Young Al Ross
Global ID74431
aliasYoung Ross, Sgt Al
country Canada
residenceWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
won 15 (KO 9) + lost 12 (KO 4) + drawn 9 = 36
rounds boxed 301
Newspaper Decisions won : lost 1 : drawn 1
rounds boxed 16
Total Bouts 38 KO% 23.68

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1924-01-29Rocco Stramaglia7-10-4
American Legion, Toppenish, Washington, USALTKO3
Ross quit, causing 800 fans from Yakima Valley to nearly mob the boxers and promoters. (Card also said to have occurred at the Lois Theater in Yakima.)
1922-11-15Jud Foley3-0-0
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWKO38
Barney Doran, the Regina middleweight, failed to show, so Jud Foley of Milk River was substituted. The boxing shared the bill with a pro wrassling bout.
1922-05-24Nels Moe
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaLTKO410
Moe outweighed Ross by more than 20 pounds and Ross, underestimating the wrassler from Edmonton, had not trained properly.
1922-05-10War Kirby3-0-0
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWTKO210
1922-04-29Ray Kronick
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWTKO1012
Kronick, 18 years old, makes pro debut after winning the Canadian amateur light heavyweight championship. Bout was stopped by promoter Mark Rogers after Kronick had been put down twice in the 8th round. "War" Kirby refereed.
1922-04-14Ray Balmer
Armory, Fort Collins, Colorado, USALDQ?
Ross, reportedly from Calgary, was disqualified for punching low.
1922-01-02Bob Fox1-0-1
Temple Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaLRTD312
referee: Doc McCormick
Fox made Ross a punching bag from the second round on, forcing Ross to quit after the third round.
1921-08-17Bob Fox
Victoria Pavilion, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaLPTS1010
referee: Freddie Lowes
"..Fox mauled Ross but could not get over the haymaker...Ross would cover and let his man hammer away, coming back with a grin and inviting more trouble..." Calgary Herald
1921-01-15Billy Barton1-2-0
Bijou Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaWPTS1515
referee: Doc McCormick
1920-12-03Harry Davis
Victoria Pavilion, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaWTKO610
Davis failed to answer the bell for the 6th round after his corner threw in the sponge.
1920-09-21Jim Gorman
Napier Theatre, Drumheller, Alberta, CanadaWPTS1212
Gorman was a 185 lb heavyweight. Ross took most of the early rounds, while Gorman came on too late.
1920-03-05Eddie KO Fingard5-3-4
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CanadaLPTS1515
1919-12-23Eddie KO Fingard4-2-4
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CanadaLPTS1515
Fingard won every round except the ninth, and nearly had Ross out in the 14th and 15th.
1919-08-02Jack Clarke1-0-1
Vulcan, Alberta, CanadaDPTS1010
referee: Jimmy McEwan
Clarke, the middleweight champion of the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary force, was knocked down in the 4th round and Ross took a brief count in the fifth.
1919-05-24Joe Grimm1-0-1
Drumheller, Alberta, CanadaDPTS1010
1919-04-18Roy Carson4-1-1
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaDPTS1010
1919-04-11Frank Farmer27-8-14
Al Azhar Temple, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaLPTS1010x2
referee: Freddie Lowes
The bell saved Ross three times. Farmer had gone to Canada seeking opponents, having been avoided by boxers of his division in the Pacific Northwest.
1919-03-28Roy Carson4-0-1
Empire Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaWPTS1515
referee: Doc McCormick
Canada middleweight title
Ross had Carson down and out in the 5th round, but Referee McCormick inexplicably stopped his count at eight when the bell rang to end the round.
1919-01-01Roy Carson4-0-0
Empire Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaDPTS1515
referee: Doc McCormick
Canada middleweight title
Ross defending. Carson is an east coast based fighter trained by Joe Cotton. Carson claimed to have broken his hand in the 9th round. One of the preliminaries was a Battle Royal featuring 5 local fighters.
