Mysterious Billy Smith
Global ID31315
birthdate 1871-05-15
death date 1937-10-14 (66)
height5′ 8½″   /   174cm
country Canada
residencePortland, Oregon, USA
birth placeLittle River, Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada
birth nameBilly Amos Smith
won 32 (KO 22) + lost 22 (KO 8) + drawn 26 = 85
rounds boxed 1010
Newspaper Decisions won 2 : lost 3 : drawn 1
rounds boxed 32
Total Bouts 91 KO% 24.18

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1915-12-29Jack Root2-2-0
Rose City A.C., Portland, Oregon, USALTKO66
referee: Jockey Bennett
1911-07-21Jim Cameron6-2-0
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USALDQ34
Reported as Smith's "comeback" bout. He was disqualified for wrestling and holding. Cameron subbed for Rufus Williams. Tacoma Daily News
1910-06-10Al Neill37-16-16
Exposition Rink, Saint Johns, Oregon, USAWPTS1010
1903-05-28Joe Walcott79-11-12
Columbia A.C., Portland, Oregon, USALTKO420
Smith suffered a broken hand in round three, and his corner soon after threw in the towel.
1902-03-14Tommy Ryan66-2-10
Turner Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USALKO410
time: 1:35
Crowd cries fake. Smith said he weighed 150 but looked 170; he was fat and in no condition to fight.
1902-01-23Al Neill13-2-6
Pastime A.C., Portland, Oregon, USALDQ1020
Smith kicked Neill, then bit him on the shoulder.
1901-11-29Al Neill11-2-5
Exposition Building, Portland, Oregon, USADPTS2020
1901-10-25Tom Tracey19-15-9
Exposition Building, Portland, Oregon, USADPTS2020
1901-08-19George Byers14-4-14
Victoria Rink, Saint John, New Brunswick, CanadaDPTS1515
referee: Jack Power
1901-06-14Young Peter Jackson37-7-12
Germania Maennerchor Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, USALTKO2
referee: George Mantz
Results from the Baltimore American. This bout took place at Germania Maennerchor Hall. Smith indulged in several "mad rushes" throughout, during once of which his eye came into contact with Jackson's head and split open. Smith's corner threw in the sponge before the start of the thrid round, claiming their man couldn't see.
1901-03-21Tim Hurley4-3-3
Opera House, New London, Connecticut, USADPTS2020
1901-02-12Owen Ziegler32-18-16
Lake City A.C., Erie, Pennsylvania, USADPTS1020
referee: Walter C Kelly
The bout was stopped in 10th by deputy sheriff, and called a draw.
1900-12-27Jack Mahoney1-1-3
Paterson, New Jersey, USANCNC11
1900-11-22Mike Donovan35-3-17
Metropolitan A.C., Wheeling, West Virginia, USADPTS2020
1900-11-14Jim Judge7-4-2
Savannah, Georgia, USALDQ11
1900-09-24Joe Walcott65-7-8
Coliseum, Hartford, Connecticut, USALDQ1020
referee: Johnny White
1900-09-11Young Peter Jackson36-5-8
Cleveland, Ohio, USAWTKO18
Police intervened to save Jackson from further punishment.
1900-06-29Jimmy Handler20-9-4
Broadway A.C., New York, New York, USALDQ1525
referee: Charlie White
1900-05-04Joe Walcott64-6-8
Broadway A.C., New York, New York, USALPTS2525
1900-04-17Matty Matthews38-5-14
Broadway A.C., New York, New York, USALKO1925
time: 0:28 | referee: Charlie White
World Welterweight Title
Fought at 142 pounds.

1900-03-12Jack Mahoney1-0-2
Hercules A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS2525
Billed as a World Welterweight title fight. Both men weighed over the then welter limit of 142lbs
1900-01-26Frank McConnell8-2-1
Broadway A.C., New York, New York, USAWKO2225
Welterweight World Title
Although listed in Ring Record Book as a title fight the New York Herald reports the match was made at 148lbs
Smith becomes the undisputed champion. National Police Gazette, Feb. 17, 1900 issue.

