Tiger Flowers
Global ID11336
birthdate 1893-02-11
death date 1927-11-16 (34)
height5′ 10″   /   178cm
reach76″   /   193cm
aliasGeorgia Deacon
country USA
residenceNew York, New York, USA
birth placeCamilla, Georgia, USA
birth nameTheodore Flowers
won 117 (KO 54) + lost 15 (KO 10) + drawn 7 = 140
rounds boxed 1061
Newspaper Decisions won 17 : lost 2 : drawn
rounds boxed 202
Total Bouts 159 KO% 33.96

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1927-11-12Leo Gates29-23-3
Olympia Boxing Club, New York, New York, USAWTKO410
Flowers's final bout. He would die November 16 from complications following eye surgery.
1927-11-09Maxie Rosenbloom48-12-7
Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, USADPTS1010
1927-10-17Joe Lohman15-38-5
Canton Auditorium, Canton, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Massillon Evening Independent
1927-09-30Pete Latzo47-5-3
Artillery Park, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
referee: Lew Grimson | judge: Mike Bernstein | judge: Larry Kendig
1927-09-01Joe Anderson14-7-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS1010
"The bout was one of the most important since the recent ruling of the Boxing Commission on the new foul line. However, neither of the contestants wore the newly prescribed trunks, which are to show the new foul line, five inches below the belt line. There were several occasions during the bout when it was necessary for the referee to warn both fighters to keep up their punches. The prevailing opinion seems to be that the new trunks will be put in use when the present ones are worn out." New York Times. The following month Anderson was critically stabbed below the heart by Herbert Davis of Danville, a black motorist, after a traffic accident.
1927-08-16Jock Malone73-14-6
Dugdale Park, Seattle, Washington, USAWPTS66
"There was little real damage done during the six rounds. In the fourth Flowers opened a cut over Malone's eye, but neither man was in distress at any time. Flowers had a distinct edge in four of the six rounds, the second and third alone being fairly even." Everett Daily Herald
1927-08-10Harry Dillon18-5-3
Ice Coliseum, Portland, Oregon, USAWPTS1010
1927-08-03Chuck Wiggins45-22-10
Taylor Bowl, Cleveland, Ohio, USADPTS1010
referee: Matt Brock
1927-07-28Bing Conley21-12-1
Amusement Park, Norwalk, Connecticut, USAWPTS1010
Flowers won every round. (AP)
1927-07-04Maxie Rosenbloom45-10-6
Comiskey Park, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS1010
Rosenbloom and Flowers took turns slapping each other in a poor bout. From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
1927-06-17Bob Sage20-9-2
Detroit, Michigan, USAWPTS1010
referee: Elmer Slim McClelland
1927-05-27Eddie Huffman22-10-5
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
referee: Joe O'Connor
1927-05-13Chuck Wiggins43-20-10
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWNWS1010
"Flowers earning a shade by a strong finish." (AP)
1927-04-29Chuck Wiggins43-19-10
Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USAWPTS1010
referee: Dick Nugent
Flowers gave Wiggins "a decisive beating." (Nevada State Journal)
1927-03-29Soldier George Jones11-6-2
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia, USAWKO115
time: 1:11
1927-02-18Lou Bogash88-11-12
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
referee: Johnny Brassil
1927-01-25Lee Anderson38-31-12
Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS44
1927-01-22Leo Lomski42-5-1
Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, California, USALPTS1010
referee: Harry Lee
1927-01-06Tut Jackson65-22-5
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWKO210
1926-12-03Mickey Walker42-9-0
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS1010
referee: Benny Yanger
World Middleweight Title
The Chicago Tribune had three reporters at ringside and all scored Flowers as a decisive winner. "The referee was the sole arbiter in Illinois rule (at this time). "Referee Benny Yanger said he based his decision on Walker landing the cleaner punches, and that Flowers only slapped with an open glove. Tiger also was guilty of sticking a thumb in Mickey's eyes on occasion, and also of heeling..Spectators at ringside couldn't believe it when the saw Referee Yanger hold up Walker's hand as the winner." Flowers was down in round nine. The gate was $77,137." From the Chicago Tribune, Bob Soderman.