1918-12-10Clonie Tait12-2-1
Pantages Theatre, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaDNWS44
referee: Cappy Smart
Ross outweighed Tait by 25 pounds, but both men were in less than top shape. Ross had Tait groggy in round three when the timekeeper ended the round early by 30 seconds. There were two other 4-round preliminaries featuring local soldiers.
1918-04-19Billy Miller0-3-1
Columbus Club Hall, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaWPTS44
referee: Cappy Smart
Card was an attempt by Promoter Kid Scaler to revive boxing in Calgary. Ross was now in uniform and based at Camp Sarcee.
1918-02-19Frankie Brennan2-1-0
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaDPTS1010
referee: Jack Doherty
"KO" Brennan was a 10:7 favourite going in. The fight was at catchweights.
1918-01-09Phil Harrison14-2-1
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaLPTS1010
referee: Jud Foley
Harrison 4 rounds, Ross two rounds, 4 rounds even. Lethbridge Herald
1917-12-19Al Moore0-1-0
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWKO110
time: 2:00 | referee: Len Brown
Moore is said to be from Montana and is just over the US Draft age limit. Both men tipped the scales at over 170 pounds.
1917-11-30Al Moore
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWKO510
referee: Jud Foley
The finisher was a left to the stomach followed by a short right to the jaw. Moore was down and Foley had counted one when the bell rang to end the round. Moore was unable to regain his senses and was declared out. Moore is said to have met many of the best middleweights on the west coast.
1917-09-03Art Yordy4-4-2
Grand Theatre, Fernie, British Columbia, CanadaDPTS1010
referee: Len Brown
Canada middleweight title
1917-08-16Norway Boy
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWKO410
referee: Jud Foley
1917-04-17Charley Red Egan1-3-5
Dreamland Pavilion, Seattle, Washington, USAWKO34
referee: Chet McIntyre
1917-04-12Frank Farmer17-5-9
Tahoma Hall, Tacoma, Washington, USALPTS44
referee: Arthur Schock
Charlie Lewis of the local Burnside Hat Store "offered a new cap to each winner [of the card], and, not to be outdone, Art McGinley offer[ed] a new one to each loser." Thus, all 14 boxers got new hats, in addition to their share of the purse. Tacoma Tribune
1916-12-20Ike Cohen19-18-18
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWPTS1010
referee: Jud Foley
The Rematch. Tough fight with lots of infighting and plenty roughstuff. No knockdowns. There were two short prelims. A report of the fight mentions that Young Ross had lost a 12 round decision to heavyweight Fred Fulton a few years previous at Fairview, Montana.
1916-11-22Ike Cohen19-17-18
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWPTS1010
referee: Jud Foley
Ross won five rounds, Cohen three, with two even.
1916-11-09Kid Evans
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaDPTS44
referee: Frank Mantell
Card was a benefit smoker for the Tobacco Fund.
1916-10-26Eddie Brusso
Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaWKO310
referee: Jud Foley
Eddie Brusso is the younger brother of Tommy Burns nee Noah Brusso.
1916-08-01Sid Mitchell12-4-6
Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaDPTS1515
(Date uncertain)
Source Michel Gadu 2002

1916-05-22Al McCoy28-4-3
Arena, New Haven, Connecticut, USADPTS2020
Ross was a Canadian middleweight.
1916-02-17Joe Bonds22-6-8
Missoula, Montana, USALTKO810
Ross went to the mat twice in the round before his seconds threw in the towel. Bonds had a 25 pound weight advantage.
1915-07-26Walter Monaghan13-5-0
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaLNWS1212
Young Al Ross, the local middleweight, had a big lead through the first five rounds, then caught a haymaker from Monaghan which nearly put him down. He survived and battled back, but Monaghan had a shade the better, though both were weak at the end.
1914-10-01Fred Fulton10-3-0
Fairview, Montana, USALPTS1212
From a 1916 report in the Lethbridge Herald. Ross, then known as "Young Al".


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