1900-01-15Rube Ferns25-6-3
Hawthorne A.C., Buffalo, New York, USALDQ2125
referee: Eddie McBride
Welterweight Championship of the World
Smith knocked Ferns down 15 times before fouling him.

1899-11-08Charlie McKeever24-5-7
Broadway A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWPTS2020
referee: Johnny White
Sometimes recorded as a World Welterweight title fight. Both men weighed over the then welter limit of 142lbs
1899-10-20Charlie McKeever24-5-7
Industrial Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
Results from the Philadelphia Record.
1899-09-29Billy Stift18-5-3
Star Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS66
referee: Malachy Hogan
1899-09-25Bob Douglass0-3-2
Olympic A.C., Denver, Colorado, USAWKO420
1899-08-04Andy Walsh13-6-5
Broadway A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS2525
1899-07-31Young Bailey
Broadway A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS4
Results from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
1899-07-28Jack Mahoney1-0-2
Industrial Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USADNWS66
"Mahoney landed more clean blows than Smith, but they seemed very light and had little effect...Smith, as usual, waited until Mahoney clinched and then got back at him with heavy blows to the kidneys...On the whole, the bout was unsatisfactory from the spectators point of view." Philadelphia Record
1899-06-30Charlie McKeever24-5-6
Broadway A.C., New York, New York, USADPTS2020
Sometimes recorded as a World Welterweight title fight but no mention of that appeared in the New York Herald while the New York Times reported it as a match made at catchweight
1899-03-10George (Kid) Lavigne34-0-10
Woodward's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USAWTKO1420
referee: Jim McDonald
World & American Welterweight Title
The fight was stopped when Lavigne's brother Billy entered the ring
BBBC Boxing Yearbook 2004

1899-01-24Australian Billy Edwards13-3-0
Lenox A.C., New York, New York, USAWKO1420
time: 2:08
New York Times
1898-12-06Joe Walcott49-5-8
Lenox A.C., New York, New York, USAWPTS2020
referee: Charlie White
Billed for the World Welterweight title. Both men weighed over the then welter limit of 142lbs.
1898-11-14Tommy West14-5-6
Horizon A.C., Bridgeport, Connecticut, USADPTS2020
referee: Samuel C. Austin
1898-10-07Charlie McKeever22-4-4
Lenox A.C., New York, New York, USAWPTS2525
World Welterweight Title
1898-10-03Jim Judge3-0-2
American S.C., Scranton, Pennsylvania, USAWKO2020
1898-09-05Andy Walsh10-5-3
Greater New York A.C., Coney Island, New York, USADPTS2525
referee: Aleck Brown
1898-08-25Matty Matthews18-4-7
Lenox A.C., New York, New York, USAWPTS2525
World Welterweight Title
1898-07-29George Green8-3-1
Lenox A.C., New York, New York, USAWPTS2525
1898-06-25Andy Walsh9-5-2
Greater New York A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS1515
1898-06-03Billy Stift13-2-2
Tattersall's, Chicago, Illinois, USALDQ56
1898-05-23Charley Johnson56-13-21
Olympic A.C., Athens, Pennsylvania, USADPTS1515
1898-04-22Tim Callahan2-2-6
Arena A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
(Philadelphia Inquirer)
1898-04-14Joe Walcott49-5-6
Park City Theater, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USADPTS2525
referee: Samuel C. Austin
1898-02-18Abe Ullman7-5-4
Germania Maennerchor Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, USADPTS88
NY Sun
1898-01-28Charley Johnson54-13-19
Arena A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALDQ1
1897-12-13Johnny Gorman7-6-8
Park City Theater, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USAWDQ5
referee: Jimmy Carroll
Gorman was disqualified for wrestling
1897-12-06Billy Mulligan
Yonkers, New York, USAWTKO2
1897-10-11Jack Bonner23-5-8
Quaker City A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
Bonner edged Smith who outweighed him by 20 pounds.
1897-09-17Jack Howard
Clarendon A.C., New York, New York, USAWTKO9
Howard had a fifteen pound weight advantage but this did not stop Smith from hammering him about the ring with steady left hand jabs. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
1897-09-06Mike Dempsey0-1-0
Greenpoint S.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWTKO210
referee: Joe Ward
1897-08-23Jack Powers0-0-4
Saint John, New Brunswick, CanadaDPTS88
1897-06-08Jack Bonner21-5-8
Olympic A.C., Athens, Pennsylvania, USALKO56
1897-05-29Abe Ullman5-4-4
Polo A.C., New York, New York, USAWPTS2020
1897-03-17George Green5-1-1
The Race Track Arena, Carson City, Nevada, USALTKO12
With Tommy Ryan showing more interest as a middleweight Green claimed the World Welterweight title
Smith rebroke a bone in his arm in round 4.