1926-11-22Eddie Huffman18-7-4
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS1010
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman). "Flowers ran rings around Huffman, slapping, cuffing and punching in his southpaw style. Compared to Tiger, Eddie was as slow as an elephant and was hit by five punches (or slaps) to every one he managed to land."
1926-10-15Maxie Rosenbloom40-8-6
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USALDQ910
referee: Johnny Brassil
1926-09-16Happy Hunter2-1-2
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWKO38
1926-08-19Harry Greb107-7-3
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWSD1515
referee: Jim Crowley | judge: Charles F. Mathison | judge: Harold Barnes
World Middleweight Title
Opinions of observers on the outcome of this fight varied. It was evident that many people tended to count Harry's rough style against him. Regis Welsh of the Pittsburgh Post said that Harry "honestly won." Frank Getty of UP said Flowers easily won. Welsh gave Greb rounds 1,2,6,8, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 and Flowers rounds 4, 5, 7, and 10, with rounds 3 and 9 even. Welsh asserted that the judges overreacted to the claim of Walk Miller (Flowers's manager) a few days before the fight that it was "in the bag" for Greb. He also stated that a great many persons who viewed the fight thought that Greb won. Greb, himself, said "Well, that was one fight I won if I ever won any." Gene Tunney, who was friends with both men and watched the fight from ringside, called the verdict "unjust". Referee Crowley voted for Greb as winner; Mathison and Barnes gave it to Flowers.

1926-08-10Battling Jim McCreary20-18-2
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia, USAWDQ310
referee: Jake Abel
1926-07-24Eddie Huffman18-5-4
Ascot Park, Los Angeles, California, USAWPTS1010
referee: Abe Roth
Flowers down in the third.
1926-07-11Lee Anderson38-30-12
Coliseum, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoWKO2
A seemingly light tap on the jaw "sent" Anderson to the canvas.
1926-06-28Ray Neuman14-12-7
Braves Field, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
1926-06-18Young Bob Fitzsimmons21-6-1
Boyle's Thirty Acres, Jersey City, New Jersey, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision won decisively by Flowers (New York Times).
1926-04-16Allentown Joe Gans35-7-8
Armory, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USAWSD1010
1926-02-26Harry Greb105-6-3
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS1515
referee: Ed Smith
World Middleweight Title
Most experts thought that Greb won this fight. Frank Getty of the United Press stated that "many experts figured that the worst the former champion should have had was a draw, for Greb was the stronger puncher and at times had Flowers in real trouble." Hype Igoe stated that "the decision was met with deathly silence by the crowd. To some it was a just verdict. To others it was unfair to Greb..My own tally had Greb out in front by a margin of two rounds- five for Flowers, seven for Greb and the others even." Regis Welsh of the Pittsburgh Post had Greb winning 8-5-2 on rounds. Greb did suffer a cut eyebrow in round 3, his first since he fought Bob Roper in Buffalo. Greb fought flat-footed and was wild, not in his best form.

1925-12-23Mike McTigue60-10-4
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALSD1010
referee: Eddie Purvieux | judge: Bernard Gimbel | judge: Peter Brady
Referee Purvieux voted for Flowers; the two judges (both inexperienced) for McTigue. This decision has the reputation of being one of the worst ever rendered.
1925-12-10Frank Moody101-40-12
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
referee: Johnny Brassil | judge: Pat Moran | judge: Jim Harmon
1925-11-30Benny Ross28-17-8
Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USAWPTS66
1925-10-27Chuck Wiggins33-14-6
East Chicago, Indiana, USALNWS1010
The newspaper decision of the Chicago Tribune was a win for Wiggins. (The account of the fight didn't appear until the issue of October 29.) Flowers didn't do much fighting in the first five rounds and got well behind. He worked harder in the last five but Wiggins fought a smart fight and "countered punch for punch." The Tribune had Wiggins winning six rounds, Flowers three, and one even. A report of a draw went out over the wires, but Flowers's manager, Walk Miller, was famous for making false claims after fights, and probably sent out the report himself.
1925-10-23Jock Malone58-10-5
Auditorium, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USAWNWS1010
Flowers won the "newspaper decision," the ringside reporters decided, after Malone twice refused to accept the decision on fouls.
Flowers dominated Malone according to St. Paul Pioneer Press 10/24/1925

