Benny Chavez
Global ID72576
birthdate 1893-08-02
death date 1932-02-00 (38)
country USA
residenceAlbuquerque, New Mexico, USA
birth placeTrinidad, Colorado, USA
birth nameEpimenio Gonzalez
won 35 (KO 15) + lost 16 (KO 8) + drawn 13 = 65
rounds boxed 681
Newspaper Decisions won 1 : lost : drawn 2
rounds boxed 37
Total Bouts 68 KO% 22.06

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1920-01-01Johnny Fiske0-0-1
Moose Auditorium, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USADPTS1010
1919-12-25Jack Douglas22-22-11
Clayton, New Mexico, USADNWS1212
(Pueblo Chieftain)
1919-10-28Nick Gundy6-3-2
Phoenix, Arizona, USAWPTS1010
1919-10-10Ralph Lincoln11-7-8
Tucson, Arizona, USALPTS1010
1919-09-22Jack Douglas22-21-9
Armory, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USAWPTS1515
1919-09-08Jack Douglas20-21-9
Armory, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USALPTS1010
1919-05-24Memphis Pal Moore57-7-14
New Lyric Theater, Memphis, Tennessee, USALPTS88
Referee's Decision (Atlanta Constitution).
1919-04-04Mike Orrison4-1-7
Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USADNWS1010
(Idaho Daily Statesman, Kansas City Times)
1919-03-07Frankie Dean0-1-0
Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USAWDQ510
referee: Monte Dale
Low blow (Kansas City Times).
1918-04-08Dutch Leonard2-2-0
Intermountain A. C., Salt Lake City, Utah, USADPTS44
Result uncertain
1918-02-25Andy Kid Davis20-14-31
Grand Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah, USALPTS66
1917-08-11Jack Bratton7-1-3
Ely, Nevada, USAWKO2
(Pueblo Chieftain August 15, 1917)
1917-07-04Wright Morgan1-1-0
West Opera House, Trinidad, Colorado, USALTKO720
referee: Rube Ferns
Morgan's first name wasn't given but the article mentioned Chavez had beat him two years earlier (Pueblo Chieftain).
1917-02-19Young Joe Azevedo12-7-3
Grand Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah, USALKO16
referee: Hardy K. Downing
"The final blow was struck by Chavez--he hit the floor hard--and stayed there": Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune.
1917-02-12Jack Bratton5-1-2
Denver, Colorado, USALKO115
time: 0:43
(Pueblo Chieftain)
1917-01-29Frankie Sanders2-5-1
Denver, Colorado, USAWNWS1515
Chavez received the "popular decision." "Frankie Sanders of NY" Sanders down in the 6th, 8th, and 11th (Pueblo Chieftain).
1917-01-15Frankie Sanders2-4-1
Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1515
Referee's decision. Frankie Sanders from New York. Sanders down in the seventh (Pueblo Chieftain).
1917-01-01Benny McNeil5-2-1
Convention Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USALTKO915
referee: Jimmy Bronson
1916-11-28Benny McNeil3-2-1
Saint Louis, Missouri, USALKO712
1916-11-02Freddie Hammon3-5-4
Kansas City, Missouri, USAWKO1012
Chavez accidently knocked down the referee with a punch in this fight. As Freddie Hamann of San Francisco (Fort Worth Star-Telegram). Chavez scheduled to fight Frankie Tucker.
1916-09-01 Louisiana8-4-6
Denver, Colorado, USAWDQ1415
1916-08-17Harry Bramer1-2-1
National A.C., Denver, Colorado, USAWKO415
(Idaho Statesman)
1916-07-22Roy Moore26-13-18
National A.C., Denver, Colorado, USADPTS1515
Date approx.
1916-07-16Chick Hayes6-6-1
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USAWPTS1515
1916-06-10Yankee Rue2-2-4
Ely, Nevada, USAWTKO415
1916-05-22Chick Hayes6-5-1
National A.C., Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS2020
1916-04-10Chick Hayes6-5-0
Denver, Colorado, USADPTS1515
1916-03-20Charles Aronson8-5-1
Academy A.C., Kansas City, Missouri, USAWKO?
referee: Johnny Hughes
(Kansas City Star)
1916-03-09 Louisiana7-3-6
Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1515
1916-02-14 Louisiana7-3-5
Kansas City, Missouri, USADPTS1010
1916-01-31 Louisiana7-3-4
Kansas City, Missouri, USADPTS1010
1916-01-17Tommy Buck13-4-1
Kansas City, Missouri, USAWPTS1010
1916-01-03Tommy Buck13-3-1
Kansas City, Missouri, USAWPTS1010
1915-12-11Matty Smith3-3-4
Ramona A.C. Arena, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USAWPTS2020