1897-01-09Con Doyle3-2-1
Polo A.C., New York, New York, USADPTS1212
Smith broke a bone in his arm in round 3.
1896-11-25Tommy Ryan33-1-7
Empire A.C., Maspeth, Queens, New York, USALDQ920
time: 2:44
1896-09-04Australian Jim Ryan10-7-3
Astoria, Oregon, USALDQ710
Ryan lost his footing and went down and Smith landed a blow while he was down. At this point the police interfered and the fight was given to Ryan.--Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune, 9/5/1896
1896-07-02Billy Gallagher3-2-2
Occidental A.C., San Francisco, California, USANCNC110
referee: Mike Sullivan
Police stopped the fight when it got too wild, Captain Wittman stating: "Gentlemen, I will tolerate boxing contests, but no slogging; if the fighters can select a referee who will see that a fair boxing contest is carried on, I will not object, but this slogging game I will certainly not permit." Immediately after this the referee declared the fight a draw. Gallagher refused to go on with the fight as long as the referee had decided the match a draw. (San Francisco Call)
1896-05-18Charles Kid McCoy34-2-7
Newton Street Armory, Boston, Massachusetts, USALDQ615
referee: Bill Daly
Smith fouled on a break. It had been reported that McCoy would claim the "middleweight championship" if he won. The Los Angeles Times
1896-03-30Bill Husbands17-8-0
National Sporting Club, Covent Garden, London, United KingdomWTKO88x3
referee: Bernard J Angle
Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Tuesday, March 31, 1896
1896-01-15Pat Kehoe
Auditorium, Hartford, Connecticut, USAWTKO1
Kehoe weighs over 225lbs.
1895-12-27Tom Cawley0-0-1
Alhambra, Syracuse, New York, USANCND66
1895-05-27Tommy Ryan29-0-6
Sea Side A.C., Coney Island, New York, USADPTS1825
referee: Tim Hurst
World Welterweight Title
Matched at 142 pounds. Ryan was down in the 10th round and saved by the bell rung at the end of the first minute of the 11th round. Stopped when the police intervened, with Smith hanging helpless on the ropes.

1895-04-01Jimmy Mann
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USANCND44
1895-03-14Ed Vaughn0-1-1
Front Street Theater, Baltimore, Maryland, USAWTKO44
1895-03-05Young Hagen
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO4
1895-03-01Joe Walcott39-2-2
Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USADPTS1515
referee: Barney Aaron
Reported for the 140lb. Championship of America (Fort Wayne News).
1895-02-13Peter Maher70-4-1
Lynn, Massachusetts, USANCND33
Source Matt Donnellson The Irish Champion Peter Maher
1895-02-01Harry Gallagher
Caledonian A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS44
Results from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
1894-11-19Jack Powers0-0-1
Saint John, New Brunswick, CanadaDPTS66
1894-10-29Dick O'Brien8-1-1
Lafayette A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USADPTS1010
referee: John Murphy
Fought at 145lbs and O'Brien six pounds over.
1894-08-17? Mayo
Pentwater, Michigan, USALKO?
Mayo's first name was not listed. It stated he was a heavyweight champion (Nebraska State Journal).
1894-07-26Tommy Ryan24-0-6
Twin City A.C., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USALPTS2020
referee: Joe Choynski
World Welterweight Title
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