Chuck Davey
Global ID9688
birthdate 1925-10-01
death date 2002-12-04 (77)
height5′ 9″   /   175cm
country USA
residenceDetroit, Michigan, USA
birth placeDetroit, Michigan, USA
birth nameCharles Pierce Davey
won 42 (KO 26) + lost 5 (KO 2) + drawn 2 = 49
rounds boxed 297 KO% 53.06

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1955-10-15Alan Kennedy23-5-1
Lansing, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
Davey looked impressive and gave Kennedy a boxing lesson, but this was his last fight.
1955-08-22Pat Manzi28-10-5
St. Andrew's Field, Saginaw, Michigan, USAWMD1010
referee: Billy Moore
The official scorecards were 97-97 (draw), and 97-94 and 96-92 in favor of Davey.
1954-05-26Vince Martinez36-3-0
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALRTD610
Davey was knocked down in the 1st, twice in the 3rd, and in the 6th. Davey did not answer the bell for the seventh round.
1954-04-07Gerald Dreyer36-4-2
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Russ Bradford 60-50 | judge: Eddie James 59-51 | judge: Toby Irwin 59-51
1954-02-18Art Aragon60-14-5
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALSD1010
referee: Mushy Callahan 54-56 | judge: Joe Stone 54½-55½ | judge: Charley Randolph 58-52
1953-11-04Al Andrews23-4-1
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USALSD1010
referee: Morris Sherman 51-49 | judge: Bill Appleton 48-52 | judge: Joe Lenahan 49-51
Davey was considered as having won by all of the sportswriters present.
1953-09-14Al Andrews22-4-1
Veterans Memorial Stadium, Saginaw, Michigan, USALUD1010
Davey was knocked down in the 2nd
1953-06-02Sammy Mastrean36-28-2
Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USAWUD1010
1953-04-29Sammy Giuliani29-7-1
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWTKO1010
1953-02-11Kid Gavilan89-12-4
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALTKO1015
referee: Frank Gilmer 41-49 | judge: John Bray 39-51 | judge: Ed Hintz 38-52
World Welterweight Title
Fight stopped before the start of the 10th
Davey down once in the 1st and three times in the 9th
Gate: $274,451

1953-01-13Johnny Williams25-35-7
Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio, USAWKO710
1952-12-10Fitzie Pruden50-18-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWTKO310
time: 2:32 | referee: Jackie Davis
Cleveland Plain Dealer 11 December 1952
1952-09-17Rocky Graziano67-9-6
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWUD1010
referee: Frank Sikora 56-44 | judge: Ed Klein 61-39 | judge: Harold Marovitz 58-42
1952-07-16Carmen Basilio28-8-4
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWUD1010
referee: Frank Gilmer 54-46 | judge: Harold Marovitz 55-45 | judge: Ed Klein 55-45
Davey won decisively despite being cut below each eye.
1952-06-25Chico Vejar41-2-0
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO510
A barrage of body blows put Vejar down for the count
1952-05-29Carmen Basilio28-8-3
War Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse, New York, USADPTS1010
referee: Joe Palmer | judge: Richie Fazio | judge: Harvey Smith
Originally announced as a win for Basilio. There were two errors on one of the judges scorecards, which was voided, making the fight a draw.
1952-05-07Chico Vejar41-1-0
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWUD1010
time: 1:10 | referee: Frank Sikora
Vejar was down four times.
1952-03-26Ike Williams120-19-3
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO510
time: 1:47 | referee: Bill Doty
Williams later claimed he threw this fight. However, "(Davey) hit Williams with everything in the book, and had him reeling so badly in the fifth heat that the bout was stopped..." (The Ring, June 1952, page 58.)
1952-02-18Johnny Brown4-3-1
Rainbo Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWUD88
referee: Bernie Weismann
1952-01-16Joe Garza27-3-2
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO710
time: 2:26 | referee: Frank Gilmer
1951-12-27Andy Anderson16-23-6
Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWTKO810
referee: Omar Crocker
1951-12-13Chuck Taylor38-21-3
Civic Auditorium, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWTKO710
1951-11-12Bobby Yaeger45-28-6
Civic Auditorium, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWKO510
1951-10-03John LaBroi25-8-1
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS1010
1951-09-20Danny Stepanovich24-12-5
Ranney Field, Lansing, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1951-07-16Ross Virgo22-1-0
Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, Louisiana, USADPTS1010
referee: Tony Amato 3-3 | judge: Jake Graffagnini 5-5 | judge: Willie Sehrt 4-4
1951-06-21Tommy Darrough15-6-1
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
1951-06-04Tommy Ciarlo36-33-7
Coliseum Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWKO410
time: 1:04 | referee: Pete Giarusso
Davey won every round, flooring Ciarlo for a nine-count in the third round and putting him down for the full count in the fourth.
1951-05-24Allie Gronik34-7-3
Lansing, Michigan, USAWPTS88
1951-05-09Bob Rossie15-8-3
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO36
1951-04-26Johnny Paoletti20-11-1
I.M.A. Auditorium, Flint, Michigan, USAWPTS66
1951-04-02Tommy McMenemy24-7-2
Rainbo Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO28
time: 2:31 | referee: Joey White
1951-03-28Tony Ealy0-2-0
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO16
1951-03-14Eddie Zacker14-2-2
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO26
1951-01-24Willard Coffey27-14-6
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO36
1951-01-04Vern Roberts1-5-3
Lansing, Michigan, USAWKO48
1950-12-13Sonny Harris8-18-3
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO26
time: 0:37
1950-12-06Russ Frymier0-1-0
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO16
1950-11-30Billy Dudley
Flint, Michigan, USAWKO16
1950-11-24Bobby Roberts7-4-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO36
1950-11-15Joey Brown12-17-2
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWTKO26
1950-11-08Rusty Cleek4-1-2
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO36
Chicago Tribune
1950-10-25Sammy Ross0-3-0
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWTKO26
1950-10-18Vern Roberts0-2-1
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS44
1950-10-04Jimmy Campbell2-12-1
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO36
1949-12-02Eddie Garland10-5-0
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWPTS44
In winning Davey broke a bone in his left hand and was out of action for many months.
1949-11-25Larry Moreland8-11-0
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USAWPTS44
1949-10-31Kid Silva2-2-0
Arcadia Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO24
1949-10-10Ken Brown5-7-0
Arcadia Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO24
Davey's professional debut.


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