Armando Santiago
Global ID10111
birthdate 1907-06-10
height5′ 6″   /   168cm
aliasJack Santiago
country Cuba
residenceChicago, Illinois, USA
birth placeSantiago de Cuba, Cuba
birth nameFrancisco Armando Santiago
won 21 (KO 9) + lost 12 (KO 5) + drawn 5 = 38
rounds boxed 221
Newspaper Decisions won 2 : lost 1 : drawn
rounds boxed 28
Total Bouts 41 KO% 21.95

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1935-09-10Paolo Villa26-42-7
Coney Island Velodrome, Brooklyn, New York, USAWPTS66
1933-04-18Chick Scruggs
Plainfield, New Jersey, USAWPTS55
1932-04-02Carlos Rios1-4-1
La Comercial, Havana, CubaWPTS1010
1932-03-26Carlos Rios1-3-1
Miramar Garden, Havana, CubaWPTS66
1932-03-08Bobby Pacho19-8-4
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USADPTS1010
Santiago was knocked down for an eight-count in the 8th round.
1932-02-24Rudy Benton6-1-4
Wilmington Bowl, Wilmington, California, USAWKO16
1932-01-30Prudencio Arce2-4-3
Old Fronton, Havana, CubaDPTS88
1932-01-19Warren Frakes27-7-3
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO610
1930-08-09Mario Jardines2-1-0
Havana, CubaWPTS66
1930-04-01Billy Townsend30-8-11
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALTKO710
time: 0:10
1930-02-11Billy Townsend29-8-11
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALTKO610
Townsend was bleeding and staggering from the Cuban's attack in the early rounds when, in the sixth, a terrific right to Santiago's chin sent him to his corner where he fainted. He was unable to answer the gong at the opening of the seventh round.
1929-10-11Benny Bass88-11-2
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALKO210
1929-09-18Benny Bass87-10-2
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALDQ210
1929-07-10Tony Pellegrino17-11-2
Ebbet's Field, Brooklyn, New York, USAWKO110
time: 1:44
1929-05-24Luis Vicentini27-15-3
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS1010
Vicentini was too clever for the hard-hitting Santiago.
1929-05-16Herman Perlick2-3-0
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWDQ810
Perlick, while winning the fight, was disqualified for punching low
1929-05-10Dick Finnegan51-8-2
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO610
According to the Chicago Tribune, Finnegan was down several times, the first time from a right cross in the first round, before taking the full count in round six.
1929-04-12Henry Perlick1-0-4
Armory, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USADPTS1010
referee: Sam Hennessey
1929-02-15Herman Perlick1-3-0
Arcadia Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWNWS88
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Journal
1929-02-06Tony Herrera15-2-0
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS88
1929-01-18Tony Canzoneri51-5-8
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USALKO510
Canzoneri was floored for a seven-count in the first round. Santiago was down for a 7-count in the fifth round before being put down for the full count. (Promoter: Jim Mullen)
1928-12-17Joey Sangor17-11-2
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO210
Sangor won the first round, but was down twice in the second, including the full count.
1928-12-03Danny Delmont7-3-1
White City Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
1928-11-26George Kerwin7-1-2
White City Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
Santiago ws billed as "Santiago Dappo." From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman). This fight did not occur in Cuba, as was given in the 1929 Everlast Boxing Record.
1928-03-18Anisio Orbeta10-4-0
Santos & Artigas, Havana, CubaWKO910
Cuban lightweight title
1928-02-18Billy Douglas1-6-2
Havana, CubaWKO210
1927-10-25Mike Dundee40-9-6
Ashland Blvd. Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois, USALTKO210
From the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman).
1927-09-09Al Foreman53-13-8
Mills Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS1010
Foreman down twice in the first round. A very fast fight with alot of slugging. (Chicago Tribune)
1927-06-15Joe Rivers8-4-0
Kansas City, Missouri, USALNWS1010
Rivers won the newspaper decision. (Port Arthur News)
1927-05-27Phil Zwick15-4-0
Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USALPTS88
Zwick floored Santiago either four times (The Ring) or five times (report in Pittsburgh Post).
1927-05-10Billy Herold0-1-2
Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS88
1927-02-24Don Davis8-10-14
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS66
According to the Chicago Tribune (Bob Soderman), Davis was declared winner. Boxing Blade, 12 March 1927, page 6, agreed that Davis won.
1927-01-20Tommy Grogan12-4-1
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS88
1927-01-01Johnny Harris1-3-1
Kansas City, Kansas, USAWNWS1010
1926-12-06Nick Esposito8-1-2
Star S.C., New York, New York, USAWPTS66
1926-11-20Tommy Brady4-5-1
Walker A.C., New York, New York, USAWKO66
1926-08-28Freddie Andersen0-1-0
Queensboro Stadium, Long Island City, Queens, New York, USALPTS44
Anderson was scheduled to fight Jack Santiago; opponent's name was not given in the report.
1926-02-14Ramon Argudin4-0-0
Santos & Artigas, Havana, CubaWKO16
1926-01-30Joaquin Cordero4-6-0
Havana, CubaWPTS44
1925-12-19Frank Alapon1-2-1
Havana, CubaDPTS66
1925-11-28Luis Sardinas11-6-6
Arena Colon, Havana, CubaWPTS44


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