Karl Mildenberger
Global ID9381
birthdate 1937-11-23
height6′ 1½″   /   187cm
country Germany
residenceKaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
birth placeKaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
won 53 (KO 19) + lost 6 (KO 4) + drawn 3 = 62
rounds boxed 484 KO% 30.65

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1968-09-18Henry Cooper36-13-1
Empire Pool, Wembley, London, United KingdomLDQ815x3
referee: Nello Barrovecchio
EBU (European) heavyweight title
Mildenberger disqualified for illegal use of the head.
1968-04-05Leotis Martin24-3-0
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyLKO712
referee: Ben Bril
1967-12-30Gerhard Zech33-6-3
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1515
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1967-09-16Oscar Bonavena30-3-0
Waldstadion/Radrennbahn, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyLUD1212
referee: Harold Krause 47-56 | judge: Hans Drust 53-57 | judge: Jose Stern 53-58
Elimination Tournament for WBA Heavyweight Title
(Ellis-Martin/Bonavena-Mildenberger vs. Quarry-Patterson/Spencer-Terrell)
Mildenberger was floored in rounds 1, 4, 7 and 10

1967-05-06Amos Lincoln40-9-1
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWTKO612
1967-03-21Billy Walker20-5-2
Empire Pool, Wembley, London, United KingdomWTKO815x3
time: 1:43 | referee: Ben Bril
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1967-02-01Piero Tomasoni28-5-4
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS1515
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1966-09-10Muhammad Ali25-0-0
Waldstadion/Radrennbahn, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyLTKO1215
time: 1:30 | referee: Teddy Waltham | judge: Herr Olert | judge: Nat Fleischer
World Heavyweight Title
1966-06-15Ivan Prebeg13-9-3
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS1515
referee: Ben Bril
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1966-02-03Eddie Machen47-6-3
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS1010
1965-11-26Gerhard Zech31-4-1
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS1515
referee: Jean Welter
EBU (European) heavyweight title
The bout between Mildenberger and Zech, with the former's European title at stake, was monotonous and uneventful as experts had predicted.
The Luxembourg referee issued several warnings but the team-mates knew each other's style from A to Z and every move was cancelled before it could begin.
The bout ended with a win for Mildenberger and the boxers left the ring to a storm of boos from the 8,000 spectators.

1965-09-10Dave Bailey13-13-3
Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, GermanyWPTS1010
1965-05-14Piero Tomasoni25-3-3
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS1515
referee: Philippe De Backer
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1965-04-09Kirk Barrow27-12-2
Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, GermanyWKO510
referee: Hebert Thomser
1965-01-22Jefferson Davis22-6-1
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS1010
1964-12-04Ollie Wilson18-29-0
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWTKO410
1964-11-20Amos Johnson18-3-1
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyDPTS1010
1964-10-17Santo Amonti51-5-3
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWKO115
vacant EBU (European) heavyweight title
1964-04-17Zora Folley67-7-3
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyDPTS1010
referee: Otto Nispel
1964-01-25Archie McBride30-15-1
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1010
1963-11-29Billy Daniels18-4-0
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWKO310
1963-10-13Joe Erskine43-6-1
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWPTS1010
1963-07-06Wayne Bethea27-17-4
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1010
1963-05-10Von Clay17-10-2
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1010
1963-04-20Ulli Ritter21-16-7
Ostseehalle, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyWPTS1010
1963-01-26Archie McBride30-15-0
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyDPTS1010
1962-11-30Joe Bygraves40-19-1
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS310
1962-11-17Alonzo Johnson21-11-0
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWPTS1010
1962-10-06John Henry11-6-3
Messesporthalle, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWPTS88
Henry down twice in 5th
1962-09-01Federico Friso21-20-6
Messesporthalle, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWPTS1010
1962-02-24Dick Richardson30-12-2
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyLKO115
time: 2:35 | referee: Philippe De Backer
EBU (European) heavyweight title
1962-01-20Pete Rademacher14-6-1
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWPTS1010
Rademacher was down for a three-count in the 7th, and a nine-count in the 8th.
1961-11-24Howard King38-22-8
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWPTS1010
1961-11-03Wayne Bethea23-15-2
Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, GermanyWPTS1010
1961-09-29Young Jack Johnson22-15-1
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1010
1961-09-10Jose Gonzalez29-26-6
Eisstadion, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWKO28
1961-06-03Walter Haufft3-10-2
Eisstadion, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWTKO28
1961-04-28Frankie Daniels36-21-4
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS1010
1961-03-17Thoerner Ahsman10-1-2
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWTKO410
Mildenberger knocked down three times. He grabbed Ahsman's left arm who had to retire with an injured elbow.
1961-01-20Harold Carter27-5-2
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWTKO810
1960-12-07Franco Cavicchi65-9-3
Bologna, Emilia Romagna, ItalyWPTS1010
1960-11-26Hans Friedrich31-25-6
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, GermanyWTKO38
1960-10-29Robert Archie Moore3-0-0
Ostseehalle, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyWPTS86
1960-10-01Alain Cherville26-16-2
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWTKO48
1960-05-06Alex Buxton78-35-3
Ernst Merck Halle, Mitte, Berlin, GermanyWPTS88
1960-04-22Francois Kania15-11-2
Ostseehalle, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyWKO38
1960-04-08Sammy Langford15-9-2
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWTKO38
1960-02-13Ron Redrup13-9-3
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWTKO78
1959-12-30Jimmy Slade35-20-5
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS88
1959-12-12Wim Snoek32-18-5
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWPTS88
1959-11-07Helmut Ball10-4-1
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyLKO78
Eliminator for German Light Heavyweight Title
1959-07-04Arthur Howard35-13-2
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS88
1959-06-06Wim Snoek32-16-5
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWPTS88
1959-05-09Jacques Bro24-15-5
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWKO58
1959-04-24Pedro Klijssen17-11-0
Grugahalle, Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWPTS88
1959-03-14Alain Cherville23-13-1
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWPTS88
1959-02-14Louis DeBolster2-8-1
Landwirtschaftshalle, Kaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, GermanyWKO36
1958-12-13Andre Wyns9-15-2
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWPTS88
1958-12-05Mariano Echevarria9-2-0
Bayernhalle, Munich, Bayern, GermanyWPTS88
1958-11-15Andre Oueille12-4-0
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWTKO56
1958-11-09Guenter Huber6-23-0
Schwarzwaldhalle, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWPTS44
1958-10-15Manfred Striemer
Killesberghalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GermanyWKO14


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