Date approx.
1915-09-23Wright Morgan1-0-0
Trinidad, Colorado, USAWKO1020
From the Pueblo Star-Journal (Herb Goldman).
1915-09-16Matty Smith3-3-2
Princess Theater, Pueblo, Colorado, USADPTS2020
From the Pueblo Star-Journal (Herb Goldman). This was a fast and clever fight, "No better 20-round battle could be staged in any ring."
1915-08-19Red Williams
Lake Minnequa Park, Pueblo, Colorado, USAWKO1220
From the Pueblo Star-Journal. This was a terrific fight. Williams, although originally from Pueblo, had fought previously on the west coast.
1915-07-04Matty Smith3-2-1
Colorado, USADPTS2020
Smith dislocated shoulder in 16th round. Source Lincoln Daily News
1915-06-10Matty Smith3-1-1
Trinidad, Colorado, USAWPTS2020
From the Pueblo Star-Journal (Herb Goldman).
1915-03-30Matty Smith3-1-0
Denver, Colorado, USADPTS1515
From the Pueblo Star-Journal (Herb Goldman).
1915-03-04Joe Flynn1-0-0
Denver, Colorado, USALDQ1620
Chavez was leading on points, but the referee disqualified Chavez after he protested to the referee that "Flynn's shoulders were heavily greased, rendering his blows ineffective." (From the Pueblo Star-Journal)
1914-11-15Gene Delmont8-8-2
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoDPTS2020
"Many of the spectators thought that Delmont should have had the decision." From the Pueblo Chieftain (Herb Goldman)
1914-09-28Richie Mitchell4-0-1
Southside A.A., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALKO210
1914-08-18Richie Mitchell4-0-0
Colorado A.C., Denver, Colorado, USADPTS2020
referee: Ike Goldman
"One of the fastest fights ever seen here."
1914-08-03Gene Delmont8-6-1
Colorado A.C., Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1515
From the Pueblo Chieftain (Herb Goldman).
1914-07-21Gene Delmont8-5-1
Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1515
1914-07-02Harry Lub0-2-3
Central Park, Trinidad, Colorado, USAWKO615
Date approx.
1914-05-29Johnny Kilbane39-3-7
Denver, Colorado, USALKO215
referee: Abe Pollock
Chavez down twice
1914-03-17Patsy Brannigan19-1-9
Pueblo, Colorado, USAWPTS1515
1914-02-12Leslie Winters0-1-0
Denver, Colorado, USAWTKO10
1914-01-24Johnny Lewis1-0-0
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USAWTKO910
Correct date uncertain. 1-19-1914?
1913-12-12Jimmy Fox17-6-9
Denver, Colorado, USADPTS1515
1913-11-04Eddie Campi37-4-4
Vernon, California, USALPTS2020
1913-10-07Frankie Conley33-13-10
Colorado A.C., Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1010
referee: Abe Pollock
Both under 130 lbs at 3 pm.
1913-08-29Frankie Burns12-2-2
Stockyards Stadium, Denver, Colorado, USADPTS1010
1913-08-11Patsy Brannigan19-0-9
Stockyards Stadium, Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1010
1913-07-04Harry Dell12-6-11
Trinidad, Colorado, USAWKO1120
1913-05-30Battling Chico0-2-0
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USAWPTS1010
Southwestern Bantamweight Title
1913-05-08Eddie Marino5-13-6
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USAWPTS1010
1913-04-21Eddie Leach
Trinidad, Colorado, USAWKO210
Leach was billed as the former bantamweight champion of Canada (Idaho Daily Statesman).
1912-11-14Johnny 'Kid' Williams
Walsenburg, Colorado, USAWTKO715
Correct "Kid Williams" unclear (this one is from Los Angeles)
1912-10-11Tommy Ryan0-1-0
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USAWPTS1010
Date approx.
1912-09-02Monte Attell56-16-14
Trinidad, Colorado, USAWDQ1220
1912-07-11Max Feeney
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USAWKO320
1912-02-13Young Abe Attell0-0-4
Yeomans Club, Dallas, Texas, USALPTS1515
(Dallas Morning News)
1911-12-25Patsy Brannigan17-0-5
Trinidad, Colorado, USALKO610
1911-12-01Young Abe Attell0-0-4
Elks Club, Trinidad, Colorado, USANCNC1010
Chavez would later admit that he carried Attell in order to save several men from losing their bets. (Bayfield Blade)
Exact result unknown / Date approx.

1911-11-25Harry Lub0-1-1
Walsenburg, Colorado, USAWKO120
Date approx.


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