc Christol
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWKO310
1900-01-28Frank Dempsey
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWKO210
1899-06-03Jim Holloway20-4-2
Amphitheatre, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaDPTS2525
South African lightweight title
Condition of fight was unless a knockout occured a draw would be scored
1899-04-01Jack (Young) McAuliffe32-9-5
Amphitheatre, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaWKO1020
referee: Hollingham
South African lightweight title
1899-01-01Peter Murphy2-2-0
Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaDPTS27
Date unknown
1898-12-03Jim Barron14-4-6
NSC, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaWTKO25
Australian lightweight title
1898-09-03Jim Barron14-4-5
NSC, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaDPTS1010
1898-06-11Jim Barron14-4-3
Victoria Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaDPTS2020
Australian lightweight title
1897-03-13Jim Dier2-2-1
Queenstown, Tasmania, AustraliaLPTS88
1897-01-09George Farmer0-1-0
Zeehan, Tasmania, AustraliaWKO3
1896-11-14George Farmer
Zeehan, Tasmania, AustraliaWKO5
1896-10-10Jim Dier2-1-1
Zeehan, Tasmania, AustraliaWKO7
1896-04-04Billy McCarthy
Coromandel, New ZealandWKO28
New Zealand Referee
1896-03-21Edward Starlight Rollins22-15-9
Criterion Theatre, Wellington, New ZealandDPTS88
referee: George Cloake
The Evening Post
1895-07-01George Stanley3-3-0
Cosmopolitan Hall, Broken Hill, New South Wales, AustraliaLKO520
referee: Jack Doody
The Sportsman
1895-05-24Alec Wilson0-2-0
Dowridge's Athletic Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaWKO420
Queensland Heavyweight Title
1895-04-06Bill Jennings5-7-1
Mick Nathan's Athletic Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaWTKO1520
referee: Joe Cullen
The Sportsman
1894-11-01Billy Williams5-11-5
Theatre Royal, Coolgardie, Western Australia, AustraliaWTKO15
Date unknown
1894-10-04Tom Lees14-8-3
Theatre Royal, Coolgardie, Western Australia, AustraliaDPTS66
Bare knuckle fight
1894-03-28Artie Tully13-5-5
Orange, New South Wales, AustraliaDPTS88
referee: W.O Addison
The Sportsman
1893-04-01Ted White
Peakhill, New South Wales, AustraliaDPTS88
1891-03-13Artie Tully9-2-2
Commotion Gymnasium, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaNCND44
referee: Herb Goddard
The Sportsman March 18, 1891
1891-01-23Elijah Jackson1-5-5
Commotion Gymnasium, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaWKO48
The Sportsman January 28,1891
1890-12-26Young Pluto10-2-11
Commotion Gymnasium, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaLDQ68
referee: Elijah Jackson
The Sportsman December 31, 1890
1890-12-12Tom Duggan2-1-2
Melbourne Athletic Club, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaLRTD1420
referee: Sam Floyd
The SportsmanDecember 17, 1890


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