Roger Bernard
Global ID9429
birthdate 1907-06-06
death date 1954-09-17 (47)
height5′ 6″   /   168cm
reach70″   /   178cm
country USA
residenceFlint, Michigan, USA
birth placeChicago, Illinois, USA
birth nameOrazio Bernardi
won 70 (KO 21) + lost 41 (KO 4) + drawn 10 = 121
rounds boxed 993
Newspaper Decisions won 2 : lost : drawn
rounds boxed 13
Total Bouts 123 KO% 17.07

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1938-02-14Billy Marquart17-2-0
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USALKO28
This appears to have been Bernard's last fight, and even this one does not appear in his published records. From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
1937-12-10Everett Rightmire81-9-8
Armory, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USALKO510
1937-10-25Jimmy Buckler40-23-12
Flint, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1937-08-11Cecil Payne74-29-12
Swiss Park Open Air Arena, Louisville, Kentucky, USALPTS1010
From the Louisville Times (Laurence Fielding).
1937-07-19Wishy Jones46-12-5
Swiss Park Open Air Arena, Louisville, Kentucky, USADPTS1010
From the Louisville Times (Laurence Fielding).
1937-06-18Sammy Angott22-10-2
Riverview Rink, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALPTS1010
1937-05-21Everett Simington7-4-1
Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS88
1937-05-11Jimmy Garrison17-4-3
Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1010
1937-04-05Al Nettlow25-3-1
Eagles Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALPTS88
referee: Freddie Andrews
1937-03-23Lou Ambers63-4-6
Flint, Michigan, USALPTS1010
1937-01-29Larry Greb4-1-0
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALPTS88
1937-01-01Larry Greb3-0-0
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS88
referee: Freddie Andrews
1936-12-09Wesley Martin6-15-5
Flint, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1936-08-12Johnny Stevens13-5-1
Parkway Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio, USALPTS1010
1936-07-14Chino Alvarez90-26-14
Benjamin Field Arena, Tampa, Florida, USALPTS1010
referee: Jack Dempsey
1936-05-11Joey Temes52-17-15
Valley Arena, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USAWMD1010
referee: Dave Goggin | judge: Tommy Thompson | judge: Harmon Smith
1936-04-20Tommy Rawson Jr.30-7-1
Valley Arena, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USAWMD1010
referee: Jack Dekkers
1936-03-20Everett Simington2-1-0
Hot Springs, Arkansas, USAWPTS1010
1935-11-22Davey Day34-4-4
Guyon's Paradise Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS1010
1935-11-13Freddie Miller164-14-6
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaLPTS1010
After this bout, Joe Louis fought 4 exhibition rounds against 4 different opponents.
1935-10-18Phil Baker39-25-5
Columbus Hall, Stamford, Connecticut, USALPTS1010
From the Hartford Courant (Jack Kincaid).
1935-10-11Leroy Born24-25-6
I.M.A. Auditorium, Flint, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1935-10-05Dave Barry53-16-6
Hazel Park, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO610
From the Chicago Tribune.
1935-08-20Freddie Miller156-14-6
North Side Ball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, USALPTS1010
1935-07-29Joey Temes50-13-15
Griffith Stadium, Washington, District of Columbia, USALUD1010
From Washington newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1935-07-15Abe Wasserman45-9-7
Dyckman Oval, Manhattan, New York, USALPTS88
1935-07-12George Levy30-4-4
Boardwalk Arena, Long Branch, New Jersey, USADPTS1010
referee: Tommy Elm
From the Long Branch Daily Record (Herb Goldman).
1935-07-01Lew Fox16-15-6
Griffith Stadium, Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS88
From Washington newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1935-06-10Lew Fox16-14-6
Griffith Stadium, Washington, District of Columbia, USAWPTS66
From Washington newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1935-04-22Joe Doherty50-9-12
Auditorium, Washington, District of Columbia, USAWSD1010
From Washington newspapers (Laurence Fielding).
1935-04-10Wesley Ramey68-15-7
Civic Auditorium, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USALPTS1010
From The Ring, July 1935, page 62.