1925-09-07Ted Moore47-9-3
Taylor Bowl, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWTKO610
referee: Matt Brock
Referee stopped the fight. Cleveland Plain Dealer
1925-08-28Jock Malone55-9-5
Braves Field, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
referee: Joe O'Connor | judge: John T. Glackin | judge: William T. McDermott
1925-08-21Allentown Joe Gans30-5-7
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune)
1925-07-24Lou Bogash83-11-12
Aurora Bowl, Aurora, Illinois, USAWNWS1010
(Chicago Tribune & AP Wire) It was a one-sided fight as Flowers "had Lou on the run in every roumd, and socked him at least five punches to one." (Bob Soderman, Chicago Tribune)
1925-07-20Pat McCarthy33-14-4
Braves Field, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
referee: Johnny Brassil
Although Flowers won McCarthy made a great fight of it.
1925-06-26Jack Stone0-18-0
Elizabeth, New Jersey, USAWKO4
1925-06-20Lee Anderson34-26-12
Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York, New York, USAWDQ310
1925-06-08Lee Anderson34-25-12
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS1010
1925-06-05Jock Malone54-9-4
East Chicago, Indiana, USAWNWS1010
Flowers won the "newspaper decision." 12,000 people attended the fight (Chicago Tribune).
1925-05-26Lou Bogash83-10-12
State Street Arena, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USAWPTS1212
referee: Dan Buckley
1925-05-18Pal Reed42-21-3
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
1925-05-04Battling Mims1-6-1
Macon, Georgia, USAWKO5
1925-04-29Sailor Darden6-14-1
Savannah, Georgia, USAWKO512
1925-03-20Lou Bogash83-9-12
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1010
referee: Johnny Brassil | judge: John T. Glackin | judge: Dave Nelligan
1925-03-16Sailor Darden6-12-1
Coliseum, Toledo, Ohio, USAWNWS1212
Newspaper decision from the Toledo News-Bee
1925-02-26Jack Delaney45-6-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALKO412
referee: Patsy Haley
1925-02-16Lou Bogash82-9-12
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USALDQ310
referee: Jerry Moore | judge: John T. Glackin | judge: Dave Nelligan
Flowers disqualified for a low blow.
1925-02-14Jackie Clark49-30-18
Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York, New York, USAWTKO512
1925-02-05Jamaica Kid8-21-3
Lakeside Park Pavillion, Dayton, Ohio, USAWTKO1012
1925-02-02Ted Moore47-9-3
Sussex Avenue Armory, Newark, New Jersey, USAWNWS1212
referee: Danny Sullivan
(Chicago Tribune)(New York Times)
1925-01-29Bill Savage1-3-0
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWKO210
1925-01-28Tommy Robson43-31-7
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWTKO812
time: 2:30 | referee: Johnny Brassil | judge: Dave Nelligan | judge: John T. Glackin
1925-01-16Jack Delaney43-5-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALKO212
time: 0:43 | referee: Jack O'Sullivan
1925-01-07Dan O'Dowd13-14-1
Marieville Gardens, North Providence, Rhode Island, USAWTKO610
1925-01-05Billy Britton15-7-5
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWTKO410
time: 2:20 | referee: Johnny Brassil | judge: Pat Moran | judge: John T. Glackin
1925-01-01Joe Lohman11-14-2
Rink S.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWTKO310
referee: Eddie Forbes
1924-12-26Frankie Schoell55-10-5
Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USADPTS66
1924-12-15Jack Townsend2-5-0
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO510
Reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Zabala & Kincaid).
1924-12-09Johnny Wilson46-17-2
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWTKO310
time: 2:55 | referee: Eddie Purdy
1924-12-01Battling Gahee13-13-3
Columbus, Ohio, USAWTKO212
referee: Sammy Trott
1924-11-27Clem Johnson13-16-3
Canton Auditorium, Canton, Ohio, USAWNWS1212
Newspaper decision from the Massillon Evening Independent
1924-11-10Jerry Hayes2-4-2
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWKO24
From the Philadelphia Inquirer (Jack Kincaid). One of two fights for Flowers on this program.
1924-11-10Hughie Clements4-2-1
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO24
One of two bouts Flowers fought on this card when Jackie Clark, of Allentown, PA, was unable to box on account of injuries. Clemons's seconds threw a towel into the ring. The Atlanta ConstitutionAlso reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Zabala & Kincaid).
1924-11-01George Robinson52-43-11
Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York, New York, USAWPTS1212
1924-10-23Joe Lohman11-13-2
Moose Arena, Hamilton, Ohio, USAWDQ410
referee: Glen Whitesell
Lohman was disqualified for hitting low
1924-10-21Cleve Hawkins16-19-3
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia, USAWKO3
1924-10-11Jamaica Kid8-20-3
Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York, New York, USAWTKO812
1924-09-30Battling Gahee13-12-3
Weller Theater, Zanesville, Ohio, USAWTKO412
referee: Billy Hutch
The fight was stopped after the 4th round when it was discovered that Gahee had sustained a broken wrist
1924-09-29Tut Jackson59-14-3
Canton Auditorium, Canton, Ohio, USAWKO212
time: 2:55
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