1935-04-05Mose Butch51-16-3
I.M.A. Auditorium, Flint, Michigan, USALPTS88
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
1935-03-01Mose Butch49-16-3
I.M.A. Auditorium, Flint, Michigan, USALPTS1010
1935-02-01Eddie Burl59-47-11
I.M.A. Auditorium, Flint, Michigan, USAWTKO510
From the Detroit Free Press (Laurence Fielding).
1934-11-26Leonard Del Genio19-2-4
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USALPTS88
1934-11-19Mike Belloise32-2-4
St. Nicholas Arena, New York, New York, USALPTS1010
1934-11-14Tiger Kid Walker65-17-14
Cincinnati, Ohio, USAWPTS1212
1934-10-19Mickey Barron27-11-6
Flint, Michigan, USAWKO210
1934-10-05Dave Barry48-8-1
Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO6
1934-09-11Joe Botta5-4-3
Naval Armory, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO2
1934-07-11Lou Ambers37-1-5
Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS1010
1934-06-26Joey Zodda34-17-2
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWPTS88
referee: George Girardin
Girardin was the referee for all the preliminaries. The Gazette
1934-06-21Matty White43-19-5
Exchange Stadium, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
1934-06-18Johnny Edwards19-18-7
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaWKO4
1934-05-07Eddie Shea73-23-6
Flint, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1934-04-18Al Roth26-8-8
Mount Royal Arena, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDPTS1010
referee: Mickey McGowan
1934-01-15Freddie Miller111-11-5
Flint, Michigan, USALPTS1010
1933-11-01Battling Gizzy70-14-3
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
1933-10-18Joe Ghnouly35-7-1
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1933-09-27Paul Junior27-3-0
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDPTS1010
1933-09-13Jimmy Slavin49-24-10
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
1933-08-16Albert Ladou26-5-2
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1212
1933-07-26Albert Ladou26-4-2
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWPTS1010
1933-06-19Mike Dundee63-17-13
Flint, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1933-05-19Tommy Bland16-12-2
Mutual Street Arena, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWKO510
referee: Herschel Osbourne
Bland knocked out by a right hand to the jaw.
1933-05-08Wesley Ramey49-5-5
Flint, Michigan, USALPTS1010
1933-04-12Harold Stewart7-0-1
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDPTS88
1933-02-06Santiago Zorrilla70-34-16
Flint, Michigan, USAWKO210
Bernard rose from a 2nd round knockdown to knock out Zorilla
1933-01-16Young Geno10-6-2
Flint, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1932-11-23Young Geno9-4-2
Detroit, Michigan, USALKO5
1932-10-25Joe Ghnouly27-5-1
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLPTS1010
1932-08-02Albert Ladou21-2-1
Baseball Stadium, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDPTS1010
1932-06-16Kid Chocolate74-4-1
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
1932-03-24Midget Mike O'Dowd48-34-11
Flint, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1932-01-07Cowboy Eddie Anderson76-37-25
Flint, Michigan, USALPTS1010
1932-01-01Battling Gizzy60-6-2
Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
referee: Red Robinson | judge: Frank Brown | judge: Jock Simcoe
1931-12-17Cowboy Eddie Anderson76-37-24
Flint, Michigan, USADPTS1010
1931-10-12Battling Battalino35-11-2
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWMD1010
referee: Herman Hindin
1931-09-18Prince Saunders13-6-4
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USALKO2
1931-08-14Charlie Crocker2-5-3
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USAWPTS1010
1931-06-26Harry Dublinsky45-12-8
Borchert Field, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALPTS1010
1931-05-20Al 'Rube' Goldberg28-34-5
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaWTKO510
The towel came flying in after Goldberg had been floored three times in the round. Art Giroux and Benny Brostoff were introduced to the crowd. Montreal Herald
1931-04-24Harry Dublinsky40-12-8
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS88
1931-04-09Harry Dublinsky39-11-8
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWPTS1010
1931-03-27Barney Ross18-1-2
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS88
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
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